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We were explorers. We thought to travel the stars, to defeat all who stood against us, to defy time itself. And for a time, we were successful. In the end, our hubris was our undoing, and we fled the apocalypse we unleashed. We set sail in an End ship, crossing through the angles of space, to a new world, with new possibilities. What path would the future hold in the Delta world?

Server Rules

This is a PVE building server. The goal is to build cool stuff, not to destroy people's stuff. I don't plan on using fancy server utilities - we should be fine, but I will ban people who decide to be assholes. We have several mods with extreme destructive potential, including Thaumcraft, ICBM, and IC2. I can easily add dimensions for unleashing hell.

This is a whitelisted private server. Do not post the IP here. Only bring people you trust on the server. Please avoid introducing drama.

The last Minecraft server ran for a year. I intend to keep this map running even longer, regardless of Minecraft versions.

Some mods in this modpack can be exploited in combination with other mods. Don't try to break the server or cheese the game.

Safety Rules

  • Any fission fuel from IC2 is extremely radioactive, and will poison you if it is in your inventory
  • Improperly built IC2 reactors can explode, and the explosion can go through obsidian. Reinforced blocks are the only useful containment.
  • Nothing will stop an antimatter explosive or red matter explosive. Only bedrock is not destroyed
  • Thaumcraft is extremely dangerous. Misuse can infest the land with monsters or even drive you insane.
  • None of the other planets is habitable without environmental suits, oxygen, and often thermal or radiation protection

Mod Usage Warnings

Recipe conflicts can resolved using alternate production methods - using metal presses to make gears, for example - or using a worktable to switch between different product of a single recipe.

Do not use Railcraft boilers until further notice.

Tips, Tricks, and Trolls

  • ICBM allows easy access to both Steel (One Iron Ingot plus Three Coal/Charcoal in the crafting grid) along with IE wire.
  • Crafting Coal/Charcoal with Chaos Shards gained from Chaos Ore can massively boost their output. In the case of a Chaos Coal/Charcoal Block on the order of 640k RF/block. For comparison a default Charcoal block only provides 120k RF/block.
  • Thermal Expansion Hardened Glass is witherproof, can be wrenched out of place, and is fairly cheap to make. Used properly this can make farming Netherstars easy as going down to the local market.
  • Thermal Expansion energy cells and satchels can be enchanted with Holding, which at Holding Three will increase their capacity by 3x. This allows silly levels of energy storage even using a fairly low tier item in exchange for a few pieces of Lapis and some XP.
  • Openblocks adds XP drain grates which can be set up to automatically drain you of XP when walking over them and turn it into Liquid XP that will not be lost in the case of death. This can be later used in various processes or consumed when needed (say for enchanting).
  • Funky Locomotion allows the creation of true blast doors and other advanced piston creations if desired.
  • Blaze Powder can be produced using Cinderpearls from Thaumcraft in the Phytogenic Insolator from Thermal Expansion if provided with a supply of Fluxed Phytogrow.

Solar System

  • Sol
    • Mercury = -1005
    • Venus = -31
    • Overworld = 0
      • Moon = -28
      • Space Station = -27
    • Mars = -29
      • Phobos
      • Deimos
    • Asteroid Belt = -30
      • Ceres = -1007
    • Jupiter
      • Io = -1014
      • Europa = -1015
      • Ganymede = -1016
      • Callisto = -1022
    • Saturn
      • Enceladus = -1017
      • Titan = -10
    • Uranus
      • Oberon = -1019
      • Miranda = -1024
    • Neptune
      • Proteus
      • Triton
    • Pluto = -1008
    • Kuiper Belt = -1009
      • Haumea
      • Makemake
  • Alpha Centauri
  • Proxima Centauri
    • Promixa Centauri B = -1025


The Nether = -1
The Overworld = 0
The End = 1
The Twilight Forest = 7
Old Terra = 30
Trinity Site = 31
Untouched World = 32

Custom Engineering

Major increases in the efficiency of Immersive Engineering power systems have been made
There are additional reservoirs in the Nether and on other planets. Europa is notable for not having mineral reserves, but plenty of water.
BLUEX Process
Centrifuging Cyanite waste blocks from a reactor can produce Blutonium, Plutonium, and liquid Uranium.
Additional Refining
Refineries from Immersive engineering can produce a large range of products, including hot spring water, liquid slime, coolant, and empowered canola oil.

Notable Locations

Coordinates: X:Z:Y

MadWookies Retreate: -83:1929:69
OmegaPaladins Base: -16:464:66
Osengs Towers: 776:2465:68
Psychicandroids Base: -58:1011:63
Public Mine: 157:982:73
Rexdome: 444:558:72
Shrike Base: 780:-125:110
Spawn Ship: -174:282:93
Valley of Silence: -686:284:78
Ws Temp Camp: 1698:2759:70
Zerobunker: -187:61:68

MegaProject Suggestions

Rex Railroad:

  • Rex has suggested making an overworld railline via Railcraft to connect all of our bases. Considering most of them are fairly close togeather that seems to be a quite useful and practical suggestion.

Nuclear War

  • Current tentative plans for sending this map off is via a full on nuclear exchance as we have ICBM installed. If desired building with this in mind could be fairly entertaining.

Current Mod Pack

Version 1.2 of the modpack is available for download - Make a backup copy of your .minecraft/journeymap folder first!

Getting it Working

Make sure to disable Mipmaps - I went from 1 FPS to 25 FPS just with that. Optifine is also recommended for borderline computers.

Option 1: MultiMC

Get MultiMC here

Download the PaladinCraft-MMC Modpack

Follow the instructions here to import the instance

Option 2: Twitch App

Get the Twitch app here

Then install the modpack: TwitchApp Modpack Zip

Let's Fly!

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Performance Boosters

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