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Virgil Corvid

Concept: DNA Amalgam of Pilots
Player: Bossmuff


Total Points: 100 and 15 XP (below)

Race: S-type: Seraph (+2 Physical, Aleph; +1 Education, Smarts, Charisma, and INTACT Rank)

Career: INTACT Censor (+5 Aleph Power Points, +1 INTACT Rank)

Pilot - 5 (15)
Aleph - 9 (2+7, 28)
Physical - 5 (2+3, 6)
Smarts - 6 (1+5, 15)
Education - 6 (1+5, 15)
Charisma - 3 (1+2, 3)

Pilot: Bit/Remote Control - 1 (1)
Smarts: Multi-tasking – 1 (1)
Education: Computer Systems - 1 (1)
Education: Alien Technology - 2 (3)
Rank: INTACT - 4 (2+2, 3)
Command: Mecha Squadron - 3 (6)
Conspiracy: Seraphim Program - 2 (3)
Conspiracy: Data Networks - 2 (3)
Tuneup: Engineer - 4 (10)

Cybernewtype (4)
License Holder (4)
Dark Secret (+3)
Rival (+6)

Aleph Powers: 25 (20+5)
Newtype Flash (Free)
High-level Control (Free)
Peak Senses (1)
Spatial Awareness (2)
Empathic Detection (1)
Telepathy (3)
Electrokinesis (8)
Body Control (3)
Telepathic Scan (4)
Mind Trick (3)

Reserve XP: 1


Mecha: Hecatonchires

Rank: 20 (16 points + 4 Tuneup - 5 Super Robot)
Melee: 4
Firepower: 3
Defense: 3
Speed: 1
Special: 4; 1 (Aleph Matrix), 1 (Tentacles), 1 (Aleph Bits), 1 (Alien Armour)

Former Machine: Dryad

Mech: Dryad

Rank: 17 (14 points + 3 Tuneup)
Melee: 4
Firepower: 3
Defense: 3
Speed: 4
Special: 3; 1 (Aleph Matrix), 1 (Electrified Tow-line), 1 (Aleph Bits)

Character Description

The Virgo Wing made its name in the System Wars, like most famous examples of that era, by dying. Before their fatal emergence, they were an elite squad of combat suits, specializing in brutal, heavy-hitting tactics. They were mostly known for their teamwork – both their impressive coordination in battle, and their extreme personal dysfunctions outside of it. Conflicts ranging from petty rivalries, political differences, and romantic competition over the team’s single female member (who, complicatedly enough, eventually became squad leader) were thought to translate into deadly tactics, killer instincts, and the occasional act of merciless violence.

The wing consisted of Valerie Haven, the only female member and its eventual leader, a dutiful and charismatic soldier; The educated and reasonable Henry Kay, a sound tactician and the team’s liason to the brass; brash scrapper Diarmud Wilson, a hotshot with a strong affection for Valerie; pilot and mechanic Leroy Spears, Valerie’s on-and-off boyfriend; and the troubled Nathan Short, who specialized in hard-hitting close-combat.

Their act of fame, however, came from their final mission, where they were sent to prevent a devastating doomsday strike by League officer Lucille Vachelli, the pilot responsible for the war’s first colony drop. The resulting conflict – later referred to as the Wells Conflict - ended with the narrow aversion of utter destruction, but also in the mutual destruction of both Vachelli and the entire Virgo Wing. Only Haven and Spears survived, but both were severely injured in both mind and body. Valerie never recovered from the accident, and slipped into a permanent coma after three months in a mental health facility, after which she was euthanized. Leroy, not wishing to be near his damaged lover, took retirement to Earth’s Great Britain due to permanent injuries; he was found dead not six months after Valerie, stabbed in his home by a League sympathizer.

And that is where the pilot’s stories ended, with little fanfare. Their names were recorded on the Geneva Icon of Peace, the war monument in the capital; a statue was build in Diarmud’s hometown of Copenhagen in his unit’s honour; a thesis or two were written by International Relations graduates for their doctorates. But Virgo Wing had another act to play out, behind the curtain.

After the Wells conflict, the pilots’ remains were collected by the Sol-Fed military, and transferred to a group of scientists who had been monitoring the group’s missions. Their funerals were closed casket, with the official line being that there were no remains found. Valerie’s remains were turned over to them as well, and with Spears looking to live a long if sedentary life, was quietly assassinated with evidence planted to implicate League agents. His remains were finally brought to a remote facility, where the scientist had gathered all of the remains and implants left of the Wing – and their recorded brain-scans, kept from early on when they were selected for the project.

Over the course of years, the Scientists used the DNA, scans, augments, and even whole limbs in an intensive and unprecedented reconstructive process. Using cutting-edge technology and other samples collected from a wide range of pre-selected subjects, they generated something new – a single, sentient entity, composed of the genetic material of over a dozen individuals, and data from Virgo Wing’s brain-scans and cranial implants coupled with various combat algorithms. The subject – dubbed ‘Virgil’ as an ironic joke – was completed five years after the death of the last Virgo Wing pilot, awakening to sentience in a cold laboratory surrounded by his creators.

Given the last name ‘Corvid’, after the late director who authorized the project, Virgil was put through an intensive education and development regimen, to evaluate his mental and physical potential. Tests were promising – he showed complete human intelligence, capable physique, and standard empathy. Even more remarkably, tests showed an unusually high Aleph capacity, resulting in abnormal predictive and perceptive ability. However, they also noticed several troubling personality traits: bouts of emotional intensity, unusual speech quirks, and a troubling ability to forcibly override his own instincts and emotions for no apparent reason. A few of his handlers noted a possible echo of the Wing’s internal conflicts and tendencies for brutality, but this was deemed within limits.

Virgil completed his final training normally, at the Mars War Acadamy, where he graduated with distinction as a Suit pilot. His heavy genetic augmentation and cybernetic implants placed him in the S-Class category, and a cover story of him being the son of a wealthy starship magnate placed him out of suspicion to most. His early missions showed promise, and he was quickly commissioned to the counterterrorism unit INTACT.

Virgil appears to be a Caucasian man in his late twenties, with thin chestnut-brown hair, and dark blue eyes. He also has what appears to be a form of chimerism – while his face is largely unblemished, his skin is a slightly lighter shade along his upper right jawline, running down his neck. His torso is a barely-visible cross-stitch of several subtle shades of skin. Like the condition, different parts of his body have different DNA – but rather than two fraternal patterns, Virgil consists of several, altered by modification to prevent organ conflict. He has one visible implant by his right eye, which resembles a small, metallic knob protruding from the skin just above it. He is a small-boned, wiry-looking man, with a long, smooth face extended by a slightly receded hairline – he further accents this by combing his hair back, making him look slightly unsettling. His long fingers and six-foot-five height further add to this. He has a precise, gentle voice, that raises to a firm clarity.

Virgil is aware of his nature, and can’t really see how it would be a problem. He is fascinated by humans and the kinship he has with them – he considers himself one of them in most senses, noting only a difference in ‘the configuration of the mind’. An educated man, he nonetheless revels in his eccentricities – commenting blithely on various minutae that catch is interest. He is profoundly curious, to an almost oblivious degree at times. In combat, he tends to develop strange fixations on opponents, and favours a quick, unrelenting brutality.

As a member of a secret project, Virgil has a wealth of insider knowledge regarding certain clandestine channels within the government – most notably the ones used to create him. His rank is partially obtained through his founders’ influence, and it’s unclear on just what he knows. His strange mannerisms tend to obfuscate him, and his motivations…

Susannah Raskanos

Player: Ent
Type: Seraph type Superior Transhuman
Career: INTACT Lictor
Rank: Lieutanant

Pilot: 8( 7+1, 28 CP)
Aleph: 5(3+2, 6 CP)
Physical: 6( 4+2, 10 CP)
Smarts: 5(4+1, 10 CP)
Education: 5(4+1, 10 CP)
Charisma: 8 (6+1+1, 21 CP)
Rank: 4(3+1, 6 CP)

Command - Mecha: 3(6 CP)
Command - General: 2(3 CP)
Pilot – Mecha Melee: 2( 3 CP)
Pilot – ECM & Sensors: 2(3 cp)
Conspiracy - Seraphim: 3(6 CP)
Charisma - Fangirl/boying: 1(1 CP)

(7 free)

Aleph Powers:
Spatial Awareness: 2
Telepathy: 3
Empathic Manipulation: 4
Empathic Detection: 1

Crack Pilot x 3(6 CP)


Code of Honor - Good Behavior(+5 CP)
Rival: 2 (+6 CP)

Mecha: Black Seraph:
Melee: 5
Firepower: 3
Defences: 4
Speed: 4
Special: 3 (Scarlet Curtain ECM field)


The latest scion of a well regarded military family, Susannah is part of the latest generation of up and coming aces, a bridge between the veterans of past military actions and the inexperienced crop of new pilots who have as of yet little flying experience outside of simulators and training sessions and fewer kills . Calm and confident in combat, elegant and well mannered outside of it, and on the cusp of no doubt a meteoric rise to fame, Susannah is quickly making a name for her herself, and has won the minds and hearts of more than a few of her colleagues. Although still quite young, she has a decent number of kills on her belt already, and given her rapidly blossoming abilities, is no doubt set to accrue many more even in these relatively peaceful times.

However, not all is well with Susannah. From an early age she has been in contact with certain people, shadowy figures that she has increasingly recognized are no doubt highly ranked figures within the military and political establishment, particularly those in the payroll of certain powerful defense contractors. Ever since she has joined INTACT, ever since she has begun earning recognition for her talents, ever since she has of come of age she has been running what is essentially espionage duties for them, breaking into sensative areas, recording information, giving it to who knows where for processing. In that service to her shadowy masters, Susannah has been suspecting that more than a few details are being kept away from her for a while now, and she has come into enough tidbits of information about her very own birth that is cause for alarm, with implications that her patrons can potentially revolutionize the current social structure that places transhumans in Susannah's class as a powerful but small elite at the very top of the Federation's hierarchy. Thus Susannah is now walking a fine line between service and resistance to these hidden and no doubt influential figures, and it is something that she can only hope she can get out of in one piece.

Six foot two and staggeringly beautiful, with a raven black mane of hair and striking blue eyes* as well a chest that can be only be described as epic, Susannah can instantly attract attention with solely her looks and keep it there. Although she is keen not to let it intrude into her work, what happens off-duty is another matter entirely, and her hobby and lately coping mechanism along with the personal charisma practically oozing out of every single wonderful pore means strings of potential fangirls and boys wherever she goes. Given recent revelations about her origins, Susannah sometimes wonders if her figure is the product of some crazed Seraphim designer out to put out her dreams onto a living canvas: given her interactions with that organization so far and it's often strange members, she considers it more likely than ever that that was exactly what happened.

Enrique Santiago

Enrique was born to a family of low-grade humans in a former SIA state. Baselines, but quite dedicated and skilled, they could have risen in the ranks of society but for the Exam. The local civil service treated his family like trash. It wasn't that they actually had a horrible life, but that they could hardly even open a business or take any kind of leadership role. Transhumans continually treated them as a lower class of person. It wasn't until Enrique took the Exam, and scored very high, that he gained respect. He joined the military, hoping such an institution would be better. It was not, though he refused to be corrupted. He led a skilled squad of normals to victory over pirates, and his promotions came quickly. He does not desire to eliminate transhumans (evil as well as hypocritical) or hate transhumans if they treat normals like people, but he also cannot tolerate bigotry.

Aside from his driven nature, he is a likable pilot who looks out for his friends. He appears to be a Filipino man in his mid twenties. He wears glasses, though only for reasons of style, and wears his black hair long.

After multiple encounters with Aleph powers both known and unknown, Enrique has begun to manifest his own Aleph abilities. So far, he has been able to hone his precognition ability to level that he can dodge enemy fire instinctively, and is training with Virgil on the finer points of mental control, especially of remote attack weapons.

Aleph Abilities Newtype Flash (2) High Level Control (3) Spatial Awareness (2)


Ajax (14+3) Image with dual rifles
After analyzing the Hector and obtaining combat data from the 008L, weapons designers in Sol-Fed developed their own advanced fire support unit, the Telamon. Enrique had mentioned the strengths of both, and was surprised to see a combination design delivered for his use. With the fixed armaments of the Telemon, and the advanced sensor suite and sniper targeting matrix of the Hector, the Ajax is built to destroy hardened targets. The Ajax can even wield two rifles, though that sacrifices most melee capability and is only for anti-capital ship use. The HV Bazooka normally carries anti-capital ship MAHEM warheads, while the beam cannon can be adjusted for anti-MS work or heavy strike. External armaments are highly restricted, usually only pod-mounted.

Melee 2
Plasma bayonet
Firepower 6
HV Bazooka and Particle cannon, both backpack-mounted. Shoulder missile pods. PRIAM-SR Beam Sniper rifle.
Speed 3
Modified Vernier thruster array
Defenses 4
Composite plating, Advanced flicker shield
Special 2
Extremely advanced sensor system with smart targeting


Trait Value Adjusted Point Cost
Command (General)
Command (Mecha)
Tuneup (Engineer)
License Holder
Dark Secret(Cypress Agent)

Adam Maryam

Pilot: 7 (6+1) 21
Smarts: 6 (5+1) 15
Physical 6 (3+3) 6
Education 7 (5+2) 15
Charisma 5 (4+1) 10
Aelph 0 (1+1-2) 1

Rank: 6 (2+4) 3
Unlimited Command: 4 (1+1) 1
Command (CAG): 5 (4+1) 10
Conspiracy (Futurists): 8 36

Veteran +1 Pilot, + 1 Command, -2 Aleph
Legate: +1 Unlimited Command, +1 Education and +3 INTACT Rank.
Outlier: +3 Physical, +1 Smarts, +1 Charisma, +1 Education and +1 Aleph.

3 Intolerant

  • 15 (cons. 6 -> 8)
  • 7 (unl. comm 2->4, 2 surplus)

Vehicle: 18 points
Metis Orgia
Melee: 5
Firepower: 5
Defenses: 4
Speed: 5
Special: Bit clearance system

Former: Medea Custom (+1 melee, +2 speed, +1 anti-bit mines)

Theeka Abigale vos Karelo

Rank: Commander

Points: 110

Engo Parahuman INTACT Lictor (+2 INTACT rank, +1 Pilot, +2 Charisma, +1 Smarts, +1 Education, +4 Physical)

Pilot: 8 (7+1 ; 28)
++Dodging 2 (3)
++Melee 3 (6)

Aleph: 5 (15)
++Spiral Energy 2 (3)

Physical: 4+4 (10)
++"Big" "Guy" 2 (3)
++Celerity 2 (3)

Smarts: 5 (4+1; 10)

Education: 3 (2+1;3)

Charisma: 6 (4+2 ; 10)
++Violin 1 (1)

++INTACT Rank 5 (3+2 ;6)
++Command: Aerospace 4 (10)
++Command: General 2 (3)
++Conspiracy: Overt Political Power 2 (3)
++Tuneup: Crack Pilot 3 (6)

Hot Blooded (0)
Berserker (-4)
Rival (-6)
Adventurous (-3)

Aleph: Lv5 / 10 Points

Peak Senses (1)
Empathic Detection (1)
Spatial Awareness (2)
Newtype Flash (2)
Limit Break (2)
Limit Break II (2)

Mecha: Kamaitachi (Upgrade)

Speed 9
Firepower 1
Melee 5
Defenses 3
Special: 4 (aleph matrix, supercapacitor, leadership matrix, alien armor)

Adele Yeager (Miria Gotto)

Intact Lictor: +1 Pilot, +1 Charisma and +1 INTACT Rank.
S-Type Transhuman: 3 bonus to Physical and a +1 to Smarts, Charisma, Education and Aleph.

Pilot: lvl 9 (45)
Charisma: lvl 7 (21)
Physical: lvl 7 (10)
Smarts: lvl 5 (10)
Education: lvl 5 (10)
Aelph: lvl 1 (0)
Rank lvl 1 (0)
Conspiracy lvl 3 (6)
Command lvl 3 (6)
Tuneup Crack Pilot lvl 3 (melee) (6)

Bad things :(
Dark Secret: 5
Rival: 10

Adele Yeager was born to a small space industrial concern's family as a only child out in the outer parts of the Federation territory. She had just graduate from her high school, when to the surprise of those around her, she announced that she was going to join the military. Her skill at mobile suit combat astounded her instructors and she was put on the short list to join INTACT, despite being quite new to the job.

Little sister to Max Gotto, long thought dead for the past 30 years, where she has been and why she isn't older is a mystery!

Jade whatever upgraded: Melee: 5
Firepower: 3
Defences: 3
Speed: 4
Special 3

Alar Lectra Novum ap Nivium


Commander Alar Nivium is one of the scions of the Novum Aerospace Consortium, bred from before his birth to be at the pinnacle of the Federation's power pyramid. He, of course, had other ideas, and was enrolled in INTACT on a paid-for comission (As he wouldn't have made the physical cut otherwise, the curse of growing up in a 0.16G field, and a Novum scion deserves nothing less than officer rank anyhow) in the vain hopes that it would teach him something about how he should act. It hasn't worked yet, but his shockingly good results over the past year have landed him onboard the Calais and in charge of a squadron, possibly due to his family's pull, possibly due to a clerical fuckup in the labyrinthine Federation bureaucracy.

Player: Shrike

Outlier Superior (+3 Physical, +1 Smarts, Charisma, Education, Aleph)
INTACT Lictors (+1 Pilot, +1 Charisma, +1 INTACT Rank)

Character Points: 115


Pilot - 8 (7 + 1; 28)
Aleph - 5 (4 + 1; 10)
Physical - 4 (1 + 3, 1)
Smarts - 5 (4 + 1; 10)
Education - 5 (4 + 1; 10)
Charisma - 6 (4 + 2; 10)
Corporate Liason - 1 (1)


Rank: INTACT - 5 (4+1, 10)
Command: Mecha - 5 (15)
Command: General - 4 (10)
Conspiracy: Novum Aerospace - 2 (3)
Tuneup: Special Connections - 2 (3)


License Holder - 4

Aleph Powers

Peak Senses (1)
Spatial Awareness (2)
Newtype Flash (2)
High Level Control (3)
Synergy [Piloting] (1)
Synergy [Leadership] (1)

Prometheus Experimental Mobile Suit

Prometheus mobile suit carrying sniper rifle

The Prometheus is a recent development from the Luna-based Novum Aerospace Consortium, one of the smaller suppliers of craft for the Federation. It is a testbed for a number of systems, most notably the new Automated Close Laser Weapon drones that provide additional close-in firepower.

Points: 20 (+2 from Rank, +2 from Tuneup)

Melee: 3 [Beam Saber]
Firepower: 4 [Twin Pulse Guns]
Defences: 4
Speed: 4
Special: 5 [Aleph Matrix, ACLW Drones, Cloaking Device(2), FTL Inhibitor]

Sylia Coren

Recently transferred to INTACT from the Seraphim’s station defence force, Sylia is a new generation Seraphim, only eighteen years old. Despite her young age she’s a skilled and highly educated pilot and flight engineer, and has thus been tapped to test pilot the Erelim mobile armour.

Sylia is tall and dark haired and has and blue eyes. She’s extremely formal in her manner, and is very pleased (not to mention a bit overwhelmed) to be serving alongside such a heroic and famous INTACT squadron as the Canaries.

Player: FBH

Seraphim Transhuman (+2 Physical +2 Aleph, +1 Smarts, Charisma, Education,)
INTACT Lictors (+1 Pilot, +1 Charisma, +1 INTACT Rank)

Character Points: 113


Pilot 7 (6 +1 21 points )
Aleph 6 (4+2 10 points)
Physical 6 (5+2 10 points)
Smarts 6 (5 +1 15 points )
Education 6 (5 +1 15 points)
Charisma 7 (5 +2 15 points)


Rank: INTACT - 4 (2 +2, 6)
Command Mobile Armour -2 (3)
Tuneup: Engineer - 6 (21)


Cybernewtype - 4


Code of Honour minus 5
Intolerance: Baselines minus 3

Aleph Powers

Newtype Flash
High Level Control
Spatial Awareness 2
Peak Senses 1
Telepathy 3
Telepathic Scan 4

Jade Erelim Experimental Mobile Armour AKA flying Sea Urchin

A new experimental mobile armor created by the Seraphim, the Erelim was originally meant to launch stealth attacks on enemy capital ships, however with the increasing threat of enemy mobile suit swarms launched by the Secret Society/New Order/Chess Masters a software refit has improved it's targeting against small craft, hopefully allowing it's massive mega particle cannons to destroy entire swarms of enemy mobile weapons.

Points: 23 (+1 from Rank, +6 Tuneup -5 mobile armour)

Melee: 0
Firepower: 5
Defences: 3
Speed: 4
Special: 5 (+1 anti fighter tracking systems, +1 AI second command system/enhanced bit autonomy +1 Aleph matrix control +2 bit launcher +1 Stealth systems)

Jade Ashim Experimental Orbital Frame

To make room for Lt. Virgil Corvid's Hecatonchires and as the Jade Erelim had now undergone fairly through testing, Lt. Coren has been given a new test type to put through its paces. This is the Jade Ashim, an experimental stealth attack frame about the same dimensions as a mobile suit, meant to engage Bioroids, Queens and enemy aces.

Points: 23 (+1 from Rank, +6 Tuneup)

Melee: 4
Firepower: 4
Defences: 4
Speed: 7
Special: (+1 stealth +2 bit system +1 Aleph matrix +1 hyper capacitors)

Anthony Biggs

Status: Pending approval
Real name: Sebastian Hale
Callsign: Agent Zero
Race: Outlier (+3 Physical, 1 Education, Smarts, Aleph)
Pilot Stats:
Pilot: 9 (8+1, 36 Points)
+2 Ranged Weaponry (3 Points)
Physical: 6(3+3, 6 Points)
+1 Martial Arts (1 Points)
+1 Stealthy (1 Points)
Smarts: 5 (4+1, 10 Points)
+1 Observant (1 Points)
+1 Quick learner (1 Points)
Education: 3 (2+1, 3 Points)
Charisma: 5 (15 Points)
Aleph: 0 (1 Points)

Rank: Commander (15 points)
+5 Mecha Squadron (4+1, 10 Points)

+2 Well Connected (3 Points)
+2 Dirty Secrets (3 Points)
+1 Covert Political Power (1 Points)

Veteran (0 Points, +1 Piloting, +1 Command (Mecha Squadron), -2 Aleph)
License Holder (4 Points)

Dark Secret (Mass Murderer -6 points): Sebastian Hale is also known as 'Butcher Zero', responsible for the death of over 4000 unarmed civilians in a hospital ship known as the Blue Star during the System Wars. He was sentence to execution and officially discharged from the military to cover up for the atrocity; after which Sebastian Hale disappeared into the annals of history - and a secret cryogenics facility. Its been long enough that people have generally forgotten about Butcher Zero - so much so that nobody raises an eyebrow when he uses the same callsign as before.

Code of Honor (-5 Points): The Blue Star was the most public act of atrocity attributed to Hale's name - but it was by no means the first. Conspiracies require that people be dealt with - sometimes the only way to do so is to send the best pilot you have and allow collateral damage. Doesn't mean he isn't sick of it though. To that extent he has a tight code of conduct; refusing to attack downed pilots or anything that looks even remotely unarmed or may put civilians in harms way, even it if means failing a mission or campaign.

Type Failiure (-3 Points): His absence from combat has made him unfamiliar with some of the new mechas as well as making him more than a bit rusty. His main vulnerability usually are Super Robots since these new ones today are far different from the ones he faced.

Currently unassigned. +2 MCP from Commander Rank

League of Outer Stars

Y.G. Ash

Colonel Y.G. Ash of the Tartarus Defense Force, League of Outer Stars

A man in his mid-30s, Colonel Y.G. Ash hails from the Tartarus colony around Beta Coma Berenices, a League of Outer Stars world. INTACT currently has little information about him, though intelligence reports note he is rumored to be something of a loose cannon, but one known for accomplishing his mission.

Player: Shrike

Grounder Human (+1 Physical)
League Battlemanagement Director (+2 Command: AI Mecha, +3 Rank: League)

Character Points: 115


Pilot - 5 (15)
Aleph - 0 (0)
Physical - 3 (2+1, 3)
Smarts - 4 (10)
Education - 4 (10)
Charisma - 4 (10)


Pilot: Mobile Armor - 3 (6)
Pilot: Electronics - 1 (1)
Physical: Big Guy - 1 (1)
Rank: League - 7 (4+3, 10)
Command: AI Mecha - 6 (4+2, 10)
Command: Warship Command - 4 (10)
Command: General - 4 (10)
Conspiracy: League Intelligence - 3 (6)
Conspiracy: Nuclear Weapons - 2 (3)
Tuneup: Special Connections - 2 (3)


License Holder - 4
Fan Favorite - 6
Adventurous - +3

Aleph Powers


TS Requiem for Aldebaran

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The TS Requiem for Aldebaran, a Seyfert-series FOV

The Requiem for Aldebaran is a standard League Seyfert series Forward Operations Vessel, and having entered service five years ago she has made a number of deterrant patrols throughout the border worlds. Primarily a frame carrier, she has ample hangar space for Raptors, though the pair of turreted beam cannons give her some intrinsic anti-ship firepower. Local defense against enemy frames is by multi-missile packs and concealed laser emitters.

She is currently under the command of Colonel Y.G. Ash and has been deployed on a special mission to track down the INTACT star cruisers Calais. INTACT intelligence gives a high probability rating to the Requiem having been armed with several nuclear warheads as special ordnance.

Hydra Battlefield Control Frame

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The prototype Hydra Type-D mobile armor

The Hydra is the latest word in League battlespace control and dominance, or will be once the design is finalized. A three-man mobile armor, it is equipped with a deadly array of semi-autonomous attack drones and a scattering defense shield. However, its primary role is to support League automated frames in combat, to which end it has a sophisticated mainframe and communication suite to augment their onboard tactical calculation and network systems.

As the Hydra is still in the development stages, not all of its systems are operating at full capacity, or even fitted.

Points: 18 (-5 for Mobile Armor, +1 from Rank, +2 from Tuneup)

Melee: 0
Firepower: S5 (heavy beam cannons)
Defences: 4
Speed: 3
Special: S6 (Drone bins x2, Raptor control system, class-3 scattering overshield)

'Integrated' Raptor Automated Frame

INTACT intelligence sketch of the 'Integrated' Raptor

Recent INTACT operations in the border worlds have demonstrated the inferiority of the standard Raptor against the new generation of mobile suits being deployed by the Federation. To that end, a number of upgrade programs have been instituted. One of these had produced the 'Integrated' Raptor automated frame, a direct upgrade of the Type-2 production model. Three of these have been assigned to the Requiem for testing.

Points: 11 (+1 from Rank)

Melee: 2
Firepower: 2
Defences: 2
Speed: 3
Special: 2 (Integrated Neurocircuit AI, Cloaking System)


Max Gotto (a.k.a. Ray Foulke)

Pilot: 9 (7+2) 28
Smarts: 6 (5+1) 15
Physical 6 (3+3) 6
Education 6 (5+1) 15
Charisma 6 (5+1) 15
Aelph 0 (1+1-2) 1
Command: 4 (3+1)(Mecha Squadrons) 6
Conspiracy: 3 (spymaster) 6
Conspiracy: 3 (Infiltration) 6
Tuneup: Crack Pilot 1

License Holder 4
Type Master: Gundam 3
Type Master: Aelph Pilot 3
Type Master: Mooks 3
Type Master: Mobile Dolls 3

Veteran +1 Pilot, Plus 1 Command
Intact Lictor: +1 Pilot, +1 Charisma and +1 INTACT Rank.
S-Type Transhuman: 3 bonus to Physical and a +1 to Smarts, Charisma, Education and Aleph.
10 Dark Secret
6 Rival

Is really the Ace Jovian Pilot Max Gotto, who has betrayed the party to launch his insurrection campaign.