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Drawn from Indian and Hellenic stock, the people of Mauryavana labored under the yoke of a minor Goa'uld tyrant, mining Naquahdah from their planet's moon and tending vast fields to feed his armies. The Tyrant grew rich and and his Jaffa marched forth to conquer, but it was his undoing. A Prophetess, Darya, rose up and denounced him as a false god, and led an army against him. She stole his divine instruments, and gave them to her soldiers, who she had prepared in secret.

The Tyrant reacted with practiced brutality, spacing the revolting mine workers and marching his Jaffa home. The Mauryavanan warrior laid an ambush at the gate, burying it with a landslide. That was when the prophetess revealed herself as one of the Tok'ra, and slew him personally. She took over the Ha'tak under construction as her personal palace, and began rule as an Empress of the people she had risked so much to set free. She was a renegade even among renegades, desiring to rule as a wise and immortal leader rather than a God-Queen. And so she did for centuries.

The Mauryavanan people rose up through the ages like the people of Earth, but considerably fast with the guidance of the Undying Empress. The universities of the Southern continent bred a democratic ideal that spread to the local citizens of Gandhara. Did not the Prophetess show the true path was of greater liberty? "ELEUTHERA!" The cry rose up from the populace of , and several local militia garrisons defected to the revolt. The Empress's elite guard fortified the isthmus that connect the continents, and sailed a fleet to the capital. The Southerners fought back hard, using heavy armored cars and even arming aircraft for combat. The Imperials hit back with copied equipment and naval superiority, but were unable to achieve victory. Thus the Zariaspa Republic was born. The cold war continued for many years.

When researchers in Zariaspa excavated the ancient Stargate, the Empress herself visited the Zariaspan leadership, explaining the threat to the entire Mauryavanan people from the Goa'uld. The Mauryavanan Alliance was formed from the resulting peace talks. The Stargate Operations Division began accessing known safe systems, and became masters of guerilla warfare, using Tok'ra tactics to avoid arousing suspicion. Using this method has gained them considerable Goa'uld technology.

Later exploration found a safe world for a colony and diplomatic contact with the Reetou, a race of invisible insectoid aliens with advanced technology in the middle of civil war. A large number of Reetou have settled on Mauryavana, and they eventually joined the Alliance, creating the Mauryavana Triumvirate. All diplomatic contact with the Mauryavana is handled through Ariana, a planet easily accessible via Stargate.


Generally, Mauryavana technology is well in advance of Modern Earth. The three factions use technology that diverges greatly in appearance, even if there is some logistic similarities. All factions use advanced computers, including an Intelligent Translation System, which can simulate real-time translation, though with some loss of fluidity and expression. There is some minor genetic therapy, and some use of cybernetics, but generally little in the way of human augmentation. Spacecraft and large installations rel Older designs use high-efficiency fission reactors that use naquahdah-doped fuel. While referred to as Naquahdah reactors, these are less powerful than the more common designs, but are inherently safe and incapable of being overloaded. Spacecraft weapons are a blend of rail guns, point defense lasers, and high-yield nuclear torpedoes.

Imperial Ground Units

The core of Imperial units are the power-armored soldiers of the Imperial Guard. Guard soldiers carry fully automatic rifles equivalent to an Earth medium machine gun, heavy battle rifles that can punch through armor plate, and an array of rocket launchers. Officers are usually from the nobility, and carry ancient staff weapons from the time of the Tyrant, elaborately detailed over time and wielded with impressive skill. Nobles have developed martial arts centered on the staff that allow them match Jaffa warriors in close combat. Imperial Guard forces also use artillery and scout units to round out their military. The Imperial Navy is substantial, and includes several battleships and light carriers. The IAF has a substantial force of gunships and fighter-bombers based on land and sea, and rapidly adapted to Repulican air tactics in the Revolutionary War.

Republican Ground Units

Republican soldiers fight as mechanized infantry, usually carrying battle rifles and wearing light mesh fabric armor. An infantry unit will always have a recoilless rifle operator and a machine gunner. Armored fighting vehicles armed with railguns support the advance, including IFVs and hovertanks. The Republican Navy is rather small, but has a dangerous fleet of submarines and growing number of heavy missile cruisers. The Republican Air Force has established a fearsome reputation, with tactical bombers, versatile fighters, and gunships that struck terror into the Imperial Guard. The ZRAF has developed a hypersonic interceptor specifically to combat the Goa'uld in the atmosphere, utilizing design features from the Vanant series and modified anti-armor missiles.

Enclave Ground Units

The Reetou live by stealth. Their soldiers are trained commandos, and operate in small units. The war with Goa'uld has hurt their numbers, but they have superior energy weapons, and ignore most normal weaponry. The average Reetou commando carries a phase pulse weapon, a set of blades, demolition charges, and occasionally a sniper weapon or a recon probe. They also have a number of dropships, along with human soldiers operating modified Imperial and Republic weaponry.

The Enclave also developed the STG combat suit. A cloaking suit with built-in optics, NBC protection, and computer systems, the suit is designed for long-endurance stealth missions. It is also designed to appear reasonably non-threatening in first contact scenarios. The standard weapon is a carbine developed for the Imperial Pathfinders, which is modular and nearly indestructible. Some make use of a Republic-manufactured SMG.

Faction Information

  • Empress Antigone IV Darya, Eternal Empire
  • Demarch Theodorus, Zariaspa Republic
  • First Arokor, Reetou Enclave
Stargate Operations Division
  • General Nikos Amanatidis, Commander
  • Researcher Kostas Banika, Chief of R&X


Established Spacefaring
The Triumvirate has a number of native-built naquadah reactors and spacecraft, as well as a flotilla of light craft. The recent development of the Liberator-class cruiser has given the Triumvirate a credible space presence.

Their Stargate is inside of a fortified transshipment center, and there is a useful defensive barrier except at scheduled times for offworld shipment. Ariana handles all combat operations

Combined Arms
The Revolutionary War led to the use of armored vehicles, artillery, naval vessels, and combat aircraft, and the colonial skirmishes only heightened this.
Reetou Allies
The Reetou Enclave is a full member of the Triumvirate. Having invisible soldiers is a powerful edge, but the Goa'uld can sense them naturally and detect them with TERs.
Elite Training - Ground Stealth
Combining the above with an Tok'ra mistress of deception and intrigue creates an amazing skill with covert operations.


3 x Special Tasks Group (15)
Stargate Operations Division has multiple covert operations units, most of whom have extensive diplomatic and archaeological training.

1 x Stargate Assault Force (25)
Combining powered armor, trans-Stargate missile launchers, and hardened shock troops makes stargate assault much less demanding

Many x Vanant II starfighters
Designed for multi-role operation, the Vanant II mounts dual railguns and has several missile hardpoints. It is a low-observable spaceframe, making it hard to track. It can be folded down for storage or trans-Stargate shipment.

Many x Tel'Tak shutles
Many x Al'Kesh assault craft
12 x Liberator Cruisers

Facilities and Structures


Shipyard (20) Mining Operation (20) Research Facility (25)


Major Off World Base (40) Colony (30) Airstrip (30) Training Facility (20) Ground Vehicle Depot (25) Infantry Depot (20)