Solar Retaliation Wardens

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Formed to resist the Kaldar Empire Invasion, the Solar Retaliation Wardens were initially based on the forces at hand over Chronos Base near the Saturn. They established an agreement to cooperate in battle and share technology / prizes obtained from the aliens. Other groups could offer forces to serve under them.

Primary Members (Contributing their full effort)

  • Divine Crusaders (Etranger)
  • DC Chronos Project (OmegaPaladin)
  • Jovian Federation (JuliusNepos)
  • Londo Bell (Silence)

Contributors (sending some forces to help under S.R.W. command)

The Governing Council

A civilian group that provides oversight and can replace the Commander (Represents us players being able to toss the Commander if he screws up)

S.R.W. Commander

The head of the S.R.W. and the final authority on military decisions. (Person who decides what the goals are)

Command Staff

Public Affairs Officer
Makes press releases and handles reporters (OOC: Person who makes "Press Release" style posts for the group)
Liaison Officer
Works with non-member organization (OOC: person who deals with other players to get us help)

Operations Section

The person in charge of all the mecha/battleships/etc applying beams to alien faces - Bright Noa / Londo Bell (Silence) It is traditional, and the guy is very familiar with asymmetric warfare. (Silence is familiar with GSRPs and sending orders in)

Base Defenses

Unified command for base defenses -

HEC Operations

Leadership of HEC units and coordination of their operations - Chronos Project (OmegaPaladin) Best HEC units of the current group

Task Force Command

Each task force has its own commanders carrying out orders of the Operations chief (You can write up your dudes doing what the Operations)

Planning / Research Section

Does big picture planning, Research & Development, and reverse engineering of alien tech - Bian Zoldark / Divine Crusaders (Etranger) This is what the DC is built for, and there is no one better suited.

Intelligence Section

Gathers reconnaissance and information on the enemy - Chronos Project (OmegaPaladin) This is what they were doing. The only group better would be Mithril

Logistics Section

Keeps the mecha fueled and the cannons firing - Jovian Federation (JuliusNepos) They control the Boson Gates and the supply of helium fuel, they are the best at logistics in the entire system.