Planar City: A BM Miniseries

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The great tower city, Worldlink, has many new guests. The great, swirling portals, some small and some large, some stationary and others mobile, dot the tower itself, some floating out like bubbles in the ruby sky.

Worldlink itself is a large, spiralling tower, its many floors opened to the outside air and covered in blocks of buildings built into the floors and ceilings. Massive streets run through it, leading to the few major portals leading to certain Material and Celestial planes. Terraces sometimes extend on the wider floors, creating sub-layers within a floor. No-one is entirely sure how many floors there are, but finding a location is helped by the living lifts that string between the floors, and portals that jump between different locations if the proper names are inputted.

The tower itself extends between two circular plates, suspended in an empty, ruby-red sky – the one at the top, a pearl-white gleaming disc, is the location to the Celestiall Plane, the home of the gods and other divine entities. The lower plane, a black plane of stars, represents the Material worlds, a collection of planets containing the mortal races.

The final features of the landscape are the black and red spheres which orbit the tower out in the red void – these spheres are the pocket planes that contain the realms of demons, djinn, and other supernatural beings. These realms are linked by portals, or by great flying steeds that fly out to carry goods too and from the pocket heavens and hells that surround the mighty city.

Notable Locations

The Fox's Thirst

A tavern located in one of the lower wards of Worldlink, The Fox's Thirst of one of many even on its own layer, though it's got its unique charms. The circular structure, composed internally of descending open terraces opening onto the central bar, is lit by magical fires and serves one of the more esoterically diverse menus on the tower. It's even enough to distract one from the ensorcelled servers and staff, condemned criminals surrounded in floating rings that suppress their will.

The tavern's owner, Renard the Too-Curious, is a thin, sallow-faced man with a drooping red moustache. A mage of considerable power, Renard doesn't say what world he's from, though he is happy to mention a ton of other adventures he may have had. By his telling, he's been to many worlds, seem much of the known universe, and been nearly every kind of supernatural, including a vampire, a werewolf, a lich, a dragon, and (briefly) a minor woodchuck divinity. He has an incredible desire for knowledge, often using his patrons and hired wanderers to help him acquire sources of lore by legal or illegal (and dangerous) means.

Recently, he tasked a trio of new arrivals to acquire the Celestial Book of Law from a fallen angel who had stolen it from the heavens, with the help of Asla, a dark elf pirate captain and assassin he had on his payroll. Though he promised them a way back to their respective homes, his job led to a chain of misadventures that ultimately left them stranded on the city, though Renard has given them free room and board at his tavern as compensation.

The Office of Tower Vigilance and Security

Run by the fallen Celestial Lost Anthirel, this office oversees the management of the tower's police force, composed primarily of professional soldiers and contracted demons. Situated in a massive, twisting complex on the tower's central level, the Office is always bustling with notifications of events, reports of crimes and incurs. They also manage mercenary work for the adventurers and warriors who find their way to the tower, sending them on missions to other worlds to deal with fleeing fugitives or perform tasks for petioning merchants and other beings.

The recent discovery of a fallen angel, wounded and magically geassed after a robbery, has troubled Anthirel, particularly due to the theft of the holy book he carried. The potential fallout with the Celestial Planes threatens to destabilize the tower, with the worst result being the forceful severing of the Celestial Planar Gate, resulting in the city's destruction.

Character Creation

Name: This is what your character is called. No restrictions

Concept: This is a short phrase that summarizes your characterd


Class: A word describing your profession, or your species. This is the paradigm by which your powers are defined. Examples include Paladin, Vampire, Lamia Rogue, Pit Fighter.

This game isn't too stats oriented, overall, so we'll try to make it as straightforward as possible.

Attributes: You have three; physical, mental, and social, all at 1 each. You have 5 points to distrubute amongst these three, with no maximum cap (so you can get a default max of 6 in one stat if you take the other two at 1)

Skills: Pick four skills or powers you specialize in. These skills are rolled at three dice default, added to any Attribute relevant – they also allow for esoteric stunts based on their use, which are not dealt with strictly with dice. Examples include Swordsmanship, Archery, Armour, Alchemy, Botany, Lockpicking, Law, History of Useless Planes, Blood Magic, Mist Form, Healing Magic, Necromancy, Lycanthropic Claws, Regeneration, Supernatural Toughness, and other stuff.

Don't abuse this.