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Switching Princesses in Peril from Freeform to System Based. Please put your character sheets on the discussion page.

There are four fundamental stats that you have 21 points to distribute amongst:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Social
  • Will

Physical and Mental stats represent your overall abilities in those areas, while Social represents both how generally sociable you are and how good at convincing others you are. The last stat, Will, represents how overall driven you are – the strength of your spirit, determination etc.

It should be noted that during social encounters, you can use other stats to boost your rolls - for example, Physical if you are attempting to quench a conflict with your looming presence, Mental if you are making a reasoned argument based on empirical evidence, Will if you feel very strongly about the subject and are pouring your heart out etc. In such cases, you add half the value of the relevant stat to your Social roll, rounded up.

Your character also has one Specialty, something which they are exceptionally good at, which adds one dice and lowers the target difficulty by one on all relevant rolls.