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This is a page for collective recommendations for anime, books, games, etc.

Movies/Live Action Television


  • Ghost in the Shell:Stand Alone Complex - Season 1
    • One of the all-time greats. I assume everyone has already heard of it, but it needs to be added for completeness and on the off chance someone hasn't seen it, they can go fix that right now. (Acatalepsy)
  • Big Wars
    • Just Watch It.

The Mercury Mal

~People who disagree have no taste.~

Code Geass
Sora no Woto


  • Blindsight - link - (Acatalepsy)
  • CJ Cherryh's Foreigner, Alliance/Union and connected novels (FBH)
  • Greg Bear: Queen of the Angels (FBH)

Short Fiction

  • Testimony Before an Emergency Session of The Naval Cephalopod Command - link (Acatalepsy)



The Mercury Mal

~People who disagree have no taste.~

Cities: Skylines
To the Moon

Airing Live Action Television we're watching

  • Marvel: Agents of Shield - If you like quirky wheldonesque stuff, or comics, this is for you. (Zeronet)
  • Better Call Saul - Just..ended, but brilliant. If you like quality drama or breaking bad, it's good. (Zeronet)

Airing anime you are watching

  • Seraph of the end - Edgy vampire/demon, japanese imperial demon army (Zeronet)

Books you are reading at the moment

  • Exordium - FBH recommends this and is apparently reading it atm (FBH)