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M&M 2E homebrew setting that loosely combines the feeling of near-future cyberpunk settings with urban fantasy ideas, cast in a mold that is much more grandiose and less dystopic than Syndicate or Shadowrun. After a research accident in the undercity, the Vancouver Island Megalopolis has been the source of strange rumors involving monsters crawling around the shadows at night and of people mysteriously disappearing after seeing their doppelgangers. As salaried employees of the ROSETTA Neuroscience who obtained the ability to ride powerful subconscious projections of their identity known as Cheval, the player characters are individuals who must balance their work and personal lives with the strange world that exists only in their dreams.


Power Level 12

  • 200 Points + 40 Points for the Normal Identity.
  • All characters have the Normal Identity flaw, representing their inability to project their Cheval into the world while awake and the people they really are. If their physical bodies are destroyed while sleeping, their Cheval immediately dissipates... or worse. The Flaw version is the 5 point one, as characters need to fall into REM sleep to channel their other selves.
  • To make up for this weakness, their Normal Identities receive 40 points to build their attributes, skills and feats. Normal Identity attributes are capped at 20 and are separate from those of the Cheval, while their skills and non-relational feats (such as minions, wealth, etc) apply in both forms.



Katlyn Barghest
Persephone Childs
Alexia Harmon