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Once upon a time, the Black Pharaoh ruled over the countless stars of the Milky Way, his Empire had had no name for there was none worthy to define itself against. It was just Civilization. Then the Barbarians came, ruthless machines in shape of men, they destroy the bindings of Civilization and the Pharaoh vanished in a quest to save his long lost love. Without the immortal pillar of stability that was the Pharaoh and his court, the Exarchs and Provistars turned their arms against each other.

For centuries they war against each other and barbarian hordes that crossed the intergalactic voids to prey on the remains of the greatest civilization, three great waves of chaos and death and conquest. First to arrive was the Witch of Wrath, whose machine men made a mockery of all that was holy about mankind, ever mobile a tribe of raiders and pillagers on the move, looking to bring down the strongest to challenge themselves. Next came the Witch of Lust, who sought to stop her Witch-kin and bring all the Milky Way to fall under her siren of adoration of her. Then finally the worst of the witches, the Witch of Pride, who embolden the slaves against the masters, and the masters against each other to see all men reach their height. They waged war and meet at the ancient system of Zeta Reticuli and then faded from history with the Witches' Peace: The end of all of FTL travel and FTL based over-computational technologies for over three hundred years, sending vast swathes of the Milky Way into degenerate primitive enclaves, leaving a few light of the glory that was Civilization left.

One of these lights is the Sevenstarinate of Karalis troubled between the class struggle of the Exalted based Patricians minority and the baselines that make up the vast majority of the Sevenstarinate, as the old forms of government struggle to keep up with its sudden imperial status among the anarchic space of the galaxy.

Current Events

The Sevenstarinate in increasing tensions with the Deague, dispatches the 20th Independent Mobile Squadron to the Baou Cluster to secure the interests of the colonies and allies against the Deague's proxy the Stelniate of Sardis.
A year before the election of the Domisul of the Sevenstarinate for their single seven year term, there have been several riots on major cities of the capital of Liliciaium, over the issuse of letting tributary allies gain the rights of citizenship.

Sevenstarinate of Karalis

Despite having the arachic title of Sevenstarinate (a archaic unit of governance on the frontiers, it had been decided by the Pharaoh's court that maximum number of system a single Exalt could rule personally was seven), the original Sevenstarinate only comprised the Karalis system. The system has 4 major gas giants, 9 terraformed earth size moons around them, and quite healthy asteroid belts orbiting a G type star.
It had been the fortune of the Sevenstarinate that it had been home to a heavily damaged battle-moon when the Witches Peace broke out and they were able to use the hulk and restored some of its system to guard the single starway terminus leading out, when the Peace faded and interstellar travel occurred creating a fortress that would be able to stop any attack.
Politically the Seveninstarinate is a aristocratic republic, ruled by a Concordance of Exalts whose members make up many of the high offices. However, during the Wildernstin Affair during the Peace, the baselines had their Assembly and their elected officers 12 Guardians, who had wide ranging veto powers originally which have also grown to leading the Assembly in making laws as well.

Ranks Political

Provistar: (Not used)
Domisol: Head of State
Prodomisol: Often former Domisols who are appointed major commands of colonies, armies, or fleets
Executors: 9 head magistrate for each world in the system
Demi-Executors: Ministerial or Flag Ranks
Various ranks of Investigator: Tax collection and anti-corruption office plus other duties
Various ranks of Legate: Minor Military command
Guardian: Nine elected baseline positions from each planet plus 3 floating members that can veto any action and can raise legislation in the Assembly

Political Party

  • The Inheritors: Are the political party of the status quo and the elite Exalted. While the core membership is Exalt exclusive and thus staggering small compared to the population at large, its by far the most wealthy and use that wealth to buy votes.
  • The Dignifiers: Is a political party for the baselines of the Sevenstarinate, being the populist party, though many of their leaders are Exalts for whatever reason champion their cause. Unsurprising they control many of the Guardianships and basically are often grinding government to halt with vetos.
  • The New Men: Is not exactly a proper party, but more of faction of Exalts and forward looking baselines in the other 2 factions of military and diplomatic types who would benefit from this party succeeding. The Sevenstarinate has plenty of allies that would like to join officially into the nation and become citizens. The Inheritors don't want to risk adding new outside Exalts into the system and Diginifers are afraid of the numbers of allies overtaking them and becoming a powerless minority.

Notable Allies of Karalis

  • 5322349th Mobile Squadron: Ur-Real lizards on factory ship, under a titular command of puppet Exalt, currently based in the outer Baou
  • Menjent Grandstar: A powerful single system polity, run by a weak king and council of Exalts. Maintains a few working Ur-Real battleships in high guard orbit.
  • Heiwaz League: A league of moderately powerful stars systems under sway of single extended family, often a foe to the Sevenstarinate but now with rising power of the Karalis attempting to heavily intermary into the Exalts to control them as well.

Notable Enemies of Karalis

  • The Deague: The Democratic League, is fearsome but distant successor state to the Witch of Pride's armies. While they talk big game about Democracy and Freedom and Liberty, it is well known that the Deague is under the tyrannical control of the current Witch of Pride and array of other witches under her sway to keep eye on the far flung empire.
  • Kingdom of the Knights of Phoenix: Another remant from the great barbarian invasions. The knights are LMC barbarians who during the dark years conquer vast swaths of the galaxy but star is now falling, still though the cores of the great kingdom of NuLuxor and Wu's Hope and their surrounding counties still have enough military force to squash Karalis like a bug if they were able to ever to organize, which thankfully they seem not to be able to do
  • The Archonate of Tyre: Ur-Real Lizard despotic empire, they brainburn commoners and make slaves of Exalts. Nasty work.