Psalm of the Three Hares

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Three hares sharing three ears,
Yet every one of them has two.


The Psalm of the Three Hares is an SD about culture, power and relationships between groups. It is set in a region known as the Green Lagos, a landmass consisting of three discrete continents, separated by harsh seagoing conditions but joined by an expanse of steppe and rolling plains.

The civilizations of the Green Lagos are enjoying an era of renewed growth after the end of a cycle of harsh winters and the stabilization of the tradelanes through the steppe. With many disparate peoples re-entering full exchange after centuries of limited contact, knowledge has been allowed to propagate into the world. The world is young and unspoiled, and conditions now favor expansion into the realm and the construction of cities hitherto unseen. A wealth of exotic materials fill marketplaces across the three continents, wetting the appetites of merchant princes and warrior-kings.

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