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Narshevon is many things contrasted. A democracy with a powerful monarch, a land of frigid tundra and warm forests, magitech citadels and placid hamlets, friendly people and vicious warriors. Narshevon is all of these things.

Narshevon's origins go back deep into the past. The original inhabitants were a mix of the surface-dwelling Moogles and the mountain dwelling Deep (or Dark) Elves. Dark Elves remain prominent in the ranks of the nobility and must of the underground-dwelling population. The differences between Dark Elves and other human races are easily remediable with technology and materia,with few exceptions, so the racial preference remains a relic of times past. Moogles have their own nobles, where some families have been the aides of the royal family for centuries.

Narshevon's masterful craftsmen have built a reputation for top-notch equipment and materials, and its trade fleets have gone far and wide. The land is rich in natural resources, which naturally drew unwelcome attention. Years of crushing raiders and holding off foreign powers let Narshevon build up a strong military.

When the Grande War arose, Narshevon sent its forces into the fray under the UPL banner. Most of the combat occurred on the Inner Sea and its shores, though a Thrusian aspect unit attempted to capture the Tuoneva Crystallium. After a brutal battle in horrific conditions, the reserve forces were able to throw off the attack. The site has never recovered from the battle.

Narshevon considered neutrality after the war, but after Zhinra-backed nobles attempted a coup to establish a GTL-friendly government failed, Narshevon swung toward with the APU, although remaining independent. Relations with Zhinra have improved in a purely business relationship over the years, but suspiscion remains heavy on both sides.

General Info

Government: Constitutional Monarchy Head of State: Queen Katerina III Petrov Head of Government: Chancellor Count Pavel Stark

Demographics: 73% Human/Demihuman 24% Moogle 3% Other

Population: 67 Support: 111 Wealth: 6641 Materia: 1000 Beasts: 6


The Severn Ocean

Cold, stormy and inhospitable, this sea becomes a field of ice as it approaches the North pole. The waters near the coast are more hospitable

Ice Cap (Wastes) x2
Magadan Bay (Marine)

The North Cape

The two most inhospitable regions of Narshevon are found here. The more hospitable is the icy tundra of Tomskov Province. Home to a bunker complex the size of a small town, Tomskov mostly used to base miltary units, support crystallium extraction, and provide supplies to the Tuoneva research station. It is a harsh region, but the Tuoneva region is far worse. The vast amount of Blue materia, coupled with a number of brutal battles in the area over its resources, have left the land a haunted, frozen wasteland. The research station here is permanently garrisoned with soldiers, and is crucial to the development of Esper sciences

Tuoneva (Materia Field, Mist Creep)
  • Blue Crystallium
  • Science Station
Tomskov Province (Wastes)
  • Tomskov (Town, Geofront)
  • Mining Facility
North Cape Tundra (Wastes) x2

The Severn Coast

The more hospitable regions of northern Narshevon are the more southern sections of coast and the foothills of the Bal-Kuzan Range, which have a cold but habitable climate. Magadan, the northern port city and center of all maritime industry on the Severn coast, is known for its citizens's indomitable character - surviving cruel winters and the challenges of the North.

Krasnodar Foothills (Countryside)
  • Krasnodar (Town)
Miryansk Forests (Woodlands)
Primorsky Province (Coastal Countryside)
  • Magadan (Metropolis)
  • Military Naval Port
  • Habitation

The Bal-Kuzan Range

The Bal-Kuzan Range acts as a shield for the more prosperous areas of Narshevon. The mountains are a dividing line of climate, and they house many mining operations. The Narogdov peaks are are among the most frigid, ice blending with materia crystal to form elegant crimson formations studied by the Royal University station there. The heart of the nation lies within Vorozderan, a segment of mountains turned into vast underground complexes. The underground halls of Vonrilgrad date back from ages past, and modern use of materia has only made them greater. This complex also holds the center of transportation for the maglev grid, the home of the skyfleet, and hardened silos for space launches

Northern Bal-Kuzan (Mountains)
  • Mineral Extraction
Western Bal-Kuzan (Mountains)
  • Mineral Extraction
Bal-Kuzan Range (Mountains)
  • Mineral Extraction
Bal-Kuzan Range (Mountains)
  • Mineral Extraction
Narogdov Peaks (Mountains, Materia Field)
  • Red Crystallium
  • Science Station
Vorozderan (Mountains)
  • Vonrilgrad (Arcology Geofront)
  • Maglev Hub
  • Military Aeroport (Expanded)
  • Spaceport

The Heartlands

The most fertile regions of Narshevon are the foothills south of the Bal-Kuzan range and the Orena River valley. These are home to the majority of the nation's Moogle population, and are semi-autonomous provinces. This is in stark contrast to Ryazan province, which is home to the Royal Army's field HQ and is viewed as a major part of the local defenses against ground attack. Kalinin is a notable industrial center.

Mariel Highlands (Countryside, Moogleholme)
  • Windblum (Town)
Orenvale (Countryside, Moogleholme, Large River)
  • Orenburg (Town)
Samara Province (Countryside)
Ryazan Province (Countryside)
  • Kalinin (Metropolis)
  • Military Base

The Gulf Coast

The shores of the Gulf of Narshevon are quite temperate Karalgrad is the largest merchant port of Narshevon, and is substantially developed around the mouth of the river Orena

The Gulf of Narshevon (Marine) 2x
Tzenya Province (Coastal Countryside)
Primorsky Province (Coastal Countryside)
  • Karalgrad (Metropolis)
  • Military Naval Port
  • Habitation


Special Forces

Aspect Soldiers
Veteran Infilitrator Avatar Knight
Maxim Sabirov is a fairly amiable guy for a covert operative. He was the last of the first generation of Aspects, and he's an incredible lethal sniper and assassin. His retinue of MP aspects would follow him into hell.
Experienced Mystic Artillery Knight
Anastasia Voronin is a peerless mistress of her blade, often seeming to to teleport around the battlefield. A Dark Elf with pure white hair, she enjoys combat like nothing else.
Experienced Esper Knight
Aleksandr Kirilenko braved the mists of the North Cape, and bound the Eternal Crusader to himself, changing himself forever. He is generally quiet outside of battle, but when he goes into the fray, he proudly dares his enemies to stand before his Eidolon's righteous light.
Eidolon Forms
Bastion(Armored, Regeneration, Vitriolic/Etheric Blast, Extension Bits, Burrowing) ::Avenger(Vitriolic/Etheric Blast, Familiar Bits, Natural/Materia Flight, Materia Boosters)
Rookie White Artillery Knight
Elena Plushenko is a cheerful demihuman girl with Moogle ears who looks entirely out of place on a battlefield. The soldiers who she has saved know otherwise

DNA from the original Aspects from the post war era were used to create units to support an Aspect in combat.

4x MP Aspects

Task Force Aurora was the original Narshevon special operation unit in the Grande War. They had a fearsome reputation, and train regularly with Aspect Soldiers

2x Elite Infantry (Overtrained, Materia Gunblade, Power Armor)
2x Esper Jets
2x Blitz Gears (Gauss)

Reserve Army

The main defensive, slower-moving force

15x Guerillas (Militiamen)
20x Infantry (Power Armor)
15x APCs
20x STS Artillery
24x AA Artillery
15x Light Tank (Laser Blast)

Main Army

A hover-mobile blitzkrieg-style force

10x Shock Infantry (Elite, Power Armor, Gauss,
10x Esper Jets
10x Blitz Gears (Gauss)
10x Hovertanks (Elite, Gauss, Hover)
10x Heavy STS Artillery (Hover)
12x Heavy AA Artillery (Hover)


40x Destroyer (Gauss)
18x Cruiser (Gauss)
4x Carrier (Elite)
10x Attack Sub (Stealth)
10x Missile Sub (Stealth)

Air Force

15x Heavy Airlift
4x Heavy AWAC
8x Fighter
8x Strike Fighter (Gauss)
5x Bomber (Elite, Crystal Props, LR Missiles)
3x Superfighter (Elite, Gauss)
43x UAV
2x Recon Plane (Stealth, Elite, Extended Range)


2x SpecOps (Enviro,Armor/Engines,Stealth,Elite)
1x Explorer (Enviro,Rockets,Engines,Armor) 1
6x Warship (Armor,Elite,Standard Weapons,Gauss)
6x Bombardment (Artillery x2/Elite/Armor)