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Mal Otome is a planned fantasy roleplaying game centered around the following premises:

  • The game will be run on MapTool and is provisionally awaiting (in addition to a viable timeslot) the full release of v1.3.
  • Losing any member of the party inside the dungeon results in the whole party bouncing from the dungeon.
  • Pink FBH Expanse is in effect - everyone in the universe is a girl.


Amidst the freezing cold and terrifying monsters of the Abyss, the village of Potos and some miles of the surrounding hinterland are an island of green in which a handful of humans can eke out a spare existence. Monsters are still dangerous and resources are scarce but at least your people can survive. Aside from daily struggles, Potos has two cycles of the greatest import: after every full moon, eggs carrying babies can be found in the sacred Gaia's Spring; every new moon, the dragons come and claim a sacrifice chosen by lottery.

The Tale of Sonoma and Miyavi

This is the tale told by the Matriarch. Sonoma and Miyavi were rare sisters from the same egg. They were born together and grew up together. Miyavi became a fine witch and Sonoma became the greatest huntress remembered to Potos.

One summer's eve on the full moon, no egg appeared in the spring. Miyavi was selected as the sacrifice. Sonoma argued that because there was no egg, there was no call for a sacrifice at all. In the end, they had to lock her away so the ritual could be carried out.

On the evening of the new moon however, Sonoma escaped and cut her way up to the altar. She freed her sister and the two dove into the spring. The dragons became enraged and laid waste to Potos, killing all those who could not reach the safety of the holy ground.

As for Sonoma and Miyavi, neither them nor their bodies were ever found, nor their clothes or any trace of their passing. This is where the legend of the cave beneath the spring came from, but no one has ever found the entrance.



Matriarch - Very few people survive to old age in Potos. The Matriarch is said to be over a hundred and highly respected for her wisdom when she has the energy to share it. She doesn't even remember her name but claims to remember the legend of Sonoma and Miyavi - she was seven or eight at the time.

High Priestess - High Priestess Konami is an icy cold woman in her thirties who has hardened her heart against the pain of sending women and girls to the altar. She is the strictest of the teachers for those of you who are Shamanesses.


Abyss - The great expanse of ice that surrounds Potos. It is dark, lethally cold and also where the deadliest of monsters lurk. Occasionally, people wander into it. Most are depressed, simply suicidal; others genuinely expect to find some hope. None have ever returned.

Altar of Dragons - No one likes this place. It's where every month on the new moon, the dragons come to claim their human sacrifice.

Borders - The borders of the world are as follows.

  • The edge of the Abyss is the absolute edge of the known world. Inside this border, the sun shines and there is some life; outside, it is really cold and dangerous. No one has ever returned from a trip into the Abyss. The spiritual name of this line is the Border of Life and Death.
  • The snow line. Inside the border, snow melts during the summer. The area inside is relatively safe and also small - only two hour's walk away. Lina claims it shrinks slowly, year by year. Its spirit designation is the Border of Light and Dark.
  • The wall of Potos village. About two thirds of its circumference is a ridgetop very close to the border of the spring. The rest is ancient, moss-covered stonework, stakes, and palisade. Monsters mostly don't come in. Mostly. Border of Tame and Wild
  • Boundary between the holy ground of Gaia's Spring from the rest of the village. Denoted by a torii. Border of Sacred and Profane.

Fallen Star - A star that fell out of the sky long ago and crashed into the earth half a day's travel outside the village.

Gaia's Spring - The sacred spring of Potos which warms the frigid land. It is also where babies come from. Every full moon, eggs will be found in the spring from which a baby hatches. Some say it bursts out or floats up from the holy waters. Others say it drops from the sky with a flash of silent lightning. Still others believe everyone's wrong since anyone who really knows or guesses right would be struck dead instantly.




The Amazon defends Potos from the many monsters of the Abyss that are dangerous enough to be dangerous but not so dangerous that they cannot be fought at all. Their primary role is to defend the village from serious monsters and preparing themselves physically for such an encounter. They also help with patrols and watches outside the wall.

The Huntress is a quick and canny girl who provides Potos with a source of food and materials from the hinterlands. They patrol far afield, check the traps, set new ones, and generally are sharp in the hinterlands.

The Shamaness practices the sacred religious rituals that guide and protect Potos. The teachings are passed down orally from generation to generation and includes dances, rituals, and healing. Some Shamans eventually learn to command spirits. Others hone their state of mind through martial prowess.

The Witch provides the vital service of magic to the village, harnessing the forces of nature. Writing is a large part of how magic works, so the magic users are the only literate class in Potos. Powerfully concentrated magic is also the only way to work starmetal.