Nexus: Lost Keys

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"The Nexus Event brought us together, from universes as varied as the imagination. Why? What could cause us to be drawn here? What would any being desire from so many different universes?

I believe I have the answer, a belief shared by many of the wisest and most cunning in this world. The creator of the Nexus seeks the Keys, and the Locks for them. What they open, no one can say. What form they take, no one can know. The most dangerous and enigmatic of forces are hunting them. However, they do not ponder an even greater mystery - what happened to the ones who came and went? If they were brought for a reason, why were they sent back? Where did they go?

What if they never actually left?"


This is a character-level SD set in the Nexus universe. Characters are heroes / antiheroes on a mission to investigate the lost lands of the Nexus. As such, inactive powers are ripe for player character creation. Characters are subject to GM approval - sociopaths and Moogle Dr. Mengele need not apply. All character are assumed to be competent in general skills, and very skilled in their area of expertise, with as much standard gear as necessary.



Are you good, or are you something more? Taking the first level of these traits represents heroic skills - movies could be made about your exploits. A Heroic Combat character could fight off a squad of special forces with equal tech, single-handed, while a Heroic Diplomat could figure out a compromise between two life-long enemies that is equitable on its face, but puts the Diplomat in a favorable position to both. The second level of these traits is for truly legendary skills, where you are one of the best in the Nexus, possibly THE best at your specialty A Combat Legend is a danger to armies on their own, and feared by Crimson Adepts, while a Diplomacy Legend could win over an enemy who has been mind-controlled into hating them, despite being bound and gagged. Just about any skill can be taken as a trait.


Do the laws of the universe bow to your will? Magic deals with personal power and effects derived from the will of the character or the will of a power he or she serves. If an item is used to focus magic, that falls here. Items that are inherently magical themselves fall under Gear. The trait is available in three levels, costing 1, 2, or 3 traits. Initiates could summon items to them, get spider sense, speak with spirits/undead, control existing elements, and create basic items like rope or bullets. Adepts can teleport, enter bullet time, read minds, call forth tremendous blasts of energy, and create a vehicle. Masters can warp the fabric of space, travel short distances in time, dominate minds, destroy small warships with raw elemental might, and create a spaceship.

  • Specialist Magic - This is akin to a superpower, such as Mass Effect Biotics, the Force, even supernatural luck. Magic like this has very defined limitations, but it is capable of considerable power. To represent this, initiate-level skill in this free if your character's background supports it, while each of other traits is one trait cheaper.
  • General Magic - This is magic as it is normally imagined, a wide range of powers. Even an initiate is capable of performing impressive feats, though more based on utility. Specialization is encouraged, and can allow for exceeding the trait limit - taking specialized magic with general magic does not count twice.

Are you equivalent to a normal human, or are you something greater? This deals with all kinds of augmented humans and people beyond the normal realms of physical and mental power. This is an inherent trait you have, like like lightning reflexes or amazing mental abilities. For the purposes of this game, basic removal of genetic defects / minor cyberware is assumed unless stated otherwise. This trait can be across-the-board improvement or more focused power. One trait represents a significant degree of improvement, as seen in Deus Ex, Ghost in the Shell, or Captain America. You are superior to an Olympic athlete in raw ability, and can do impressive feats of mental or physical ability. Two traits represents someone vastly beyond humanity, such that only individuals of Heroic skill can match them. Halo Spartans, Nadesico Cyberfairies, Space Marines, and similar levels of superhuman skill operate in this realm. This does not grant skills, but instead the raw capability that can match the finest AIs or supernatural creatures.


These are resources that are protected against plot effects. Generally, if they are lost, they can be regained through effort, or they will go out in a blaze of glory. This effect is enhanced by posting and creative description.

  • Allies - Your companions and servants,loyal and willing to stand at your side. Each trait is either one near-PC level companion, or a team of experts willing to help you.
  • Backing - You are part of a larger organization, or the head of a smaller organization, and they can pitch in to help on specific tasks. Buying more than one trait of backing either increases rank in an organization, or gives membership in another organization - keep this reasonable, please.
  • Gear - For each trait spent here, you have an awesome artifact or superior vehicle. Remember that this is the Nexus. Most heroes will have excellent equipment, but this above and beyond the norm. A guy with Heroic Combat - Ninja Specialty is going to have an awesome sword by default, but taking a Gear trait could give you a sword that carries the souls of your ancestors and cuts steel like paper.
  • Iron Will - While all characters are hard to mind control or otherwise enslave, you are something more. You CANNOT be mind controlled or driven insane, even if you had dinner with Eldritch Elder Gods and the Crimson Royal Court.
  • Tycoon - You are ridiculously wealthy. You have enough money to buy the services of a mercenary unit, a starship, or expert help in an area. None of these is equivalent to character skills, but money talks, even in the Nexus.
  • The Captain - You are the leader of the characters. You automatically get to have a ship and crew, with supplies, although they are of standard quality unless enhanced with other traits. This trait is only for a player who is willing to commit to the game.