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Skies of Steam and Steel

The Sky Sphere

The World of Empyra is not a world in the conventional sense; rather a series of floating continents and islands suspended above vast clouds too thick to descend through in a ever unchanging orbit around the Locus of the continents - The Eye of the world as some commonly call it.

Nation Creation


Countries are located either upon Islands or Continents - and in either case territorial representation is the same for both. Each nation is made up of "provinces" or territories which are considered geographical divisions of the country as the whole.

Difficult (Hill's/Forests)
Very Difficult (Mountains/DeathJungles)

At nation start each nation has # of NP to spend on their Territory.



With the advent of the industrial age certain resources once thought to be near useless have increased in importance to the point where they are, indeed, the primary concern of most policy and the cause of most conflict in this modern age. Petroleum and Coal are the two foundations of modern industry, and are commonly lumped into the all-important resource "Fuel". Metals are plentiful, but Fuel has a restricted supply. One uses Fuel to power industry and skyships, and perhaps some of those newfangled armoured vehicles. Levistone was the main resource of olden days before the invention of the turbine invalidated it, and while its important has declined it still remains a highly used resource. Due to new methods of gathering nations are assumed to have ready supplies of levistone.


Parents produce them. Schools educate them. Penpushers conscript them and officers lead them. And firearms use them up.


Gold, greenbacks. You buy stuff with it. The Westwick Lion is the most common currency of exchange providing a baseline for most international transfers. All the wealth a nation produces is considered its spendable wealth and is considered to have a much greater amount absorbed by others things.


The industrial might of your nation.


All units are bought in brigades representing ~5,000 soldiers. Beyond brigades there are special units usually bought in the sizes of battallions and attached to a brigade. These are your pioneers, shipboard infantry complements, grenadiers, etc. Each brigade may have up to 2 attachments representing special capabilities and units within the brigade. Some brigades should not be assigned some attachments; althrough nothing but effectiveness prevents one from doing so.


Field Artillery.


Siege Artillery.
Light Cavalry.

Quick Guide

(?) NP

1 NP = 1 Industry.
1 NP = 1 Manpower Point.
1 NP = 10/Monthly of a Resource.
1 NP = 10/Monthly of Wealth.
1 NP = 100 Military Points.

Advantages and Flaws