Memories of Silver Powers

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Player Nations

NPC Nations

Map Zones

Web of Worlds: The most technological powerful state in known space, the rump of remnant of the Great Civilization before the deployment of the Device G, which had shut down interstellar civilization and ruined countless star systems. Now the hive worlds of the Web are expanding outward past their losttech jumpggates, each world ruled by a family of near post-humans who have memories back to the Undying Empire and survived both the Revolt of the Seven, and the Archonic Wars. The world of Neo-Luxor is the current capital and the throne of the Great Pharaoh falls upon the illustrious Whitehall family. Size 1

Outer Extents: Are the worlds outside of the jump-gates and had histories as lengthy and proud if not as rich and pleasant as the Webs, who now find themselves occupied by the Webbers and have puppet Mandates installed upon them. Size 10

Branzarr Nebula: Home to a mysterious dead worlds, scorched in a single moment during the Revolt of the Seven. The forces at work are still not understood, the Nebula itself is artificial an aftermath of the great weapons used there, things that die in the nebula, become undead, rumors abound of a hive-worlds of skeletons, arming themselves up for a mysterious day.

The Thousand Worlds: The Starmen of the Thousand Worlds are those subjects who had fled the tyrannical reign of the Web of Worlds during the aftermath of Device G, braving the deadly hyperstatial storms in hastily retrofitted starships, many died, but enough survived to form a unruly civilization of city states (though the cities are truly massive now) that fight each other as much as they raid the Extents of the Web. Size 7

Horizon: Its true name is unknown, its an artificial planet floating in the depths of space, its origins are credited to the long forgotten Dawn Age. It was said to be the Great Tryant's throne. Today the Chantry Guild claims it home as they seek to ply its secrets. Size 0

Zone of Chaos: A region of space of suddenly filled with billowing green mists of unknown energy at the same time the Event occured, every time a ship goes in, it never comes out.