Raiders of the Astral Sea

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For untold eons the Astral Sea has been used to bridge the gulf between the planes and the many worlds they harbor. Fleets of spellships from the greatest civilizations in the multiverse ply the aether, ferrying passangers and cargo between the innumerable realms of the cosmos.

Of course, as with any sea, where there are ships and cargo, there are also pirates.

The Astral Sea is an infinite place of limitless possibility, after all. There's adventure to be had and fortune to be made for those with the courage and daring to seek it.

Just don't fall overboard...


Raiders of the Astral Sea is a fantasy game of swashbuckling adventure, in the spirit of Spelljammer and Planescape. The PCs are pirates (or, if you would prefer, privateers) sailing the boundless expanse of the Astral Sea in search of adventure and booty. Lots of booty.

Will you be dashing rogues or black-hearted buccaneers? Only you can decide. Now sally forth ye scallywags! Adventure awaits!

Noteworthy Factions

The Concordat

An oppressive, expansionist empire that currently patrols a large swath of the Astral Sea. Comprised of many different races, they are united by their shared, fanatical worship of the Thainan - a long-vanished civilization that once reigned over much of the planes. The Concordat revere Thainan relics as holy, and seize them for themselves at every possible opportunity. Prolonged exposure to these strange, ancient artifacts has a corrupting effect however, and many members of the Concordat sport strange, clockwork-like growths and mutations of brass, crystal and silver filigree.

The Flesh Cartel

Owned and operated by the alien Illithane (also known as Mind Flayers), the Flesh Cartel deals exclusively in living merchandise - slaves, fleshcraft artifacts, and bio-thaumic augmentations. If the synthesis of sorcery and living tissue is involved, the Flesh Cartel can provide it... for a price. Due to the alien outlook of it's masters, the Cartel often uses intermediaries when conducting business (fleshcrafted slaves or 'augmented' contract employees are most common), in order to reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings. Caution is still advised however, as many of their wares can have... unsettling side-effects.

The Arashi Shogunate

A predominantly human empire originating from one of the many Material planes, the Arashi were once a rising power within the Astral Sea, before centuries of warfare with their rivals - the Geryim-Prydain Empire - sapped their strength and vitality, leaving them a shadow of their former might. Only their fierce tenacity and affinity for spiritual and divine magics have allowed them to maintain any sort of presence within the planar community. While technically at peace with their former enemies, the old hatreds still simmer close to the surface, and there are few Arashi who do not dream of restoring their civilization to its former glory... no matter the cost.

The Geryim-Prydain Empire

Comprised primarily of humans, the Geryim-Prydain Empire is a modest but respectable mercantile power that has only recently established itself within the Astral Sea. Former enemies of the Arashi, they were forced into an uneasy alliance with their old rivals in order to combat the growing threat of the Concordat. While the two powers are now technically at peace, their relationship remains tense and fraught with mistrust. Eschewing sorcery in favor of science, the Geryim-Prydain are renowned for their superb naval engineering and mastery of gunpowder weaponry. While not the most militarily powerful force within the Astral Sea, they are quite adept at convincing others to do their dirty work for them, and many of the pirates plaguing the Concordat shipping lanes carry Geryim-Prydain letter of marque.

The Harvester's Union

Few organizations are more loathed and mistrusted than the Harvester's Union, and with good reason. A secretive fellowship of prospectors, whalers, graverobbers, and necromancers, the Harvesters - occasionally called "Godminer's" - ply the Astral Sea in huge skiffs, seeking the corpses of dead gods to harvest for their flesh, blood, bone and other precious tissues. Greedy, paranoid and armed to the teeth, they will not hesitate to attack anyone they suspect of trying to jump one of their claims. Even Concordat warships are hesitant to engage them directly, and those few skirmishes that have occurred typically end in mutual annihilation.

Character Creation

Raiders of the Astral Sea uses a fairly simple d10 system. The higher a character's stat in something, the more d10s they roll.

Character creation is as follows:

Name: How your character chooses to be addressed by others.
Race: The species your character belongs to (if they have one). This is largely cosmetic, so feel free to be creative.
Concept: A short phrase that summarizes your character.


All characters possess three core Attributes, which represent their innate physical and mental capabilities. You have 8 points to distribute among these as you see fit, with a minimum of 1 point in each Attribute, though there is no maximum cap.

These Attributes are:

Physical: Your character's physical prowess.
Mental: Your character's mental acuity.
Social: Your character's social graces (or lack thereof).

In addition, for each Attribute, you may select a single specialty from the list below, which applies an additional 2 dice to their parent stat on relevant rolls. The specialties for each Attribute are as follows:


Mighty: You are enormously strong.
Deft: You are incredibly quick and nimble.
Stolid: You possess amazing stamina and resistance to pain.


Brilliant: You're a bloody genius.
Shrewd: You're sharp and quick-witted.
Stubborn: You have an iron will.


Charming: Your personality is compelling and difficult to resist.
Wily: You're an expert at manipulating others.
Gorgeous: You purdy.

Note that these specialties ONLY apply to actions within their relevant sphere. You cannot use Deft to hurl an anvil, or Stubborn to decipher an alien language.


These represent unique skills, knowledge, or powers that your character possesses. They can be anything from specialized combat training, mystical knowledge, or unique supernatural or physical abilities innate to your character or their species. Players get four Abilities - two primary, and two secondary. Primary Abilities receive 3 dice, while secondary Abilities receive 2, which are rolled along with any relevant attribute.

Example Abilities include Swordsmanship, Blood Magic, Astral Navigation, Speechcraft, Fire Breath, Necromancy, Regeneration, Alchemy, Spirit Armor, Lockpicking, Lycanthropy, etc.


All players receive three Fate points, which they can spend to re-roll failed dice rolls. These points regenerate at the beginning of each new session.


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