Simon Voskos

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Character Info

Name: Simon Voskos
Player: OmegaPaladin
Nature: Investigator
Essence: Questing
Tradition: Order of Hermes / House Thig / Void Engineers
Demeanor: Caretaker


Simon Theron Voskos, bani Thig, Inquisitor of the Dark Horizon, Brother of the Forgotten Shadows, and Speaker for the Valiant Dead

He was once an up and coming member of House Thig, the Hermetic masters of technomancy. He had always liked various games, movies, and shows that depicted magitech, and he spent hours studying technology growing up. He managed to talk his way into a prestigious apprenticeship with a scholar of ancient natural philosophers who turned out to be a Hermetic mage. He awakened prematurely, skipping much of the normal training of a hermetic and causing something of a scandal. He was tossed to another Hermetic, who needed a technologically adept mage for his work on the Indagator.

Their mission was to investigate Threat null, and they found them. The resulting fracas left him wandering the realms until he managed to get picked up by a voidship.

"I keep two things close to me here. One is a Trinary computer that holds all of the data I could get off the Pleroma database, as well as all of my notes on magic. It's my life's work, and the only real memory of my previous life. The other is the satchel that contains all of my evidence for the Traditions - nothing that you don't already know."

Primary Archetype

The Rogue
+1 to all Social Attributes
Etiquette 2
Subterfuge 2
Stealth 2

"When I last saw my mentor, he told me to make sure the Traditions know of the Shadow Technocracy (Threat Null). He died to make sure I could get away. While our virtual adept broadcast a signal until the ship exploded, I was their principle messenger. They may not believe me, but I'll be damned before I keep this a secret from the Traditions. Every ethership shooting at them makes our life easier.

The last world I was on was a strange and magical place. Imagine if every concept the Japanese liked to use in anime was in one world. It's crazy awesome, with absolutely no distinction between magic and technology. They have space battleships and giant robots, along with magical girls and samurai. Unfortunately, they are fighting Threat Null. While they are holding out barely, they needed help. When the Empress lent me a escort of her personal samurai to get us to a rendezvous, I swore I would bring help. Maybe you can keep me from being a liar, and gain powerful allies at the same time."

Secondary Archetype

The Odd Man Out
Dual Traditions Void Engineers / Hermetic House Thig
Lore(Hermetics) 2

"I was one of the youngest crewmen on the Indagator, the vessel send sent by the Traditions to investigate what you know of as Threat Null. The crew came from several traditions, including my mentor, Theodoric Paratus. It was an awesome vessel, and I managed to get a position with the engineer maintaining the arcanotech drive. We discovered considerable evidence that there was a shadow technocracy operating in the dark reaches of the void. On the way back, we met them. We fought them fiercely, but they seemed limitless.

That's when Theodoric told me to leave. Because I had the best chance to escape and deliver the physical evidence to the Council, as well as making sure their message got through. It was hard to leave them behind, but I had enough close calls out there that I don't know who else would have made it. I crept and negotiated my way across the worlds, until I ran across one of your miniCRABs. They make decent ambassadors - you'd never mistake them for one of the Null bastards. After our share of adventures, we managed to get to a rendezvous with a Voidship. I'm in this until Threat Null is nothing but a memory."


Arete: 4

Willpower: 6

Humanity: 7


Strength: 3 (2+1)
Dexterity: 5 (3+2){Precise} ()
Stamina: 4(2+2){Never Give Up}()


Charisma: 5{Likeable}
Manipulation: 5{Salesman}
Appearance: 2


Perception: 5 (4+1){Details}
Intelligence: 4 (3+1){Analytical}
Wits: 4{Saw It Coming}


Alertness: 3
Athletics: 2
Awareness: 3
Brawl: 1
Dodge: 5{Using Cover}
Expression: 1
Intuition: 1
Subterfuge: 5{Con Artist}


Drive: 1
Demolitions: 2
Etiquette: 5{Diplomat}
Firearms: 5{High-Tech}
Heavy Weapons: 1
Leadership: 4{Herding Cats}
Meditation: 1
Melee: 2
Pilot: 1
Stealth: 5{Third Echelon}
Survival 2
Technology: 4{Hypertech}


Computer: 3
Cosmology: 3
Enigmas: 1
Enochian: 3


Umbrood 3
Order of Hermes 2
Threat Null 2
Werewolves 2

Medicine: 4 {Field Medic}

Occult: 4{Arcane Devices}


Correspondence: 2
Entropy: 1
Forces: 3
Life: 3
Mind: 1
Matter: 3
Prime: 3
Spirit: 1


Correspondence: Spatial Perception / Wormholes
Entropy: Material Analysis
Forces: Enochian Words / Physics
Life: Vital Force / Medicine
Mind: Psionic Powers
Matter: Nanotech / Chemistry
Prime: Enochian Symbology
Spirit: Pentacles


Simon is a technomancer in general, and most people tend to forget that he was ever anything but a Void Engineer. Those around him know better - he sometimes is seen drawing arcane symbols on his devices.


Avatar: 4
Arcane: 3
Library: 3
Requisition: 5
Enhancement: 4

Dexterity +2
Stamina +2
Strength +1
Intelligence +1
Perception +1

Device: 4

RXA-84 Colossus Armor
Base item - Heavy Combat Armor, 6d soak, -4 penalty
Mounted grapnel launcher / ascension system
Arete 4
Adaptive Armor Support (Forces 2) Negates mobility penalty
Hardened Carapace (Matter 3) Hardened armor, negates armor piercing
Reactive Barrier / Parma Technologika (Prime 3) +3d countermagic
Active Camouflage (Forces 3, Mind 3, Corr 3) The user and his possessions vanish with a successful Arete Roll. This also functions to muffle sounds and redirect light around the user, creating an illusion of nothing being there.

Device: 3

RXR-33 Polaris Sniper Rifle
Base is a .50 cal Sniper Rifle
Arete 3
Smart Weapon (Corr 2) -3 to aiming difficulty
Gauss Rifle (Forces 2) -3 Damage difficulty
Collapsible (Matter 3) The weapon can be collapsed into a form concealable in a jacket or in a backpack.

Device: 10

Now with extra primium plating!



Genetic Flaws.
Unusual Appearance (Silvery-blue hair)
Dietary Requirement (Crazy metabolism)
Superdense Skeleton
Vulnerable to Thallium

MJ12's Status Panel

  • Quint 0 / 4 (2 Parma Magicka)
  • WP: 6 / 6
  • Paradox
  • Tass: 0
  • Free XP: 11
Healthy -0
Bruised -0
Hurt -1
Injured -1
Wounded -2
Mauled -2
Crippled -5

Freebie Points

Entropy 1 (-4)21
Life -> 3 (-4)17
Matter -> 3 (-4)13
Willpower -> 6 (-2)11
Backgrounds (-11)


  • Starting XP - 30XP
Technology -> 4 (-6XP)
Enochian -> 4 (-3XP)
Computer -> 3 (-6XP)
Alertness -> 3 (-6XP)
Awareness -> 3 (-6XP)
Cosmology -> 3 (-3XP)
  • Episode 9 "The Most Unlikely Alliance" - 7XP
Leadership -> 2 (-5XP)
  • Session 10 "Friends in Need" - 4XP
Leadership -> 3 (-6XP)
  • Session 11 "The War for Innocence" - 5XP
Threat Null Lore (-4XP)
  • Session 12 "Leviathan's End" - 9XP
  • Session 12.5 - 1XP
  • Session 13 "Body of Evidence" - 4XP
Leadership -> 4 (-4XP, 2 from library)
Correspondence -> 2 (-6XP, 2 from library)
Wolf Lore -> 2 (-2XP, 2 from library)
  • Session 14 "Haight Plus" - 5XP
  • Session 15 "EVE Randroid Hell" - 4XP