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The Rules

To start, all nations have a total of 200 points to spend exclusively on Domains and a further 200 points to be spent on any area of their choosing, such as races, extra domains and military forces. Military forces are purchased at 1 point = 250 Cash. For this purpose consider 1 Mana/Adamantium/Education to be equal to 1 gold, 1 Rare Earth to be 5 gold, 1 Oil to be 10 Gold.

Races of Strangereal

The cost in points is to unlock a given race.


Humans are, for whatever reason, the most widespread race on Strangereal
Racial Alignment: None


Originally tribal, some are now civilized. Can be green, brown or red.
Racial Alignment: Matter
Infantry units are tougher
Mage units are weaker


Surface ones are mostly in isolated regions, underground ones are angry.
Racial Alignment: Void
+1 to all Drafts
Infantry units are weaker


Short guys that like beer and live in underground halls.
Cost: 20
Underdark Race
Racial Alignment: Force
Infantry units are tougher
+25% to all Mine output
-1 population


Catgirls and furries, oh my!
Cost: 5-20
Racial Alignment: Void
May chose one Beast ability at 5 points, 2 at 12 or 3 at 20.


Primitive reptilian humanoids that come from the deep deserts far from civilization.
Cost: 10
Racial Alignment: Life
Infantry units are faster
May buy Lizard Wastes
Immune to attritionary effects of Wastes and Lizard Wastes


Primitive reptilian humanoids that come from the marshes far from civilization.
Cost: 15
Racial Alignment: Life
Infantry units are faster
Immune to attritionary effects of Marshy Wastes
Marshy Wastes produce +1 food, and +2 Common Draft


Fuck'n pointy-ears
Cost: 20
Racial Alignment: Ether
Light units are faster and more powerful, everything else is weaker
Wilds generate +1 Food and +10 Mana
May buy Elven Wilds
All population halved

Dark Elves

Underground Elves
Cost: 20
Underdark Race
Racial Alignment: Ether
Light units are faster and more powerful, everything else is weaker
Underdark Domains generate +1 Food and +10 Mana
All Common draft fourth'd


Humans with a touch of ancient god in their bloodline
Cost: 25
Racial Alignment: Life
All Infantry, Ground Vehicles, Naval units, and Aircraft are stronger and tougher
All Nodes provide double non-mana benefits
All Population halved, Infantry/GroundVehicles/Navalunits/Aircraft cost 50% more


Strangereal Domain Customization

Domains are what make up your nation, the real estate so to speak. They are where your people live and work and have a very real effect on your national character.

Domain Limits
A nation may have up to 12 domains without any problem, however past that there is a surcharge of +10 points per additional domain. In the modern era following the fall of empires, few large states exist. A Domain can have at maximum four mines/quarries and one of every other type of site.


Air Node

Often the sites of continual lightning, rain, snow and other more unusual atmospheric phenomenon. A flare at an Air Node can send storms across a continent, providing much-needed rain - or ruining crops.
50 points
Each Air Node provides 1000 Mana, doubles the energy output of all wind farms in the domain
Increases non-Node mana by 5%

Fire Node

Archetypically a bubbling volcano, though vast fields of bubbling mud or geysers is not uncommon. More rarely, Fire Nodes can be twisted spires of rocks, dispersing raw energy into the air - or those venturing unwisely close.
50 points
Each Fire Node provides 1000 Mana
Reduces Mana cost of vehicles by 10%

Wood Node

The vibrant energy of a Wood Node imbues the local forests with unnatural vitality, turning them into vegetative battlegrounds of constantly-growing trees, creepers and other flora.
50 points
Each Wood Node provides 1250 Mana
Increases Wilds and Countrysides draft by +1

Earth Node

Often taking the form of ridiculously rugged mountains that are fairly bursting with precious gems and ores, Earth Nodes are the foci of the geomantic forces of Earth magic.
50 points
Each Earth Node provides 1000 Mana
Increase Cash income by 5%, Doubles the output of all mines in the domain

Water Node

Endless fonts of crystal-clear water that fades to the deepest indigo above their unknown depths, Water Nodes are sources of pure water, even when they are found in an ocean.
50 points
Each Water Node provides 1000 Mana
Increases Fresh Water production in domain by 2 each, negates all pollution in the domain


Dead Black stuff that comes from the ground, Oil is refined, and is used to power most of the world's stuff.
A crucial metal from the early middle ages, use of Adamantium has continued on to present day.
Rare Earths
Rare Earth materials are almost as much of a necessity for modern life as Oil, being used for advanced Electronics and Computing.
Education is a measure of how educated your nation is, and is required for magic and technomagic
Fresh Water
Because of the massive population increase of the last century, fresh water itself is at a premium in Strangereal, used both to support population(along with food) and decrease the effects of pollution.
Ever Since the Industrial revolution, pollution in it's many forms has changed the Strangereal world. Pollution acts as a negative modifier to population.
Commoners are the bulk of any military, coming from various lower classes.

Military Units

Strangereal: Unit Design