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(Episodes and Lessons)
(Vital Statistics)
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'''Damage:''' -<br>
'''Damage:''' -<br>
'''Willpower:''' 5/5 <br>
'''Willpower:''' 5/5 <br>
'''Exp:''' 3/110<br>
'''Exp:''' 5/114<br>
'''Init:''' <br>
'''Init:''' <br>
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'''Etiquette:''' 2  <br>
'''Etiquette:''' 2  <br>
'''Meditation:''' 1 <br>
'''Meditation:''' 1 <br>
'''Performance:''' 1 <br>
'''Performance:''' 2 <br>
===Knowledge [15+5]===
===Knowledge [15+5]===

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Drifting Tokyo

v0.8 beta

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The end of summer break. A mysterious yet staggeringly beautiful transfer student with vermillion hair who has forgotten everything arrives at Fujisaka Gakuin.

Sometime near her middle school/high school transition, Something Happened to Sachiri. She woke up in hospital undergoing therapy and reconditioning and could not remember anything before that point. After two and a half quiet years through high school in the care of relatives in Hamamatsu however, things started getting Strange again. She was then sent off to Tokyo to live with an aunt for a change in surroundings (and a school perhaps more suited to her), transferring after the summer break.

Lore (Sachiri)

1: She is the mysterious transfer student who transferred a few days after the start of the year. An S class beauty, but a bit (or a lot) offbeat.
2: Comes from a reasonably well to do family from Chubu, though her aunt, a Tokyo police detective, struggles like anyone else. Her parents died two and a half years ago in a Mysterious Accident (Snowy road in the Japanese Alps?).
3: While spending long weeks and months in a hospital bed, she first (re?)learned to Dream, enjoying it while maintaining a distance from other people due to being Weird. Since coming to Tokyo, she's found herself able to do more things she couldn't remember being able to do and things have been getting Weirder.
4: Mei is actually her cousin, not her aunt.
5: ?

Vital Statistics

Name: Niwa Sachiri
Age: 17
Avatar: Dynamic
Demeanor: Entertainer (Regain Willpower when your work makes some significant change in the lives of people around you.)
Nature: Caregiver (Regain Willpower when you successfully protect, comfort or nurture someone who really needs it.)
Arete: 4 [24]
Quint: 5/5
Tass: 1 (Crystal Vermillion Petals)
Dox: 0
Damage: -
Willpower: 5/5
Exp: 5/114


Physical [24]

Strength: 1
Dexterity: 4 (Precise)
Stamina: 2

Social [64+4]

Charisma: 4 (Touching Hearts)
Manipulation: 2
Appearance: 5 (Cosplay)

Mental [44+12]

Perception: 5 (Intuitive)
Intelligence: 3
Wits: 2


Talents [39+7+18]

Alertness: 0
Art: 0
Athletics: 1
Awareness: 1
Brawl: 1
Cooking: 1
Empathy: 3
Expression: 3
Flying: 1
Lucid Dreaming: 5 (Dream Combat)
Search: 2
Subterfuge: 2
Style: 1

Skill [27-1+3]

Archery: 1
Elusion: 5 (Boys and Men)
Etiquette: 2
Meditation: 1
Performance: 2

Knowledge [15+5]

Academics: 2
Cosmology: 1
Enigmas: 5 (Batcomputer)

Spheres [65+10]

Correspondence: 0
Entropy: 1
Forces: 0
Life: 0
Matter: 0
Mind: 3
Prime: 1
Spirit: 3
Time: 1


Backgrounds [21+30+12]

Avatar: 5
Blessing (Defeat Means Friendship): 5
Destiny (Vermilion Air): 5
Dream: 3
Familiar (Kappii): 1
Legend (Vermillion Air - Magical Girl): 2

Merits [45+9]

Enchanting Feature (Vermilion Hair) (2)
Fae Affinity (2)
Inner Knight (5)
Inner Strength (2)
Lucky (1/sesh) (3)
Natural Channel (3)
Allies: 1 (Kurohime)

Flaws [-30]

Amnesia: 2+
Child: 1
Echoes: 5
[17:52] <@Peel> Ever since she woke up with nothing after That Night, she's enjoyed dreaming
[17:52] <@Peel> a respite from the alienating world
[17:53] <@Peel> The world where things happen around her that she can't control
[17:54] <@Peel> Flowers blooming, animals running
[17:55] <@Peel> Somtimes children loving her for no reason
[17:55] <@Peel> Sometimes adults hating her for no reason
[17:56] <@Peel> Sometimes the other kids at her high school suddenly doing things while she's with them - moving too fast, objects coming to their hand, hearing thoughts - just for a moment, enough to notice them and be scared and then fear for their own memory
[17:57] <@Peel> And the sun. Ever since she woke up after That Night, she's disliked it
[17:57] <@Peel> It makes her uncomfortable. She likes to stand in the shade.
Soft-Hearted: 1
Ward (Mei-nee): 1

Episodes and Lessons

  • 00: Arrival - Tokyo's dangerous! [5xp]
  • 01: School, Archery Club and a Ghost - Friends are nice to have. [5xp]
  • 02: Downwell - Ask people things. [3xp]
  • 03: Upwell - It's dangerous to go alone! [5xp]
  • 04: The Races - The sun can be beaten. [4xp]
  • 05: Sights of the City - Nozomi is Weird But Good. [5xp]
  • 06: A Dangerous Intersection - There's a whole class of us Vermilions. We need a name. [3xp]
  • 07: Kuro Dreams Darkly - Know whose fight it is - that person has to fight it. But it doesn't mean friends can't be there for them. [4xp]
  • 08: The Face of Evil - The Black Sun is a girl somehow and while she can be fought, she must also be helped. [5xp]
  • 09: The Edgelady - That's Nozomin. [3xp]
  • 10: Rescuing Our Other Reaper Main - Many spirits are Lawful-Transactional. [5xp]
  • 11: Responsibilities - Check on Kappii. [5xp]
  • 12: Plans - People, demons, spirits and mysterical beings all get played by the right buttons. [4xp]
  • 13: Vermilion Goddess - Don't underestimate mundane security. [5xp]
  • 14: Tokyo Alter - Into Another World - Think 1+ times before flipping switches on strange gadgets. [3xp]
  • 15: Tokyo Alter II - Momoka - [3xp]
  • 16: Tokyo Alter III - Collapsing Dream - These Kaleidoscope Realities might be dreams. [4xp]
  • 17: Tokyo Alter IV - Spark of Revolution - No world is doomed if its people keep fighting. [4xp]
  • 18: Tokyo Alter V
  • 19: The Noz Party
  • 20: Mei-nee is Missing

  • 21: Stare into the Abyss and Kite the Boss - Staring into abysses is acceptable sometimes! [6xp]
  • 22: Find the Secret Passage and the Tether Limit to Break Aggro - Sachiri needs to step up when the party members get too crazy and negotiate! [5xp]
  • 23: Vermilion Air is Evolving...! - Change or be changed, and then see where to go from there. [4xp]
  • 24: Key dialogue highlighted in red. - Noz has dangerous friends! [5xp]
  • 25: Add party members and accept their sidequests. - Sachiri taught Noz she needs to rely on people more! Because she's, at heart, a strong loner used to independence and heirarchy.