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(Vital Statistics)
(Vital Statistics)
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'''Dox''': 5 <br>
'''Dox''': 5 <br>
'''Damage''': [ ] -0 [ ] -1 [ ] -1 [ ] -2  [ ]-2 [ ] -4 [ ] Incap<br>
'''Damage''': [ ] -0 [ ] -1 [ ] -1 [ ] -2  [ ]-2 [ ] -4 [ ] Incap<br>
'''Willpower''': 6/6 <br>
'''Willpower''': 7/7 <br>
'''Exp''': 5/93 <br>
'''Exp''': 2/96 <br>

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<@Nozomi> "I could have stayed away but you'd still be doing whatever abomination you're doing to all these people."
<@Nozomi> "So I came to see what I could get from you."
<@Nozomi> "and who I could save."

Nozomi before she puts on her scarf

Lore (Nozomi)

1: Nozomi is a pupil at Fujisaka Jogakuin's third year. She's personable, has good grades, but an outsider, somehow seeming to drift out of trouble. sick a lot, and sometimes plays basketball, she's often seen reading manga.
2: Nozomi's master is Kondou Yuu, a powerful but incredibly sketchy hermetic.
3: Nozomi has some shady criminal connections or the other, local traditionalists dislike her due to great crimes committed by her family, a group of static mages who mixed western and eastern tradition.
4: Nozomi is actually a shady information dealer for Tokyo's underground, going by Foxmask. She really likes Cosplay, and to watch anime, even stuff not normally designed for girls.
5: Nozomi is dying of a horrific curse which will transform her into an undead monster sometime after she turns 21 or if she dies

Social Links


Kinokomi Kae
By Day, a normal medical student, by night, an etherite/hermetic duel tradition who researches the physicalization and mentalization of the spirit through means of symbols and biology. Nozomi and she met through local hermetics, and Kinokomi was facinated by Nozomi's cursed blood, a litteral physicalization of spiritual corruption. Is known to transfuse blood from various sources to gain effects. Rumours they have a vampire tied up somewhere.

At School and around

Murakawa Manako
A member of Nozomi's class who wanted exciting things to happen to her, but assumed they wouldn't now that she's almost leaving Highschool. Ended up following Nozomi around because she's weird and interesting, and was saved by Nozomi one night after running into some thugs. In a fit of whimsy, Nozomi told her about magic.
Reijou Yuuko
Exorcist heroine. A first year. Thinks Nozomi is a weird witch, though they've helped one another out on occasion.
Yasumaro Minato
Nozomi's favourite teacher (History) Nozomi confessed that she was going to die to them at a moment of breakdown, and has been avoiding the subject, or lying about it to them ever since.
Nozomi's ex, and original source of amphetamines. A musician. They still talk occasionally but Nozomi has broken ties mostly so to not draw him into anything lethal.


Nagoshi Ryuta
An older Male Yakuza who Nozomi picked out when he was in a crisis and helped with correspondence magic. Now serves as her primary go-between with the Yakuza. Feels pretty odd about dealing with an 18-year-old girl and occasionally attempts to be parental, which Nozomi hates and meets with 120% of the smugness a teenager can reserve for an adult who she has power over.
Ex-Corporate Wife
The older sister of a school friend who Nozomi saved from the possessed corpse of the husband she pushed off a roof after a fight following the revelation of his affair. Nozomi is helping her regain status with information for information on high society in exchange.
Kaneda Tarou
An importer and exporter of various goods runs a chain of "foreign" convenience stores for expats (An English one, a Russian one, an American one, a Chinese one etc.) and does a sideline importing antiques and mystical artefacts. Nozomi buys rare books from him on a constant basis.
Kanejiro Mei
A female detective in Tokyo PD. Ambitious, but cynical and thoroughly fed up with the sexism she encounters. Uses the Fox Mask's services regularly and is willing to trade information. Nozomi first helped her with Clown Face, a particularly disturbing series of serial murders. She knows Nozomi is somehow magical but doesn't know her true identity, only Fox mask.

Vital Statistics

Name: Nishifune Nozomi
Craft Name: Nozomi Nishifune bani Bonisagus
Shadow Name: Nozomi Nishifune bani Bonisagus, Lady of the Witch's house, caller of lightning, breaker of hollows, already greater than her parents
True Name: Nozomi Nishifune bani Bonisagus, Lady of the Witch's house, caller of lightning, breaker of hollows, already greater than her parents In Caligine Abditus Marnda Alvesh Cornan Varess Linfa
Image Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aL4EMYzazgM&ab_channel=StrangeDesire
Age: 18
Avatar: Primordial
Nature: Survivor (Regain Will when you survive a difficult situation)
Demeanor: Bravo (Regain Willpower whenever you defeat a foe who stands in your way)
Arete: 4
Quint: 13
Tass: 0
Dox: 5
Damage: [ ] -0 [ ] -1 [ ] -1 [ ] -2 [ ]-2 [ ] -4 [ ] Incap
Willpower: 7/7
Exp: 2/96



Strength: 3
Dexterity: 4 (tall and fast)
Stamina: 4 (Never Stop)


Charisma: 3
Manipulation: 3 (8 XP)
Appearance: 4 (statuesque) (20 XP)


Perception: 3
Intelligence: 3
Wits: 3 (8 XP)



Alertness: 3 (9 XP)
Athletics: 3 (9 XP)
Awareness: 2 (5 XP)
Expression: 1 (3 XP)
Intimidation: 2 (5 XP)
Streetwise: 2 (5 XP)
Style: 2 (2 XP -3 library discount)
Subterfuge: 3 (9 XP)
Security: 1 (3 XP)


Craft (Cosplay): 1 (3XP)
Computers: 1 (3 XP)
Disguise: 2 (5 XP)
Ettiquette: 2 (5 XP)
Firearms: 2 (5 XP)
Martial Arts: 3 (9 XP)
Melee: 2 (5 XP)
Meditation: 2 (5 XP)
Research: 3 (9XP)
Stealth 2 (5XP)
Instruction 2 (5 XP)
Technology 1 (3 XP)


Academics (History): 2 (4 XP)
Cosmology: 2 (4 XP)
Enigmas: 2 (4 XP)
Esoterica [Hermetic] 3 (7 XP)
Escoterica [onmyouji] 2 (4 XP)
Escoterica (Geomancy 3 (7 XP)
Investigation: 3 (7 XP)
Linguistics: 2 (Japanese, English, Chinese) (4 XP)
Lore, Tokyo: 4 (10 XP)
Lore, Makai: 2 (4 XP)
Lore, Traditions: 1 (3 XP)
Lore, Vampires: 2 (3 XP)
Lore, kei-jin: 1 (4 XP)
Occult: 3 (7 XP)
Medicine: 2 (4 XP)
Science: Biology: 2 (4 XP)
Science: Mathmatics 2 (4 XP)


Correspondence: 2 (18)
Entropy: 0
Forces: 3 (31)
Life: 0
Prime: 2 (18)
Spirit: 0



Ally: 2: KK, Kurohime
Avatar: 4
Resources: 5
Sanctum: 5

The Witch's House
A geomantic experimentbuilt by her master, Kondou Yuu, as part of his experiments. The mansion is a sprawling, three-story Western style complex in the garden suburb of Denenchofu, next to a park. The Witch's House is considered a failure by Kondou, as it's geomancy is not sufficiently able to collect quintessence on its own, and because the resonance of its production does not fit with his needs. It is however perfect for Nozomi, and was one of the gifts Kondou gave to her to convince her to sacrifice her health to provide him with the funds to go ahead with his geomantic projects.
The house is less than the usual arcane of such a high powered sanctum, but includes a variety of useful effects: An entropy/life/prime based detection ward, and a telekinetic forces effect which both keeps its inhabitants safe from harm and keeps the house together without need for a human staff. Nozomi has steadily filled the complex with books, manga, and various types of clothes, especially her cosplay. Has a panic room.

Contacts: 4
Library: 3

A huge collection of often semi-relevant books of varying rarity. Nozomi is an omnivorous reader and buyer of books, generally purchasing five or six new books every week. Many of these are unorganized though, or on various mundane topics that catch her fancy. Despite this, she has picked up a large amount of books of actual useful knowledge, arcane law or practical skills.

Node: 1

The Witches House Node
A low power node based on excess quintessence from the Witch's House geomancy. The node takes the form of a henge built into the house's conservatory. The apples that grow on small trees within it are the node's Tass.

Mentor: 2

Kondou Yuu
One of the most powerful Japanese hermetics, Kondou Yuu claims to be at least several hundred years old, a buddist monk who left Japan and travelled the world to learn its mystical secrets. He has an incredibly bad reputation among other hermetics, and Japanese mages in general, for his investigations into lost and forbidden lore, and the unethical experiments he's known to conduct. He's knowledgable, but his relationship with Nozomi is purely transactional, even as he is her official guardian.

Voiced by Noiro Wakamoto.

Spies 2:
Foxmask is an information broker of increasing reputation around Tokyo.


Blessing 3: Turn health lethal levels into lost resources of 1 HL per Resources level regained. 9 XP


Addiction: 2 (speed) (6 XP)
Age -1: 1 (3 XP)
Dark Fate: 4 (12 XP)
Cursed: 3 (at a dramatic moment, roll vs. stamina on a failure -2 to all actions, on a botch, a monster is after you) (9 XP)
Infamous Mentor: 1 (3 XP)
Notorious: 1 (3 XP)
Enemy: 3 (the hollow spider and its minions) (9 XP)
Uncanny 1: (White Haired Bishoujo (3 XP)

Magic and Gear

active spells

5 (3 difficulty reduction 2 conceal) success fight enchantment, forces. 8 soak ward Sachiri and Nozomi.



x1 Arsenal of drift guns including special weapons.