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Part 1: Operation Memnon

"The Federation has made a critical error and the time for our attack has come. With the Federation fleet scattered through the colonies in a vane effort to engage us, Earth itself has been left unprotected. Our spies have contacted forces on the ground who support our cause, both surviving neo-Jovian units from the last war, and earth and orbital nations who resent the Federation's cruel system. Further, we have learned that a special session of the Federation's assembly and military leadership will take place to address the emergency in the colonies. If we strike now, we can cut the head from the serpent. Our liberation is at hand."

Target Selection

Each Squad should indicate which target they will take to operational commanders. Information is formatted as follows:

Location: The location of the target
Nature of the Mission: What must be done
Expected opposition: Expected local enemy forces
Expected Local Support: Any local support that maybe found.
Notes: Any other things you should know

Federation Assembly

Location: Dakar
Nature of Mission: Kill or capture Federation Assembly
Expected opposition: Dakar is garrisoned by the Federation Guards first battalion. They are known as an elite unit but mostly perform public display duties. They are equipped with older model Hylas and Outis mobile suits. Further opposition may arrive from the nearby INTACT and military training bases, however these units are mostly either raw trainees or resting burnouts.
Expected Local Support:
Elements of the Army for a Free Africa: a local freedom fighter group are expected to assist us. They include at least 2 infantry battalions and a mobile suit battalion equipped with a hybrid mobile suit known as the Mino, a locally converted mobile suit including components from both older Iolaus models and locally produced variants of the Virago. They are related as reliable but unskilled.

The 3rd Marine Drop Brigade (rated as Battalion Strength): An old Jovian leave behind unit, equipped with amphibious ADF-2 Kapools and various special weapon units salvaged from the invasion of Earth during previous wars. They are related as very reliable and highly skilled.

The 56th Independent Special Brigade (Rated as 2 reinforced battalions). Remnants of the 5th and 6th Special Landing Brigades, 2 reinforced battalions of mixed Virango, Coristrel, Carolean and other first war era suits, most heavily customized

Notes: The Federation Assembly and Dakar itself should be a soft target. Collateral damage is acceptable if the mission is accomplished.

Federation Space Weapons Establishment

Location: Big Island, Hawaii
Nature of Mission: Support Infantry assault on FSWE, Capture prototype units.
Expected opposition: Elements of 25th Federation Division: the 25th is a relatively light unit using mostly light armour and exoskeleton infantry. It includes several mobile suit units using Iolaus-B variants. The 25th is a well regarded force, but with 1 brigade off world, and with the entire island chain to cover, they are spread thin.

FSWE security team: believed to be 2 flights of Iolaus-Bs and light infantry.

Expected Support: A specialist infantry battalion, Brown's Bears, will be responsible for assaulting the FSWE. Command has allocated 5 units of orbital fire to support efforts here
Notes: This will not be an easy target, but it offers the chance to retrieve several advanced prototype units the Federation is building.

Federation Central Command Complex

Location: Brazilian highlands Nature of Mission: Enter the FC3 cavern and destroy it with charges
Expected Opposition: the FC3 is defended by a large number of automated drone frames resembling League raptors, Brazilian army and Federation Amazon garison may also respond. They are equipped with Hylas-B variants
Expected Support: the 5th Brazilian division is ready to defect to our cause, they are equipped with Hylas-B variants. The Rocky Path guerrillas have also promised support, though they are mostly light infantry. Finally, we expect support from elements of the 18th, 19th and 22nd drop corps that still survive as guerrillas in the south American jungle
Notes: This is the most vital mission of the invasion. The Federation's military leadership is assembling in South America and must be destroyed once and for all.

R&D Complex 82 Alpha Nine

Location: Scottish coast
Nature of Mission: Escort an infantry battalion to take control of the R&D Complex
Expected Opposition: Light Infantry security detachment. Elements of the Franco-British Union's Royal Scottish are deployed nearby and may intervene. They are equipped with tanks and Hylas-UK variants.
Expected Support: A clouded mirror special operations team will assault the base.
Notes: None