Phoenix Protectorate

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This is a collaborative story set in a modified version of the Starbound universe, with elements playing out in game.


Danilo Escorda
Danilo grew up in the skyscraper-filled metropolis of Manila, and showed a growing talent for engineering and devices. While working in his fathers's hovercar repair shop, he started a side project - a fusion power core. After a successful demonstration that amazed his family and neighbor (while leaving the local authorities left than amazed), his mother used her connections as a police detective to get him a place in the Protector Academy, where he excelled. With the fall of the Protectorate, he lost everything but his mission. No matter what, he will get it done.


Outposts / Base


As the last surviving Protectors and their allies survey the galaxy, so much seems to have changed.

Unexpected Allies

The Protectorate recently made friendly contact with a highly-advanced nomadic civilization - the Avali. The friendly apex predators shared some of their advanced nanotechnology in exchange for the dimension twisting power of the matter manipulator. In the wake of the destruction of Earth, several Avali clans have pledged their assistance.

= Humanity

Earth, shining beacon of the Terrene Protectorate, is gone. In only a few minutes, almost all of humanity was extinguished by a monster born of dark myth. Less than 20 million humans remain, with the Ruin on the hunt. The United Systems Corporate Military was defunct, having fallen victim to their own arrogance and greed. Only a handful of rookie Protectors remain to save the galaxy.

At least, that's what you thought at first.

It started with the Erchius Mining Facility. This facility alone had a larger human population than the census records would indicate. Then, you found a penal colony. Far more prisoners were there than any record would indicate. More and more humans faced you in combat, and then you ran into a USCM Cruiser, which opened fire. One boarding action later, you had fought your way through a ship full of marines out for Protector blood, and you had even more questions

Protectors are selected to think on their feet, to be the one-person solution to any problem, and you did some digging. One thing kept on coming up - Project Redemption. It seems the USCM had decided to carve out its own future in the stars, with numerous pre-fab settlements, outposts, and warships. While their High Command is willing to work with you, it seems a lot of them are seizing the moment to ensure humanity's destiny lies with them. As if the Ruin was not a big enough problem...