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The Longest Running SD on SpaceBattles, since March 25, 2004.


It is a period of uncertainty in the Galaxy.

After the rebirth of the CLONE EMPEROR at BYSS, all the major remnant factions of the GALACTIC EMPIRE came together to assault the fledgeling NEW REPUBLIC. All Major characters were killed in a dramatic assault on CORUSCANT, years ago.

Left behind were many smaller Factions of worlds that banded together for mutual security. Some tried to rebuild the EMPIRE; some tried to rebuild REPUBLICS; some tried to re-ignite the SEPARATISTS; while some remained INDEPENDENT.

Now, these Factions try to survive in an uncertain future, where politics, wars, diplomacy and brinksmanship could determine survival for the GALAXY...


Welcome to Star Wars: Rebuilding of Empires, an ongoing fan project since March 25th, 2004. Rebuilding of Empires takes place in an alternate-history universe setting. Events in the established Star Wars canon happened up until the rebirth of the Clone Emperor on Byss in the Dark Empire saga, and that is the point at which our established history changed from the currently-known Extended Universe.

In the Rebuilding of Empires timeline, all the major Imperial characters rallied around the Clone Emperor-- Thrawn, Isard, Zsinj, etc --and went to attack the fledgling New Republic government established at Coruscant. All major New Republic characters --Luke, Leia, Han, Lando, Mon Mothma, Admiral Akbar, etc-- rallied to defend the Republic from the Clone Emperor's assault. In this climactic battle, the forces mutually destroyed each other and all major characters were killed. The "official" Empire was destroyed in the assault, and the "New Republic" that was being established collapsed.

This "cleaned the slate" for the establishment of the Rebuilding of Empires saga, where the Galaxy was populated by dozens of differing, rival Factions, each setting up their own local governments to deal with the lawlessness that followed the Collapse. The Galaxy is now full of small Republics, Empires, Confederacies, and other nations, each trying to run their own affairs and interact with each other. Treaties are made and broken, fortunes rise and fall, war and peace each have their day, and NPC factions also make challenges.

Game Style

Rebuilding of Empires is more of a story than a game. It is not so much about "winning" or being "better" than others so much as it is about writing good plots, characters, dialogue, and showing characters change-- for better or worse. There are wars, of course, but there is also trade, politics, diplomacy, threats both hollow and serious, spies, Jedi, and special forces raids that can't always be proven... or suffer unforeseen effects.

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Dark Primus (Prime Moderator and Game Founder) An Ancient (Also primary Battle Mod for any PvP action) Coyote (Mostly oversees continuity and introducing new players to prior events that may shape their factions)

Any player-to-player issues or questions should be directed to the Mods. They have the highest authority over the rules, and are here to help run the game as smoothly as possible, whilst remaining good players themselves.

Joining the Story

We welcome new players, but it must be understand that we have, over several years, created a robust "internal canon" that does not reflect things the way the established EU does. Most places in the Rebuilding of Empires setting have their own history that has developed. We can accommodate new writers, but please be aware that you'll be entering a situation that is already in progress, so check the SW:ROE Timelines to make sure that the ideas you have to develop a sector government fit comfortably with the established backstory. If in doubt, ask one of the established players for help in the OOC (Out of Character) thread on SpaceBattles.

Welcome to the Story, and enjoy. We look forward to your input.

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Power Level and Characters

Some characters and weapons were declared off-limits by mutual agreement. The Eclipse, the Death Star, the Sun Crusher, and similar superweapons are destroyed and cannot be rebuilt as long as the Galaxy remains disunited. This prevents arguments over "superweapons". Smaller, ship-scale superlasers have appeared, but none powerful enough to destroy planets. Many of these weapons have been destroyed over time, either by being the target of attacks, or in one case through over-use against an overwhelming Yuuzhan Vong attack force.

Certain characters were declared dead at the beginning, as well. Zsinj, the Emperor, Luke Skywalker, etc-- again, to prevent arguments over their use and employment. Clones have appeared, such as clones of Dooku, Thrawn, General Grievous, and Ysanne Isard, but of them all only Ysanne Isard's clone was canon to the EU. The rest were made in-story and have followed independent arcs. A number of less important, minor characters have survived as well, but have not made major alterations to the story.

The most well-known canon character to survive was Boba Fett, who is largely run as an independent operator by the mods.

If you absolutely cannot live without Warlord Zsinj and Mara Jade commanding the Death Star Mk. III, then I recommend starting your own, new story.

Original Wiki

RoE had it's very own wiki detailing all the decades of alternate storylines developed since it began. While it is quite disorganized, it contains a vast amount of information. The wiki can be found here: [1] Information found there may be out of date or incomplete