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Not exactly named yet, just formatting out the rules so far. Need ideas on more attributes to put in if anyone can suggest em.

Rules and Fleet Formation

You have exactly 200 starting points that can be spent on your fleet vessels. The fleet point value of a vessel represents how strong it is in battle. Each fleet vessel (except for logistic ships) requires a certain number of logistic ships to run. These ships represent your ability to keep your vessels refueled on the go. Some ships may have attributes, bonuses or penalties depending on their class. These are innate and do not count towards any attribute slots. The classes of ships available are, from largest to smallest:

Dreadnaughts || 45 Fleet points || 8 Logistics vessels required || --AA, -Speed, -Beacon, 4 free +slots, 4 regular +slots, can carry 5FP of small craft.
Motherships || 40 Fleet points || 8 logistics vessels required || -Weapons, -Armor, can carry 30 FP worth of small craft +resupply +repair || 3 free +slots.
Battleships || 30 Fleet points || 6 logistics vessels required || -AA, 2 free +slots, 4 regular +slots, can carry 3FP of small craft
Heavy Carriers || 25 Fleet points || 6 logistics vessels required || -Weapons, -Armor, can carry 20 FP worth of small craft +resupply +repair (fighters only) ||1 free +slot, 1 regular +slot
Battlecruisers || 20 Fleet points || 5 logistics vessels required || +speed -armor || 5 +slots
Carriers || 15 Fleet points || 4 Logistics vessels required || -Weapons, -Armor, can carry 10 FP worth of small craft +resupply +repair (fighters only) || 2 +slots
Heavy Cruisers || 15 Fleet points || 3 logistics vessels required || 4 +slots
Cruisers || 10 Fleet points || 3 logistics vessels required ||
Light cruisers || 8 Fleet points || 3 logistics vessels required || +speed - armor
Light Carriers || 6 Fleet points || 2 Logistics vessels required || -Weapons, -Armor, can carry 5 FP worth of small craft +resupply +repair (fighters only) || 1+Slot
Destroyers || 4 Fleet points || 1 logistics vessels required || 2 +slots
Frigates || 3 Fleet points || 0.5 logistics vessels required || No +slots
Corvettes || 2 fleet points || 0.25 logistics vessels required || No +slots
Logistics Vessel || 1 fleet points || No weapons by default || +Resupply +Reclaimation +Repair

Small craft
Small craft represent fighters, bombers, mecha etc - it does not matter the exact shape or form they take. They can be generally quite effective when used in numbers and have specialized roles. They do not need logistics ships but must be based on a carrier or vessel with external hardpoints or hangars.

Gunship / Mecha squadron || 1.5 fleet points ||
Heavy bomber squadron || 1 Fleet points ||
Bomber squadron || 0.5 fleet points ||
Fighter squadron || 0.25 fleet points ||


Each ship can have abilities on which they are focused and can be considered more effective - this is represented by a +<attribute>. Ships usually have a maximum of 3 +slots unless mentioned otherwise.

Be aware that each +attribute costs 10% of the ship's total cost. So if you have a battleship that costs 10FP, each +attribute tacks on +1 FP to the cost onto the vessel. Also note that some +attributes will also give you [i]-attributes[/i] that reduce the effectiveness of your ship in those fields. Round all values to the nearest .5

The attributes you can use on a ship are as follows:
+Weapons: Increases the efficiency of weapons on the ship, giving it more firepower.
+Armor: Increases the efficiency of armor on a ship, letting it take a harsher beating. ++ Armor gives -speed.
+Speed: Increases the speed and evasion of your ship.
+Passive Stealth: Makes your ship much harder to detect in general. Can be defeated by equilvalent in +sensors.
+Active Stealth: Activatable stealth that makes you all but invisible to even +sensors. A +active stealth would need ++sensors to defeat. Each +Active stealth gives a permanent -armor penalty. Additionally ships cannot fire while in +active stealth.
+Reclaimation: Grants your ship the ability to refuel and resupply itself on the go. Reduces number of logistics vessels required by half, but comes with a -armor penalty.
+Resupply: Grants your ship the ability to resupply other vessels on the go. Allows the ship to count as one logistics vessel (three if the ship already has reclamaition). Can not be put on Cruisers and above. Each additional +resupply counts as one extra logistics vessel equivalent.
+Repair: Grants your ship the ability to repair other vessels in the field.
+Sensors: Your ship is able to detect enemy vessels further and better. Each +Sensor gives -Armor -Weapons.
+Science Suite: Useful for analysis of all that data your sensing. You never know what you may be able to dig up. Each +Science gives -Armor and -weapons except on vessels with +sensors.
+External hardpoints: Lets your ship carry 2FP worth of fighter craft.
+Hangar: Lets your ship carry 4FP worth of fighter craft
+Range: Lets your ship engage at much longer ranges
+Grappling pods: Grants your ship the ability to board enemy vessels.
+AA Guns: Gives your ship a bonus vs small craft. ++AA allows for extended coverage to let it protect other ships, but at the cost of -weapons.
+Shields: Your ship's shields are more effective in combat. ++Shields allows it to extend shields over another vessel, but it comes at the cost of -armor.
+ECM: Represents your ship's ability to jam long-range fire via decoys, electronic counter measures, etc.
+E-War: Your ship can engage in electronic warfare against enemy vessel's control systems, slowing them down or dropping vital systems. Comes with -weapons penalty per level of E-War.
+Anti-capital weapons: Your ship's weapons are designed to fight capital ships. Each +AC Weapons gives a -AA rating for the ship.
+Crew: Your ship uses more manual crew compared to automation. Gives a bonus vs ECM, Electronic warfare and Boarding. Each +Crew requires 1 more logistic ships to run.
+Automation: Your ship uses less crew thanks to AI advancements. Gives a bonus to passive/active stealth and science suites and reduces 1 logistics ships by level. Makes you more vulnerable to ECM, Boarding and Electronic warfare however.
+Fabricators: Reduces overall fleet logistics requirements by half. Only available to Motherships and/or Dreadnaughts. -Speed, -Weapons, -Civilians, -Beacon penalties.
Special note about stealth: Stealth vs detection usually comes down to a roll between the two fleets. Stealth is an iffy thing but at the same time so is detection. Passive and Active stealth bonuses are cumulative.

Negative Attributes: In addition to positive attributes, you can take negative attributes to reduce the cost of a ship by 10% per attribute. A maximum of three negative attributes can be taken per ship. -Civilians/Crew: Your ship has civilians or many non-combatants on board, which means you need to pad out extra space to handle their families. Your life support systems are more vulnerable or ship is extra-vulnerable to crew loss.
-Beacon: The opposite of stealth. Its like you were a magnet for every guided missile out there. There's just no way to hide even at long range! Cannot take any stealth. --Beacon results in your ship becoming more vulnerable to ECM & E-War, while it will actually make enemy stealth vessels next to it much harder to detect.


It is [b]strongly preferred[/b] that combat be determined by talking to the person you are fighting with and figuring things out for the best narrative outcome. However in cases where no clear resolution is available, then a GM ruling will decide on the result based on the FP involved, the tactics used, the +attributes of the ships involved and a few dice rolls.

Test Fleet: Davion's Special (WIP, gonna edit it as I have time) FP: 200

1x Dreadnaught, --AA, --Beacon, -Civilians, --Speed, +AA, +Fabricator, ++Speed, (44 FP, 8 logistics)
2x Battleships, -AA, ++AA, +Weapons, +Shields (36x2=72 FP, 14 logistics)