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For eight hundred years the small kingdom of Mirland has known relative tranquillity and peace There have been a few rebellions and small wars between rival noble houses, a few battles with the marauding creatures of the hinter, the uncivilised area at the edge of the valley, but in general nothing has disturbed the inhabitants since they were driven here so long ago.

Now however trouble is in the air however. The young Queen Isendra has experienced several terrible nightmares about a dark cloud coming over the Savannah that surrounds the kingdom and devouring all. Several other seers have experienced similar nightmares, and it is clear something awful is afoot. This has been combined with a series of bad omens. New stars and strange comets have appeared in the sky, and the priestesses of the goddess warn of bad times to come. In order to investigate this and also to scout the Savannah and allow the royal army to operate there should the need arrive, Queen Isendra has dispatched a small band of scouts and adventurers to the Savannah to map and explore the land and perhaps find and stop the evil which she fees is fast approaching.


Much pre-Mirland history is lost, as many books and much lore was left behind in what must have been the panicked flight from the dark. It is known that the folk who formed the kingdom of Mirland once lived far across the Savannah to the north, but some great darkness came upon their kingdom and the people fled, using what magic they could muster to speed their flight, and managed to outdistance any pursuit, coming eventually to the valley which is now Mirland. The valley was found to be fertile and its climate pleasant, with natural water gushing up from a set of great underground springs to form the great crystal clear lake next to what is now the capital.

Many felt the valley was a blessing from the goddess, and it was decided to settle there. The sorceresses and priestesses set about using all their remaining art and many of the objects of power they had bought to create a massive set of wards around the valley, hiding it from any prying eyes that might have followed them and warding against various evils. At each of the three corners of the valley they set a statue of the goddess, anchoring the wards and keeping eternal vigil across the seemingly endless grasslands.

The people settled into Mirland, grew and prospered. Mostly the queens who ruled them were wise and good, though as always there were a few exceptions. In general, things went on as things will as the land grew and prospered. The wild creatures that lived in the hinter were driven back or tamed, great cathedrals and castles were elected, and new feats of art and science were discovered.

The ascension of Queen Isendra

Queen Isendra is the second daughter of Queen Kasonia, and follows her older sister, Esmara to the throne. Esmara was an unwise queen, and dominated by her husband Duke Rolthan (some say he slipped her will weakening poison). Esmara seemed oblivious as a coalition of barons and lords formed with the intent to overthrow her, deaf to the pleas of her advisers and her younger sister.

The plotters moved against the capital after it was clear they'd been discovered, bringing an army to Lakeshore 'for the queen's protection' and seeking to take Isendra and the remaining scions of the royal house hostage. Isendra set about raising an army of her own to oppose them, and was able to win the support of both the Church and Arcane College. The Church excommunicated most of the barons and much of their army deserted, then Isendra's forces stormed the capital with the help of the mages of the Arcane College. Isendra's champion, Ser Alanna slew Rolthan in single combat in the great hall of the castle and those few barons who weren't slain were driven into the hinter, without men or support to be hunted down as outlaws over the next few years.

Esmara, heart broken by these events abdicated and went into seclusion with one of the many orders of priestesses serving the goddess, leaving Isendra to take the crown. Isendra cemented her position by creating the Royal Army, a force of foot and knights loyal only to the crown rather than any of the barons.

So far the young queen is unmarried, and it is thought that the crown may pass to her younger sister Irewen after she's gone.


Mirland is a large valley around containing a land area of about a ninety thousand square miles. Its terrain is relatively gentle, mostly rolling hills and large forests of cypress, ash and oak trees. Large areas of cultivation extend around most towns and villages, which are often built around the natural springs and wells which provide the valley with water.

Mirland has a pleasant climate with hot summers and mild winters. It is ruled by the queen, whom all, eventually owe fealty, and by numerous landholding nobles, though many of these were weakened by the events of the baron's war and the formation of the royal army. They stay quiet however, as Queen Isendra has proven an excellent ruler: charming, fair, and stern when the need arises.

The merchants and peasants also love the young queen for the prosperity she has bought to the land, and few grumble at the taxes which go to pay for the Royal Army.

The Church is another major force in Mirland, owning much land and forming a spiritual centre of people's lives, healing the sick and providing help in times of need. The main cathedral of the goddess is the largest building in Lake Shore, the capital, and is built above the great blessed healing spring which is known (and has been repeatedly proven) to cure the disease of any who bath there. Bathing is something of a national past time in Mirland, and even the poorest visit the temple operated public baths at least once a week.

The state of learning in Mirland is slightly lower than one might expect given the little kingdom's prosperity. Much knowledge was lost in the flight, and while magic is legal, mages are often watched closely by the church, and certain types (such as necromancy) are banned completely on pain of death. Many lament the loss of knowledge, though others are simply working to recover it.

Learning and Technology

It is said that much learning and technology was lost in the flight from the dark, and this seems borne out by what little survives. The antique suits of plate armour which are used by the most elite of the royal knight are still beyond the ability of any of Mirland's smiths to replicate. Instead, most warriors of the royal army and the noble houses make do with chain or at best chain and plate armour.

Water power is used extensively in agriculture and industry, and the guild of cloth makers jealously guard the secrets of weaving find cloth and soft cotton. Sciences like herbal medicine and astronomy have been retained, with advanced healing herbs, frequent bathing and hand washing being used extensively, and the stars being mapped with basic telescopes and optical devices.

Magic and Religion

Both mages and priests have access to magic, but while mages draw upon the energy of the earth, the power of spirits and direct the basic forces of nature, priestesses of the goddess draw their power from the divine.

Divine magic and sorcery is different in caste however. Divine magic tends to concentrate more on healing, protection against evil spirit and the like, while sorcery tends to be more flashy, and work by directing energies to create effects. The most powerful priestesses of the church can heal an entire village of plague, or ward a company of soldiers against harm, helping to deflect arrows or sword blows from their bodies.

As yet, no Mirland mage knows how to convert or create magical energy from one type to another as mages did in ages past. However the strongest mages of the college of magic have learned the art of directing very large energies to effects they want. The greatest example of this is the current master of the Arcane College, Ralana of Clearlake, who, at the height of the barons war used the energy of a thunderstorm to destroy the seemingly impregnable fortress of the Baron of Blackgreen. Ralana drew the energy of the entire thunderstorm into a single instant, shattering the castle and leaving a crater that remains even today.

Certain types of magic, such as necromancy and congress with demons are banned completely.

Character Creation


There are 4 general classes in Mirland each of which gains a specific bonus to their stats and a skill. Skills are detailed below.


Fighters gain +1 Strength +1 Dexterity and either the Endure or Weapon Master Skill.


Mages gain +1 Knowledge and two specialties +1 knowledge (magical law) and +1 Wits (dealing with magical rituals). They have automatic access to the Sorcery skill, and gain +2 to their Arete stat.


Priests gain +1 Charisma and two specialties +1 knowledge (religious lore) and +1 Charisma (public speaking) . They have automatic access to the Theology skill, and gain +2 to their Gnosis stat.


Rogues gain +1 Dexterity +1 Wits. They have a choice of the Stealth skill or the Athletics skill.


Each Character has one class skill and 3 other skills individual to them. A skill has an initial dice pool of 5 unless mentioned otherwise. Alternatively, in situations where a skill would add to statistic it gives +3 dice.

Players may make up their own skills in cooperation with the games master.

Example Skills

Animal Friendship
The ability to make friends with animals and other creatures, and to know their habits and the like.

The ability to run, jump, climbing and so on.

Allows long term endurance, and to resist hits. In effect gives 5 additional hit points.

Opens access to the Arete Stat, bought just like any other. What exactly your powers can do should be defined with the GM at the start of the game.

Improves stealth, allowing a character to become all but invisible.

Opens access to the Gnosis Stats, bought just like any other. What exactly your powers can do should be defined with the GM at the start of the Game.

Allows a user to follow tracks and trails.

Weapon Master
Adds +2 to all attacks.


You have 40 points to design your character. Any excess points can be saved for increase later.

Level 1 - 1 CP
Level 2 - 3 CP
Level 3 - 6 CP
Level 4 - 10 CP
Level 5 - 15 CP
Level 6 - 21 CP
Level 7 - 28 CP
Level 8 - 36 CP
Level 9 - 45 CP
Level 10 - 55 CP

In short, to improve a stat costs (current level + 1)


These are the defining 'hard' characteristics of your character.


Your physical strength, controlling damage, endurance and so on.


Your ability to hit things, grace and ability to dodge


How much you actually know about things.


Your speed of thought and ability to notice things.


Your ability to persuade people and look pretty.


You may also buy Specialties, which are substats giving you additional strengths in one field. Each specialty is bought as per regular stats cost and adds during the appropriate situation. In especially appropriate situations, Specialties may add even more points to the stat.

Example for Dexterity: Duelist (swordsmanship), or Strength: Big Guy (brawling, clobbering, not-dying), etc.


Each character starts with some equipment. You start with 5 major pieces of equipment (armour, weapons, etc.) Each of which has a game effect to be worked out with the games master.


+1 Charisma (villainy/allure) +1 Magic (create forces)

Guardian Armour
GUADARMR +6 (damage resistance) +1 (hot knight) -1 (agility)

Guardian Sword
+1 Dexterity

Bone Wand
+1 Magic repell undead

Guardian Mask
+1 damage resistance maybe added to another mask

Mages Mask
+1 magic detection +1 magic resistance

+2 move silently

+2 jumping and dodging

Admantium Glaive head
+1 attack

Alchemical bottles
Red, green and Blue

x6 lightning Javelins
Take a guess.

x1 foreign library (keep)

x1 Sea Hair Girl, Sylphi
Teleported off, left charm for Katyln

x2 Desk Contents (keep)
Official papers of the parasite orcs

x1 Mage Staff
Taken from parasite (human) mage, of unknown make

x1 Dark Opal Heart
Taken from body of parasite (human) mage. Unknown.

x1 Parasite Library (keep)
Various looted books.

x1 Backpack
Contains: x1 bag with 500 gold coins of foreign make, a lot of fine female clothing (keep), ten days of food and 100 feet of rope

x1 Opal Pomel Sword
+2 attack if the wielder initiates combat, +1 is he is attacked

x1 Skill Tome: Danger Sense

x1 Skill Tome: Tracking

x1 Skill Tome: Magical Theory (keep)

x1 Skill Tome: Alchemical Theory

Weapon Cairn

x1 Lightning Sword (keep - Saria)

+1 to hit +4 damage (lightning)

x4 Assorted Magical Swords/Axes/maces etc. keep?)

+1 to hit +4 damage (elemental)

x45 Assorted Magical Swords/Axes/maces etc. (sell?)

+1 to hit +4 damage (elemental)

x1 Green Elvin Bow (Possibly Living Wood (keep - Karuya)

+3 dice to all bow attacks, allows one to use full strenght on bow attacks.

Off Hand Scimitar (keep - Karuya)

A weapon of cat girl design, supposed to be used in the off hand with a second Scimitar.
+2 in addition to other weapon bonuses

Sunrise (keep - Katlyn)

A golden long sword, painted with a blessing to the goddess in the old script. Legends tell that it was once the sword of a mighty knight, who will return some day in her peoples greatest hour of need.'
+4 enchantment +6 holy smite once per session +10 when fighting at sunrise or sunset

Glass Rapier (keep - Ceilie)

A Fae Rapier of gleaming glass. Something is engraved into its blade
+2 Enchantment +3 against foes using iron weapons or armour

Throwing Stave (keep - Mirabelle?/sell?)

A Staff balanced to be throne. Apparently Mira isn't the first one to think of this
+2 throwing, returns when thrown.

Giant Scimitar (sell)
A really big two handed scimitar made of silver metal

+1 to hit -3 to enemy armour

Double Eagle Axe (sell)

A massive two handed axe of the kind used by temple guards at some temples to the goddess
+1 to hit +3 Disarm

Admantium Pole Axe (sell)

A plane Admantium Pole Axe. It seems to have some kind of extremely heavy liquid inside its head
-5 against enemy armour

Dire Lance (keep - Katlyn)

A long lance of yellow Jade and gold. It's wound around with Shadow people script, spelling out a curse against those who come against the bearer
+4 enchantment. Other things

Protector (sell?)

A Bastard Sword with a diamond pommel. Arrows cannot strike its user
+2 enchantment. Arrows cannot harm its user.

x20 Explosive Arrows (keep - Karuya)

explode for double damage

x6 Lightning Javelins (keep - Mirabelle)

Same as the last lot

Warmachine Cairn

x1 Portable Hole (keep)

In cloth form! Holds stuff. Used to hold a secret boss.

x1 Stealth Strider (keep)

Various demon-use only weapons (scepter, sword, whip, x2 rock, bone, some other ones as well) (sell)

x1 Whip (keep - Ceilie)

Coiled! (+3 entangle)

x1 Spear (ID/sell)


x1 Staff (ID/sell)


x1 Gleaming Blue Shield (keep - Katlyn)

+3 Defence, +3 Armour Soak

x1600 Silver each

x1 Brass Censor (keep - Liya)

Marked with Shadow People runes around air and fire - probably an elemental summoner

x1 Tome of Metamagic Skill (keep - Saria)

x1 Backpack (keep - Mirabele)

Contains several sets of fanservicy priestess robes, currently used by Mirabelle (+1 Charisma spec)

xMany Black Throwing Knives (keep - Ceilie)

+1 Accuracy, +3 Damage

x1 Freezer (keep - Liya)

Used to contain cake.

x1 Adamantium Bar (keep)

xA Lot of Iron and Steel (keep/sell/doesn't matter?)

x1 High-Quality Tools (keep - Ceilie)

+3 to tool-related rolls

x1 Adamantium Skeleton (keep for science!)

Apparently designed to be worn

x1 Mini-Golem (keep - Liya)

Can assist with enchantments

x1 Mecha-Lobster (keep)

Aquatic! Can turn into a barrel.

x1 Ship (keep)

Shrinks down into a small box

x1 Small Hammer-Handed War Strider (keep)

x1 Half-Finished Strider (keep)

x1 A Whole Library (keep)

All of it about making various automated war machines.


  • admantium guardian assault plate (+8 armour, no charisma bonus -1 agility)
  • Greater Guardian Plate (+7 damage resistance +1 charisma spec -1 agility)
  • Motorcycle Suit (damaged)
  • Tablet
  • Rifle (no ammunition)
  • 5 arquebuses
  • 1 x animated armor
  • Wooden Armour (+6 armour, +1 charisma spec, weapon-gluing sap)
  • 5 bars adamantium (100,000 silver each)


240,000 silver
240,000 silk/spice shares
20,000 future favours