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Oron Zai Expanse

  • Medieval Engineers Planet
    • Triton - Icy, snowy moon
  • Kyth - The Planet designated as EHD-1, or more commonly known as Kyth, is a scorched desert world.
  • Frozen Paradise - Paradise used to orbit a large gas giant, but recent unknown events have shifted its orbit beyond the gas giant and into its own orbit around the sun. Due to not being as close to the sun as before, the entire planet entered a planet wide ice age freezing all the ocean into solid ice and most of the old fauna/flora died out. Now snowy pine trees has taken the palm trees place and anything green is gone. With the temperatures below 0 at all times, the atmosphere density is now higher than ever, making planet side thrusters more efficient. Wind speeds has also been reported higher than before.
  • Caldera -Welcome to Caldera, a once mundane planet that was driven to its current state by a recent (in cosmic terms) impact that devastated its surface and atmosphere, and gave it an impressive system of rings. Wide rivers and seas of lava are spread throughout, cutting between plains of ash-covered rock and jagged mountains, and leaving fresh beaches of cooled lavarock. Enveloped by thick clouds of ash and sulfur, Caldera's temperature remains extremely hot over its entire surface with devastating ashstorms that occasionally sweep by its basins. Despite being a true hellscape, the impact had deposited a plethora of heavy elements under its surface free to be exploited by those who can survive Caldera's hostile conditions, just don't expect to find any ice.
    • KL-136 - Believed to be a comet that was captured shortly after Caldera suffered its impact, the eloquently named KL-136 is rich in what Caldera isn't: Ice. Its rough surface is covered in it, but only common ores can be found under its surface.
  • Safina -Welcome to Safina, a hot desert planet covered in endless seas of sand dunes split up by massive mountain ranges. Once a temperate planet, giant ancient lakes are now salt flats over a dozen kilometers long and once snow-capped mountains are now just as dry as everything else. Despite the harsh environment, the last bits of vegetation cling to the handful of oases spread throughout the surface, with these being the only source of ice available. There is a notable interest in mining due to the abundance of nearly every ore underground, including platinum.
    • Thanian - Safina's first and largest moon, Thanian is a monochrome world eternally enshrouded by layers of white clouds. While the rough terrain and frequent storms make Thanian more hostile than its parent, ice is abundant under its surface.
    • Risha - Orbiting a considerable distance away from Safina makes Risha's origin as a large captured asteroid apparent. Its cratered surface and extremely low gravity make Risha a unique location that's even more desirable due to the presence of uranium.
  • Avarga - Avarga is an Ice Giant notable for its vivid blue-green bands of clouds, and its decent mass has allowed it to have a unique and modest system of moons. With a surface gravity of 1.9g, any ship found caught in its gravity well must escape before the gravity becomes too strong and finds itself unable to do so.
    • Bek -Pushing the limit of what can be considered a moon, Bek is a captured asteroid situated close to Avarga. While making the journey to it is difficult due to its proximity to Avarga's gravity well, the trip is rewarded by its own low gravity and the presence of Uranium along with other resources.
    • Dund - Even though it's the smallest of Avarga's moons that isn't a giant asteroid, Dund has a moderately thick atmosphere that just barely covers the tops of its highest peaks. While its extremely hostile terrain and equally hostile wildlife make Dund appear to be a place to steer clear from, Magnesium is common just underneath its surface making it a destination for anyone thinking about weapons.
    • Sar - Avarga's second and largest moon, Sar could be considered a planet if it was on its own. Its plentiful resources have made it an important asset and its cratered surface has made it great for developing and testing ground vehicles. Despite being rather large, only a tenuous atmosphere is present.
    • Tomor - Avarga's farthest moon, Tomor is decently sized and perhaps the friendliest of its parent's moons. Despite having a rather barren surface, Tomor's thick, hazy, oxygenated atmosphere and wealth of basic resources make it a great place to start.

GPS Coordinates

Copy these coordinates with Control-C, then go to your GPS and click New Waypoint From Clipboard

Oron Server




Sol Server Coordinates


GPS:AugustusZero #1 Home Base:45037.7:-29825.43:28725.47:
GPS:Oseng Base:26981.86:-2609.16:54356.87:
GPS:Outpost Paladin:17368:-5561.31:58528.56:
GPS:Lake Superior Fuel Refinery:15847.6:-12093.81:57550.4:

GPS:Mal Base:40494.6662267291:-46289.6967197788:-4389.85655863239:


GPS:Space Base Wookie:67970.72:-69091.22:35557.55:
GPS:New Chicago Station:25533.7108037014:-28322.3778542897:93456.1233989223:
GPS:Space Base Silence:39615.9123788305:80446.0015257901:-75354.8659447895:
GPS:ZeroSphere Station (Tele):77764.83:-58719.83:40599.86:


GPS:Moon Jump Point:22556.76:123767.33:-107715.99:


GPS:Cydonia Base:1006350.16:78854.12:1606799.17:
GPS:Polar Base Mars:1016595.69:70453.48:1619885.64:

Trade Station Coordinates

GPS:UVBE - Station Near OP:-4501.47:-9475.11:59229.83:
GPS:DVSH - Station Near OP:-15524.5981908561:-11479.8359105071:57013.0256871572:
GPS:SMAL - Station:16521.86:59281.81:-4587.02:
GPS:GCCO - Station:54163.77:28124.48:1812.34:
GPS:UDSR - Station:60929.58:571.39:-3880.48:
GPS:DVSH - Station:50786.72:34744.98:-82918.79:
GPS:UDSR - Station Near Rex:16959.53:-58078.14:14318.1:
GPS:UDSR - Station:60929.58:571.39:-3880.48:
GPS:SMAL - Station Deep Space:71307.44:131262.97:5816985.92:
GPS:SOMN - Station:4639.59:-56894.13:23873.27:


Whip's Railgun Weapon Framework
Suit Broadcasting Toggle (while in a seat)
Relative Spectator v2
Easy Control Button Access
Realistic holographic sight on vanilla rifles
Sneaky Sounds - Quieter Tools
Smarter Suit
Build Colors
Ammo Management Controls
Faction Ownership Helper
Projections To Assembler
GPS Distance Helper
Camera Panning
Light Block Improvements - easy control panel access
BuildInfo (extra block&terminal info, air leak finder)
AQD - Armor Expansion
AQD - Armored Thrusters
AQD - Computer Voice Lines
AQD - Conveyor Expansion
AQD - LCD Image Extension
Cargo Fill Level LCDs
HUD Compass
MA WeaponCore Weapons
MCRN RailGun VX-12 Foehammer
More Pistons
NorthWind Weapons
Octo Beam Lasers
WeaponCore - Replace Vanilla Weapons
MWI - Homing Weaponry
MWI - Weapon Pack WeaponCore Edition
AQD - Quality of Life
Nanobot Build and Repair System
Eikesters Decorations and more - Part I
Colourable LCD Signs Pack
LCD Signs Pack
Revived Large Ship Railguns
Colorable Default LCD Screens
Rotary Airlock
Gantry - Skinnable
Automatic Ramp_IR
Small_Cargo Airlock Door
Large Grid Hangar Doors IR
AWC - Armoured Windows Collection
Spacebar Bridge Consoles
Automatic 5x3 Ramp_IR Looks interesting enough
(DX11) Bunk Bed Note that only one of the beds will actually work, and I am not sure if it will save inventory REMOVED
Passage intersections Looks awesome - go for it
Conveyor Maintenance Ducts Could be useful for tight spaces
Transporter I think this would useful, especially if we limit the targets. We can already jetpack into orbit.
Automatic Ore Pickup While there are reports of bugs on servers, it would be useful
GPS Recoloring Tool For the vast swarms of waypoints we have.

Modular Encounters Spawner

Assertive Cargo Ships
[ Reddit Custom Encounters
Assertive Installations Temp removed
Air Traffic
Surface Occupation

EEM Exploration Enhancement Mod
There are other Encounter mods that are on the ticket but they make things tougher in space. Some people still have only basic space bases with minimal defences. We can wait a while.

(DX11) Solarpanels

Nanobot Drill and Fill System
Soil Tool - Place ground in survival!
Concrete Armor Blocks (DX11/PBR)

Skallabjorns Retro Solar, Programing and Antenna Blocks
Submarine Door
(DX11) Iris Door
(DX11) Kolt - Command Console Pack Mostly decoration at this point.
(DX11) Cockpit
(DX11) Blast Door
Airtight Door - DX11 REMOVED

May 8th
VCZ Airtight Connector
VCZ Multifloor Elevator
MA Admiral Suite
Radio Detection and Ranging (Radar)
Conveyor Air Vent - full sized block (and slope!)
Alarms, SFX, and Ambiences of the A L I E N Franchise
MA Stackable Wind Turbine
Maintenance Tunnels
Paragon Industries - Blaster Pack
Paragon Industries - Countermeasures
(DX11)Power Lines
(DX11)Big Gate
Easy NPC Takeovers

May 15th
Skallabjorns Methane to Hydrogen - Oxygen Catalytic Conversion Farms ( UPDATED! )
Power Cable Blocks
Modern Beds (CryoChamber)
Eyes Just Got Clear (1.186 Drugs Are Bad Mkay Update)+
Midspace's Configurable Max Ship Speed Mod
Deuterium Fusion Reactors
Defense Shields - v1.9(82)

May 19th
Hydrogen Catalytic Conversion Farms
Small Cryo Gone Large
Gauge's Grid Garage

May 30th
Uranium texture replacement

June 6th
Clean Assembler Tab
VCZ Medical Station
MA PocketGear
Medium Reactor
Clean Freak EEM Cleanup Mod
Glowing Armor Ramps & Curves

SG A Lantean Drone Platform Removed
Dark Mechanicus - Marauder CockpitRemoved
Corner Motion Lights Removed
LCD Signs Pack Removed
Elevator Button Pad+Catwalks - fits tight quarters Removed
(DX11) Battlestar Galactica Door Removed
Control Module - basically key binding for ships Removed
Handhold - Zero G handle and emergency locker Removed

June 8th
Hand Weapons +Sniper Rifle
UOH | Airtight Hangar Door v1.2 Bigger hangars!
Exterior Hatch

June 19th
MA HeavyBridge
Battle cannons and turrets WeaponCore MP

June 27th
PP - Coursive: Corridors Tunnels and Rooms (DX11)

September 29th
Recover Power Cells
Atlas Superlaser - WeaponCore Edition

Removed Mods

(DX11) Bunk Bed REMOVED
Airtight Door - DX11 REMOVED
SG A Lantean Drone Platform
Dark Mechanicus - Marauder Cockpit
Corner Motion Lights
LCD Signs Pack
'Elevator Button Pad+Catwalks - fits tight quarters
(DX11) Battlestar Galactica Door
Control Module - basically key binding for ships
Handhold - Zero G handle and emergency locker

Promised mods for next Mod update

Putting this up here in case anyone has an objection. This should be for the next mod-update.

Mod Candidates