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The PCs are an adventuring company that lucked into a long term royal contract with a young war-lord who recently united the cities of Eversult, Teizer, and Westgate into a new kingdom on the Dragon-Coast. When the young warlord was killed by the Fire Knives and Night Masks the party found themselves in the perfect position to seize control of the Kingdom of Albion. It has been just over a year and a half since then and the rebellions have been put down, the Night Masks and their ilk killed or locked away in Gaviota Prison in Teizer Harbor, and the party's hold on the "throne" secure. Now they have time to turn their attention to the other pressures upon their new lands - the Harpers, the Red Wizards, various city-states, neighboring countries, Trade.....

NOTE: Large scale battles etc will be simmed out on IRC.

TIMESLOT: Wed. at 4 or 5 PM Eastern

Useful Stuff

  • Character generator: [1]
  • Official Map [2]
  • Large Map [3]
  • Teizer Map [4]
  • Westgate Map [5]

Nation Fluff

  • Kingdom of Albion
  • Controls Eversult, Teizer, and Westgate (Capital) + surrounding hinterlands and villages
  • Ruled by a Council formed of the adventuring party that took over the kingdom.
  • Strong Economy, fueled by trade.


  • Eversult = 12,728
  • Teizer = 50,000
  • Westgate = 96,000 to 114,000 depending on the season
  • Various villages

Noble Ranks Marquis/Marquise- One per city


  • Guard: 150 Elite Spearmen, 100 Elite Archers, 50 Elite Knights
  • Dwarven Merc Company: 100 Dwarves (MW's group - camped around #41 on Westgate Map)
  • Magic Guild: 20 Wizards, 10 Sorcerers (Based out of #32 on the Westgate Map, Silence's group)
  • Velsharoon's Cathedral: 20 Paladins, 10 Clerics(Based out of #89 on Westgate Map, BM's group)
  • Nature's Allies: 30 Rangers, 10 Druids(Rask's Group - based outside of Westgate in the Wilderness)
  • Navy: 8 Warships (Modified Cogs)
  • Army: 1,500 Spearmen, 500 Archers, 200 Light Cavalry, 100 Knights, 50 Hippogriff Riders(Based out of #97 on Westgate Map, Five's Troops, also garrisoning the other cities and forts)

Regular Army Info

Lord Marshal - Overall Commander
Constable of Teizer, Westgate, Eversult - local garrison/army commander
Spear-Captain - Company Commander (100+ men)
Longspear = Captain's Assistant
First Spear = Veteran, typically professional, soldier aka sergeant equivalent
Spear - regular soldier

Typical Infantry/Archer Gear: Leather or Padded Armor, Wooden Shield, one of club/dagger/light mace, and either a crossbow or spear
Light Calvary Gear: Padded Armor, Short Bow, Dagger
Knights: Full chain mail or similar, lance, sword or axe, shield.
Hippogriph rider: padded armor, compound bow, dagger
Officers = Better but similar equipment