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Please specify whether you prefer Saturday or Thursday Play. 4 Slots per group. Priority goes to people who cannot do one slot or the other. (If there's more than 8 people, I might go to 5 slots. First come first serve)

You guys should all have force fields.

Team Friday


A mysterious mercenary with a mysterious past.

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S1 concept sketch
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S1 artbook
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Woke Up This Morning, Alabama 3


Initiative +15
Armour 5/4/1
Shield 0/10
Health 11/11
Connection 25/25
XP 0/63


Power 3 (3)
Grace 7 (21)
Smarts 3 (3)
Knowledge 2 (1)
Charisma 2 (1)
Rhetoric 2 (1)
Perception 3 (3)
Integrity 3 (3)


Intimidation 1 (1)
Kiraboshi 1 (1)


Athletics 5 (15)
Guns 5 (15)
Martial Arts 3 (6)


Contacts 2 (3)
PRAYER 5 (30)
Position and momentum control via symbols (J-brawler protagonist)
Kinesis 4 (30)


Reflex Booster (5)
B-Type Reflex Booster (5)


2x pistols
2x heavy pistols
Exotic Equipment: Beast-type Sentient Beam Weapon Blitz
x4 Frag (black) x2 incendiary (red) x2 sensory stun pulse (blue) x2 smoke (clear) x1 goop (white) x2 nerve agent (green) x2 HE/SC (yellow)
Light force shield
Concealed armour + boosters (AV 3)
Lightened heavy combat armour + boosters (AV 5/4)
Caddy drone
Precision Rifle
Seeker Launcher

Ho'oh Acala


No Light, No Light, Florence + The Machine
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Season 1 character sheet


Season 2 character sheet
Initiative +16
Health 15/15
Connection 15/15
Shield 10/10
Armour Value 2
EXP 2/58


Power 5 (11)
Grace 8 (31)
Smarts 3 (3)
Knowledge 1 (0)
Charisma 1 (0)
Rhetoric 2 (1)
Perception 4 (6)
Integrity 3 (3)


In some whispy outskirt starcluster that follows the code of law of the Unity, there is a small, blue green world with very little going on: it is home to a resort city for the rich and influential among the Unity. It might have once had an interestingly divergent culture, but it has since been devalued in favour of tourism success. In the picturesque hills outside the city lives Ho'oh Acala, an amateur artist. Living in a post-modern wonderland she designed when she was seven, when her preference was still architecture, she paints. Her dearest wish is to paint something truly new and unique, something which expresses herself in a society of teeming stars, but she has never been able to. Her atelier has dozens of 'failures' strung from the ceiling as a reminder. Occasionally she will take a couple of these failures to the city, selling them to Unity socialites who don't know any better. She hates this. Sometimes they commission her to paint their portraits. She hates this even more.
This quiet existence of artistic disappointment and boiling anger at rich people is tempered by the martial arts. Ho'oh is the 108th successor of the Acala Tensei-ryu, a total combat philosophy which is built around perfecting one's personal calm. Though Ho'oh is successor mostly as a formality, she has diligently practiced it for all her admittedly short life in attempt to be more even tempered. Though not nearly a master of the style, she is extremely adept by most standards and much stronger than her slight frame would suggest. However, while the Acala school is a full contact hand-to-hand art which incorporates any number of weapons, this is a side-effect of it being a system for the development of PRAYER without the need for technological augmentation. As PRAYER is about controlling one's own personal cosmos, Ho'oh has always been interested in the development of her powers to better understand herself, and perhaps break the block on her painting. As such, when some official from Nirvana came looking with an offer to help her build her PRAYER to the highest levels, she couldn't help but be interested.


Architecture 3 (3)


Martial Arts 7 (29)
Painting 6 (6)


Ho'oh's PRAYER is an acausal link back to the birth of some other universe: not just the hot aftermath of creation, but rather creation itself. With access to the expansion of space and the weird, unknowable physics and energies of a big bang at her disposal, Ho'oh is able to warp the space of our universe.
L3 Facet 'Shukuchi' (Distance) (18) - cuts the space between 'here' and 'there' away, giving the impression that Ho'oh has teleported, or that she is extremely fast.
L2 Facet 'Saidai Oka Hoken' (Augmentation) (9) - A striking technique where Ho'oh twists space to increase the mass-impact of a single fist. A side-effect is the superhot quark-gluon plasma pulled through by the Facet.
Exotic Equipment: Prototype Instinctual Polymorph Weapon Ehrgeiz. A smart matter colony masquerading as Ho'oh's strike gloves and most elements of her clothing. As Ho'oh has no experience with conventional weapons and legally is not allowed to use a firearm, it is a weapon allowing her to fight evenly with properly armed combatants using only her martial arts. A gift from the Nirvana Skunk Works facility, utilising technology related to the PRAYER Drive to account for dramatic changes in size and mass. Marketing grist claims theoretically unlimited forms. Ho'oh has lost the manual.
Ehrgeiz has 3 modes. It is a hand to hand weapon
Mode 1: Damage Mode quadruples power for the purpose of damage +3 accuracy.
Mode 2: Anti-armour Mode: halves enemy armour, double's power for damage purposes
Mode 3: Mixed mode: triples power for damage purposes, -4 points to enemy armour.


Shock Layer
Light Force Shield
A-type Reflex Link
B-type Reflex Link
Alethea's Exotic Equipment: Celestial-type Sentient Blade Elucidator, +5 Accuracy

Duke Linwood Brando the XIV

A libertine robot from a distinguished household who wields occult power and wealth beyond his station. The inheritor of the Key of SOLOMON.

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A cunning innovation...
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...with many iterations.


Initiative +14
Armour 3/1
Shield 10/10
Health 16/16
Connection 15/15
XP 7/57 +1


Power 2 [3]
Grace 2 [3]
Smarts 7 [10]
Knowledge 2 [3]
Charisma 8 [15]
Rhetoric 3 [6]
Perception 3 [6]
Integrity 3 [6]


Music 1 [1]
Disregard Females [1]


Rakehell 5 [15]
Hacker 3 [6]


PRAYER 3 [12] - Key of SOLOMON: A program which summons alien constructs from a universe with parameters entirely unlike those that spawned mankind, the Key of SOLOMON is the original reason the prestigious Brando family was forced to mass upload. After their progenitor developed the daemon summoning program much of the Brando household were beset with horrific visions and mass delusions, forcing the remaining members of the family to upload before their minds became tainted with the alien influence. In the process, they gained the ability to control the extra-dimensional creatures and have since held these powers to secure additional power and influence over the decades.
L2 Facet [9] - Impulse Luxuria (Mind): A specialized element of the summoning program designed to strip away the safeguards in the target's personality. While ordinarily used to cause enemies to go berserk and turn on their allies, its original function is to cause social rivals to lose their inhibitions and embarrass themselves.
L2 Facet [9] - Reversal Superbia (Transmute): A program which is able to convert an offering into undifferentiated mass from the other universe, which then takes on the qualities imposed upon it by the summoner. Because it conforms to the desires imposed upon it, it may be used in tandem with Active Invidia to grant 'wishes' of the tangible sort.
L1 Facet [3] - Active Invidia (Sense): Daemons enter the target's mind through a physical (or wireless) connection, clipping away at low-level inhibitions of the mind to grant the summoner an unrestricted view of the target's desires.
L1 Facet [3] - Narrative Acedia (Causation): An effect which allows the daemons to twist the flow of causality in macroscale ways, applying things such as 'curses' or 'blessings' upon a target. It is theorized that the effect operates by offering the realities shunted off into impossibility as sacrifices to extradimensional life.


Hacking Link [2]
Cosmetic Changes [1]
Face Dancer [5]
Alternate Sense: Social Media [2]
A-type Reflex Link [5]
B-type Reflex Link [5]


Concealed Armor
Mobility Assist
Light Force Shield
Pimp Cane (Concealed Rifle)
Tactical Doll x6
Kinetic Rifle (Guided Rounds)
Spider Drone x1
Light Machine Gun x2
Plasma Gun
Spider Drone x1
General Purpose Launcher
Recon Drones x3
Mosquito Drone x1
Particle Beam
Weapon Bits
Kinetic Sub-Machine Gun (Guided Rounds)
Shield Bits
Flight Bits

"The Beggar"

Player: 100thlurker

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A digital mural in the ancient St. Copernicus' Cathedral-Laboratory added in the decade after the death of Kirie Kazimierz.

According to one of the many rumors swirling around the Omega Church, "The Beggar" is the first of the Many Faced, a number of immortal transhuman shapeshifters loyal to the Last Church dating back to when the all-encompassing Unity was still young. One particularly macabre telling speaks of insane assassins who wear the faces of those they murder and deceive with the voices of the dead. Though now largely discredited as absolutely ludicrous conspiracy theory by the general public, many in the world of the Cloak and Dagger lend a surprising amount of credence to their existence.

The rumors of Many Faced, and the Beggar in particular, are inextricably linked with those surrounding Logi-Bishop Kirie Cornelius Kazimierz. An ambitious and talented theologian-scientist, he came to focus on a project known only as the "Vaults". This became a dark episode in Church history when, for reasons unknown, he was Excommunicated in extremis and Unity intervention troops stormed his headquarters, the St. Copernicus Cathedral. Kirie did not survive. Much of the information regarding him was violently scrubbed out by his Excommunication.


Armor 10
Force Field 10
HP 13
Initiative +13

Species: Human(??!!??!)


Power 3+1 [4] (6 pts)
Grace 4+1 [5] (10 pts)
Smarts 1+1+1 [3] (1 pts)(2 xp)
Knowledge 2+1 [3] (3 pts)
Charisma 2+1 [3] (3 pts)
Rhetoric 1+1 [2] (1 pts)
Perception 5+1 [6] (15 pts)
Integrity 4+1 [5] (10 pts)


Surveillance [2] (3pts)
Interrogation[1] (1pts)


Fieldcraft [2] (3 pts)
Martial Arts [2] (3 pts)


Conspiracy (Order of Copernicus) [2] (3 pts)


Armor [4] (4 pts)
Additional Spectrum (2 pts)
A-Type Reflex Booster (5 pts)
B-Type Reflex Booster (5 pts)
Babel Link (2 pts)
Cosmetic Changes (1 pts)
Expert Systems (25 pts)
Face Dancer (5 pts)
Wall Run (5 pts)


Shock Layer - Mobility Assist
Light Force Shield
Spy Drones
Seeker Launcher
Memory Metal Weapon(Melee Weapons/Bow)

Seal Releases (XP)

First Seal Release (Expert Systems), (+1 Smarts) (27 XP)
Second Seal Release (B-type Reflex Booster), (Wall Run) (10 XP)
26/63 XP
September 8, 2012 - 4 XP
September 21, 2012 - 2 XP
November 19, 2012 - 2 XP
October 30, 2012 - 4 XP
December 14, 2012 - 6 XP
January 11, 2013 - 6 XP
January 25, 2013 - 6 XP
February 8, 2013 - 3 XP
March 22, 2013 - 2 XP
April 19, 2013 - 3 XP
May 10, 2013 - 3 XP (+3 XP)
June 7, 2013 - 3 XP
June 21, 2013 - 3 XP
July 5, 2013 -3 XP
July 26, 2013 - 5 XP
July 27, 2013 - 6 XP

Shiori Tanaka

Player: NPC
Race: Human
Stats 2/44 XP

Power 5 (10)
Grace 5 (10)
Smarts 5 (10)
Knowledge 6 (15)
Charisma 4 (6)
Rhetoric 4 (6)
Perception 4 (6)
Integrity 4 (6)


Meganekko: 3 (6)
Computers: 3 (6)


Robotics 4 (10)
Martial Arts 4 (10)
Medical skills: 4 (10)


Really skilled


Reflex Booster (5)
B-Type Reflex Booster (5)


Concealed armour + boosters
Light force shield

Team Spaceship

Nirvana Test Doll Make IVI "Ivy"

HP: 24 points
Init: 21+D1
Normal Outfit Armour (Conceal Armor) 13 +1 Light Forcefield
Board Suit Mode: 20 +3 Heavy Forcefield


Power 3 (6)
Grace 6 (6)
Smarts 5 (3)
Knowledge 3 (6)
Charisma 2 (1)
Rhetoric 2 (1)
Perception 3 (6)
Integrity 3 (6)


Computer Systems 1 (1)


Hacking 3 (6)
Artifact Weapon 3 (6)


Reflex Boosters (5)
Reflex Boosters (5)
B Type Reflex (5)
Noetic Link (5)
Super Jump (5)
Wall Run (5)
Armor 10 (5)
Hacking (2)
Expert System (25) *Espionage*


Unusual Equipment: (Artifact Weapon

Gear Conceal Armor: Armour Value 3

PRAYER Black Light

XP: 57/57

Expert System 25
Rhetoric to 2 (2)
Charisma to 2 (2)
Reflex Boosters (5)
Prayer 1 (2)
Prayer 2 (4)
Facet 1 (3)
Prayer 3 (6xp)
Prayer 4 (8xp)


Created by a now defunct corporation, AEFRE is a unique prototype bioroid. The corporation was attempting to design and manufacture several lines of bioroids who were certain to be able to use PRAYER abilities for government, military, and corporate work. In her case, Aefre is a general protoype - what would have been the "mother bioroid" of several types of new PRAYER using bioroids. Given her freedom by her lead designer during the mysterious collapse of her creating company, Aefre is currently wandering about - learning and gaining experience with her PRAYER abilities. She is accompanied by VALKYRIE aka Valk - a highly enhanced, sentient but stoic, tactical drone that was created to serve as a bodyguard for Aefre.


Power 3 (3)+ 2 = 5
Grace 3 (3)
Smarts 5 (10)
Knowledge 5 (10)
Charisma 3 (3)
Rhetoric 2 (1)
Perception 3 (3) +2 = 5
Integrity 3 (3)+ 2 = 5


Hacker (2)
Drone/Bit Operator (3)


Unusual Equipment (Enhanced Tactical/Bodyguard Drone)
PRAYER 3 Manipulation of Boundaries (12)
Level 3 Facet: Boundary Between Instants (Celeration) (18)
Level 2 Facet: Boundary Between Life and Death (Transmutation) (9)


Hacking Link (2)
Babel Link (2)
Armor 1 (1)
B-Type Reflex Booster (5)


Kinetic Sub Machine Gun
Weapons Bits, Shield Bits
Light Force Shield
Concealable Armor


Name: Deidre "Macky" McIntyre
Race: Human

History: Deidre McIntyre came from Homeward, a colony in the reaches; something she never wants to admit. Homeward was a 'libertarian paradise'; a rhetoric-steeped stronghold of self-determination and unforgiving decadence. Born of an industrial family, Deidre's childhood become increasingly lonely, as families of her playmates fell from grace in the merciless market climate, and they were ostracized. Left only with her father's business to learn, Deidre took to hanging about on the assembly lines, hiding from a debutante's life that her older sisters took to in her stead. Her parents, annoyed, kept punishing her.

One day, she came home to find security no longer recognized her DNA. After getting shocked and nearly killed by defense turrets, she took the message.

Living in the factory districts, Deidre managed to survive by being a damned good mechanic, fixing everything from fabricators to assembly robots to Asuras. Her life became harder, however, as money dried up; the 'invisible hand' dropped the ball, leaving workers without jobs and captains of industry looking like fat, useless idiots. When the riots started, she took all her time escaping violence; she even had to steal a Deva to get out as a factory she was working in was burned to the ground.

It wasn't until she managed to find her way into Nirvana's employ that she found a way off of Homeward. As the company pulled out of the dying 'paradise', she managed to impress a few people by repairing their machines. All she asked, in exchange for helping them get their equipment in order, was a steady job and transfer off this world. She looked out the window once as they flew away.

Taking the name "Macky", she drifted from ship to ship, taking new positions as they were offered, and exploring.


HP: 9


Power: 2 (1)
Grace: 3 (3)
Smarts: 6 (15)
Knowledge: 7 (15+6)
Charisma: 4 (3+3)
Rhetoric: 2 (1)
Perception: 4 (3+3)
Integrity: 3 (3)


Jury Rigging 1 (1)
Oily 1 (1)


Engineer: 8 (10)
Mind-Machine Interface 6 (6)
Pilot 6 (3+3)


B-type Reflex Booster (5) +1 actions a round
Noetic Link (5) instant textbook
Pilot Link (5) +3 to vehicle-based rolls
Microscopic Vision (2) See microscopic


Really Skilled - one extra Skill
Lucky - 4 fate


Mosquito Guns X2 "Davie" and "Willie" (Both with Kinetic Rifles)
Concealable Armour
Kinetic Pistol
Trusty Repair Kit


Movement (Power): +2
Dexterity (Grace): +2
Electronics (Knowledge): +4
Reaction (Smarts): +4
Gunnery (perception): +4
Persona (Charisma:) +2
Engineering Type (+2 armour, can use Engineering in mecha)
Custom (+2 points for stats)


Seeker Launcher

Damage +10
Guided +6
-2 Init
Armour Piercing Explosive -2 Armour +4 damage
Thermobaric Rounds Ignore Cover
Fragmentation Rounds +4 damage against unarmoured targets +1 against armoured ones
Gas Rounds: nonlethal boarding rounds
Anti shield rounds x2 damage to shields.

Kinetic Pistol

Damage +4
Easy to Conceal
One Handed
Explosive rounds +3 damage against unarmoured targets +1 against armoured ones.
AP Rounds -2 armour
Guided Rounds +2 to hit
Poision Rounds 1 additional damage per turn
Anti shield rounds x2 damage to shields.


First: 10 xp
Second: 4 xp (Sometimes you need unorthodox solutions, but you have to do them quickly if you want to avoid risk)
Third: 2 xp
Fourth: 1 xp
Fifth: 1 xp


Knowledge (6)
Perception (3)
Charisma (3)
Pilot: (3)
Specialty: Oily
Specialty: Jury-rig

Reserve: 1

Yuri Ilyich Ushakov

A former Unity officer and ship captain, fought in the initial years of the war with SALDAC. Currently in employ of the Nirvana Corporation, having switched his careers due to mysterious circumstances. Has a wife and a teenage daughter back on his homeworld, though due to his responsibilities he can't see them in person as often as he would like to.

Player: Holle
Race: Human
HP: 13


Power: 4 (1+1+2) [1]
Grace: 4 (1+1+2) [1]
Smarts: 5 (4+1) [10]
Knowledge: 4 (3+1) [6]
Charisma: 4 (3+1) [6]
Rhetoric: 3 (2+1) [3]
Perception: 3 (2+1) [3]
Integrity: 5 (4+1) [10]


Stylish: 2 [3]
Astrophysics: 1 [1]


Starship Operations: 6 [15+6] [21]
Fleet Command: 4 [3+7]
Tactical Genius: 5 [6+4+5] [15]


Conspiracy (Nirvana): 5 [10+5]
Really Skilled


Babel System [2]


Concealed Armour/Light Combat Armour
Light Force Shield
Service Pistol (Kinetic Pistol)


XP total: 57
XP spent: 37
Starship Operations +1
Tactical Genius +1
Fleet Command: +2
Power: +2
Grace: +2
Conspiracy (Nirvana): +1
Tactical Genius: +1

Experimental Mobile Assault Response Unit (EMARU) 'Emma'

Bio: An experimental creation on the part of Nirvana, EMARU (or 'Emma' in day to day conversation) was an attempt to mass produce a PRAYER-capable combat gynoid with standardised capabilites. The project hit a snag when the PRAYER systems Nirvana was using could not be induced to connect with a suitable universe with any great degree of regularity, resulting in extremely high costs in scrapped units for each operational gynoid. The project was shut down, and the handful of operational prototypes were attached to Nirvana's security division.

Player: Screwball
Race: Android
HP: 22
Armour/Shield: 9/10 (2/round regen)
Connection: 15


Power 4 (1+3)
Grace 4 (1+3)
Smarts 3 (6)
Knowledge 2 (3)
Charisma 1 (2)
Rhetoric 1 (1)
Perception 3 (6)
Integrity 3 (6)


Ranged Weapon Proficiency 1 (1)
Small Unit Tactics 1 (1)


Flight 1 (1)


Prayer 3 (12)

Emma was designed to use her PRAYER system as a power source for a number of internal and external systems with requirements that could not be met by any generator that could fit in a human size chassis. The universe to which she is connected possesses an extremely high relative energy density, and as a result, Emma's PRAYER system is capable of supporting weaponry or defensive shields that would normally only be vehicle portable, subject to the limitations of cooling and maintenance.

Level 4 facet: Power advanced offensive/defensive systems (Augmentation) (30)

Unique Equipment

Personal Shear Cannon; a cut down shear cannon adapted for use with Emma's PRAYER system. Not as powerful as a full sized version, still impressively nasty for a manpack weapon. Can obviously only be used by Emma.


Personal Flight Module (5)
Additional Spectrum (Radar) (2)
Armour 2 (2)

Light Combat Armour
Light Machine Gun
Light Force Shield

Marlene Elsier

Player: Ent
Race: Human
Concept: Valkyrie Princess Corporate~


Power 7
Grace 5 (4+1) (10)
Smarts 4 (3 +1) (6)
Knowledge 5 (4 +1) (10)
Charisma 6
Rhetoric 3 (2 +1) (3)
Perception 4
Integrity 4


Guns 2(3)
Business 2
Martial Arts 2

Augmentations (10)

B-type reflex booster 5
Noetic Link 5
A-Type Reflex Booster (5)

Advantages (6)

Conspiracy 3
Contacts 2(3)


PDW and personal armory
Corporate encounter kit of various materials
Year's supply of specialty custom made stockings


Movement (Power): +3
Dexterity (Grace): +3
Electronics (Knowledge): +2
Reaction (Smarts): +2
Gunnery (perception): +3
Persona (Charisma:) +2

XP Earned: 57
Spent: 30

Business 1->2: 2 xp
Conspiracy 2->3: 3 xp
Perception 3->4: 3 xp
Power 6->7: 6 xp
Martial Arts 1: 1 xp
Charisma 5->6: 5 xp
Mod: A-Type Reflex Booster: 5 xp
Integrity 3->4: 3 xp
Martial Arts: 1->2: 2 xp

Lucia Gresham

Player: OP
Race: Bioroid
Stats27 xp remains, 36 spent, 63 total

Power 3
Grace 7 (5+2)
Smarts 5
Knowledge 5
Charisma 6 (4+2)
Rhetoric 4
Perception 7 (5+2)
Integrity 3


Cute: 1
Leadership: 1


Computers 2
Medicine: 3
Engineering 2
Guns 2


Contacts(Omega Church) 2


Noetic Link (5)
B-Type Reflex Booster (5)
Hacking Link (2)
Added Spectrum: T-rays (2)


Collapsible Glaive (-3 Init/+4 Damage +1 Effective Strength Long Range)
Arm Multigun (+6 damage, Short Range)
Armour Piercing Explosive -2 Armour +5 damage
Thermobaric Rounds Ignore Cover
Fragmentation Rounds +4 damage against unarmoured targets +1 against armoured ones
Gas Rounds: nonlethal boarding rounds
Anti shield rounds x2 damage to shields.
Variety of Recon/Utility Drones
Custom Acolyte Armor (Light Combat Armor, Armor 4, Mobility Assist)
Reinforced force shield (Armor 2, 15 points)
Assortment of clothes, all of which count as a shock layer or concealed armor.


Movement (Power): +2 {6}
Dexterity (Grace): +2 {9}
Electronics (Knowledge): +4 {9}
Reaction (Smarts): +4 {9}
Gunnery (perception): +4 {11}
Persona (Charisma:) +2 {8}
Surveillance Type (Improved Sensors, Stealth, +1 Move)
Custom (+2 points for stats)
Multipurpose Recon/Utility Drones
Shoulder Launchers (as Arm Multigun)
Particle Rifle
Damage +10 , -2 Init
Accuracy +2
Long Ranged
Double Damage to shields


Archbishop Conrad Gresham has always been known as a strong-willed and shrewd leader. Only among family was he ever known to show a more human side. The festivities for the birth of his daughter Lucy were filled with much rejoicing. However, the joy was not to last - his wife vanished on an expedition beyond UNITY territory, and only a few years later his young daughter succumbed to a mysterious illness beyond even the knowledge of the finest minds in the Church.
The grief-stricken father chose to restore his daughter via the power of science. A bioroid based on her DNA and mental pattern was created. Lucy A, as she was designated, was everything her father could desire - including frozen in time. Lucy A, or Lucia as she likes to be called, looks considerably younger than her actual age, and represents her father's idealized vision of his daughter.
This created no little amount of controversy for the Archbishop, which has only relented recently as Lucia has joined the Sacred Order of St. Duhem. The Duhemite order is dedicated to the righteous practice of science to advance the Church and protect the innocent. While Lucia is only an Acolyte of the Order, she proudly bears its signature arms and armor, and she hopes to learn much on her assignment with Nirvana corporation.