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The year is 2013, 40 years after the secret mission of Skylab opened a route to the Dark Moon. A second moon of Earth, beyond the borders of conventional space and time. One that was inhabited by sentient beings.

Ones plotting to seize the Moonbridge secretly opened by NASA and conquer the Earth.

The war has lasted for fourty years, off and on, with the Lunarians and the forces of the International Space Agency waging a secret conflict. Strange technologies have been deployed on both sides, weapons and machinery impossible back on the Earth side of Moonbridge. 'Psychic' powers have even manifested themselves among some individuals with no rhyme or reason.

You are new replacements for Echo Company of the 7th Border Battalion, having recently finished training on Earth and arrived at Skybase One, mankind's primary military base on the far side of the Moonbridge.


You have 14 points to distribute among the following stats.

Marksman: How good you are at shooting.
Melee: How good you are at fisticuffs, swordings and the like.
Athletics: How good you are at running, jumping, dodging and finding cover, etc.
Stamina: How good you are at taking hits and carrying heavy loads and not letting it slow you down.
Tech: Your ability at using sophisticated gear like drone controllers, as well as doing mechanical repairs.
Psy: Your psychic ability.

Each point of stat gives you 1D10 to roll for an action. Difficulty is normally 6+, though different situations and different equipment may have higher or lower.


The specifics of your equipment will be determined at game time, as appropriate for your training (stats).

Sample Equipment
Some basic info:
The numerical value next to the skill is the base difficulty value to use the weapon. Equipment that has a stat multiplier (ie, Marksman x1.5) multiply the dice pool of that attribute by that much, rounding down. The only exception is that equipment will always provide a +1 dice bonus, if it would otherwise round down to 0.

M21a2 Pulse Rifle

The standard bangstick of ISA. Fires 7mm caseless ammunition. Normally fitted with various electronic doodads. Lightweight and accurate.
Target: 6+
Aimed Attack: Marksman x 1.5
Burst Attack: Marksman + 3

VARGAS Precision Rifle

An accurized rifle firing heavy 12.7mm cased ammunition.
Target: 7+
Aimed Attack: Marksman x 2
Comes with Scope

Soldier Panoply

Tacticool body armor.
Target: 6+
Defense: +2 Sux on Stamina defense

GAU-99 Gatling Gun

A 6-barrel manpack gatling gun, only usable in the reduced gravity of the Dark Moon.
Target: 7+
Burst Attack: Marksman + Stamina x 2

Reflex Sight

Bonus: +1 on Aimed Attacks


Bonus: +1 Marksman