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General Military Information

Defense Condition and Mobilization

In times of war, the population bonus to wealth can be converted to industry. This also increases draft, and represents a nation gearing up for war. DefCon 5 denotes normal life, and DefCon 1 denotes full wartime production.

  • DefCon 5: 1% Draft, 100% Wealth
  • DefCon 4: 2% Draft, 25% Industry, 75% Wealth
  • DefCon 3: 3% Draft, 50% Industry, 50% Wealth
  • DefCon 2: 5% Draft, 75% Industry, 25% Wealth
  • DefCon 1: 10% Draft, 100% Industry

Aircraft in Action

Aerospace strike craft - both conventional aircraft and mecha - are a cornerstone of modern space combat. They can fill many roles and have various specific rules and actions they can undertake. Following is a short list of the most important/common of these.


All strike craft have limited ammunition, be it charges for their beam rifles or bombs in their internal bays. During standard naval combat, they have three 'rounds' of ammunition. Combat against ground targets tends to be less ammunition-intensive and they will have enough ammunition for 5-7 rounds. Once a craft's ammunition is exhausted, it will be forced to rely only on melee weapons or internal guns (functionally treated as + Melee)

Alpha Strike order

All Aircraft (Fighters and bombers) may perform an Alpha Strike; this expends all their (remaining) ammunition at once but drastically boosts firepower. A craft running low on ammunition may find itself unable to Alpha Strike effectively or at all. By default, Mecha may not Alpha Strike, as you can only fire bullets out of your 120mm machine gun so fast.

Go Guns order

By contrast, Aerospace craft can also 'go guns', closing with the enemy to use their fixed weapons. This can be Gatling guns or even melee weapons like beam sabers and the like. It reduces firepower and range but does not require ammunition. Mecha do not lose as much firepower while Going Guns, and in their case is generally called 'closing for melee'.

Other Useful Information

Orders of Battle

NPC Orders of Battle

Jane’s Information Group

Jane's Weapons of the CPTO (Cooperative Pacific Treaty Organization)
Jane's Weapons of the EU
Jane's Weapons of the Sino-Russian Arm
Jane's Weapons of ZOCU
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Jane's Civilian Equipment


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