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Oron Zai Expanse

  • GPS:Medieval:-5497410.20885846:1286100.67512599:4162588.50692358:#F17E75:
  • Medieval Engineers Planet
    • Kyth - The Planet designated as EHD-1, or more commonly known as Kyth, is a scorched desert world.
  • GPS:Caldera:-8210385.793689:4168818.83908574:-5347852.64139155:#F17E75:
  • Caldera -Welcome to Caldera, a once mundane planet that was driven to its current state by a recent (in cosmic terms) impact that devastated its surface and atmosphere, and gave it an impressive system of rings. Wide rivers and seas of lava are spread throughout, cutting between plains of ash-covered rock and jagged mountains, and leaving fresh beaches of cooled lavarock. Enveloped by thick clouds of ash and sulfur, Caldera's temperature remains extremely hot over its entire surface with devastating ashstorms that occasionally sweep by its basins. Despite being a true hellscape, the impact had deposited a plethora of heavy elements under its surface free to be exploited by those who can survive Caldera's hostile conditions, just don't expect to find any ice.
    • KL-136 - Believed to be a comet that was captured shortly after Caldera suffered its impact, the eloquently named KL-136 is rich in what Caldera isn't: Ice. Its rough surface is covered in it, but only common ores can be found under its surface.
  • GPS:Safina:-1918271.36827506:-2351951.43085213:5002781.92542833:#FFF17E75:
  • Safina -Welcome to Safina, a hot desert planet covered in endless seas of sand dunes split up by massive mountain ranges. Once a temperate planet, giant ancient lakes are now salt flats over a dozen kilometers long and once snow-capped mountains are now just as dry as everything else. Despite the harsh environment, the last bits of vegetation cling to the handful of oases spread throughout the surface, with these being the only source of ice available. There is a notable interest in mining due to the abundance of nearly every ore underground, including platinum.
    • Thanian - Safina's first and largest moon, Thanian is a monochrome world eternally enshrouded by layers of white clouds. While the rough terrain and frequent storms make Thanian more hostile than its parent, ice is abundant under its surface.
    • Risha - Orbiting a considerable distance away from Safina makes Risha's origin as a large captured asteroid apparent. Its cratered surface and extremely low gravity make Risha a unique location that's even more desirable due to the presence of uranium.
  • Vihar - Welcome to Vihar, a planet constantly battered by severe storms. Rough terrain and massive mountains dot its surface making travel by rover difficult, except at the poles where the terrain flattens out; revealing large ice deposits. Covered by layers of thick clouds, Vihar's surface is darker than most other planets, where even midday feels like the sun just set. On the frontier of human-explored space, the planet garnered significant interest due to its abundance of ores; either rare or common. However, colonists would soon find out that living on its surface may be more difficult than they first thought...
    • Felho - Cut from the same cloth as its parent, Felho is a barren moon with no atmosphere. While it may lack the resources that Vihar has, Felho's calmer terrain, lack of fauna, and greater abundance of ice makes it a great staging point for operations on Vihar.
  • GPS:Canyon:-9757985.59872436:1821977.47703652:3430443.23953227:#F17E75:
  • Spilskinanke - Known for its extremely rough terrain, Spilskinanke was ravaged by an unknown cataclysm that left its crust fractured and core exposed. While at first it may appear to be hostile to all types of life, the last of its vegetation clings to the arid peaks that rise above the permanent fog that covers the depths between them. The planet is also rich in nearly every resource, from the iron and nickel at its peaks to the massive ice deposits below.
    • Alglo - Spilskinanke's only moon, Alglo was apparently spared from the event that nearly destroyed its parent. While its surface is unremarkable, Alglo is rich in metals such as gold and uranium.
  • Avarga - Avarga is an Ice Giant notable for its vivid blue-green bands of clouds, and its decent mass has allowed it to have a unique and modest system of moons. With a surface gravity of 1.9g, any ship found caught in its gravity well must escape before the gravity becomes too strong and finds itself unable to do so.
    • Bek -Pushing the limit of what can be considered a moon, Bek is a captured asteroid situated close to Avarga. While making the journey to it is difficult due to its proximity to Avarga's gravity well, the trip is rewarded by its own low gravity and the presence of Uranium along with other resources.
    • Dund - Even though it's the smallest of Avarga's moons that isn't a giant asteroid, Dund has a moderately thick atmosphere that just barely covers the tops of its highest peaks. While its extremely hostile terrain and equally hostile wildlife make Dund appear to be a place to steer clear from, Magnesium is common just underneath its surface making it a destination for anyone thinking about weapons.
    • Sar - Avarga's second and largest moon, Sar could be considered a planet if it was on its own. Its plentiful resources have made it an important asset and its cratered surface has made it great for developing and testing ground vehicles. Despite being rather large, only a tenuous atmosphere is present.
    • Tomor - Avarga's farthest moon, Tomor is decently sized and perhaps the friendliest of its parent's moons. Despite having a rather barren surface, Tomor's thick, hazy, oxygenated atmosphere and wealth of basic resources make it a great place to start.

Planet info
Name Location Size (km) Gravity Atmosphere Ice Cobalt Magnesium Silver Gold Platinum Uranium
Medieval Medieval 100 1.0 Breathable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kyth Medieval 25 1.0 Breathable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Avarga Avarga 600 1.9 Hostile NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
Bek Avarga 19 0.1 None Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes
Sar Avarga 85 0.5 Hostile Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Dund Avarga 38 0.3 Oxygen Yes Yes Yes No No No No
Tomor Avarga 50 0.35 Breathable Yes Yes No Yes No No No
Safina Safina 120 0.92 Breathable No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Thanian Safina 32 0.32 Hostile Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Risha Safina 19 0.1 None Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes
Caldera Caldera 120 1.16 Oxygen No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
KL-136 Caldera 19 0.1 None Yes Yes No Yes No No No
Vihar Vihar 120 0.81 Hostile No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Felho Vihar 26 0.28 None Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Spilskinanke Spilskinanke 120 1.0 Breathable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Alglo Spilskinanke 19 0.15 None Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes

GPS Coordinates

Copy these coordinates with Control-C, then go to your GPS and click New Waypoint From Clipboard

  • GPS:Tomor Outpost:-426676.425249701:-150810.350793569:-206321.247636099:#FF75F185:
  • GPS:Space Base Silence:1064.23:-2813.08:649730.2:#FF89F175:


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