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There is a saying that there is always a need for those with the courage, the will, and the strength to become adventurers - and that is certainly true in this small agricultural barony of western Breland. Over the last few months a new threat has arisen in the form of a group of raiders that have plagued the local villages and hamlets. Some say they are common human bandits organized around some great leaders, others think they are monsters striking from nearby Droaam. Regardless, their raids have increased in frequency and at least one village has been completely razed. The local baron has turned to some of the adventurers passing through the area - hiring them to find whoever or whatever is behind these escalating attacks and deal with them.

Probably needless to say, but this a 3.5 Edition D&D campaign set in Eberron. Player characters should be somewhat experienced adventurers and as such will start at level 3. I'll give more information out once people put together their characters as I have several different ways I might take this depending on the party make up. Please put your characters on the discussion page as well as potential timeslots - you don't have to put up your char sheets yet but please give me a line or two on what you are going to play.


Session 1

2000 silver

Session 2

flaming battle axe

Session 3

905 silver coins and 2 orange spinel gems
bastard sword +1 that can glow like a torch