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Lilium's prestigious uniform


Over two thousand years into the future, hundreds of thousands of light years away from the homeworld of humanity is the Expanse, a group of polities formed by transhumanist female separatists who left earth millennia ago. On one boarder of the Expanse, facing a great area of unclaimed space and vast and incomprehensible alien empires is Sakura, one of the biggest polities in the Expanse. Known for its military prowess, friendly citizens and rather libertarian approach to laws, Sakura stands as a beacon of light against the darkness of the frontier: or so it's citizens will tell you.

The Capital World of Sakura is New-Tokyo, and that is where our story takes place. More specifically, it begins some fifty kilometres from the planet's Capital city of Land Fall (or New-Tokyo city as some call it). The White Lilium Academy stands at the edge of a large bay, with a beautiful view of the azure sea beyond.

Our heroines are students at the academy who one day, receive a strange package in the mail: an item which awakens a strange power resting in their souls. . .

Character Creation

Your character's physical and mental (as opposed to magical) self are built on 20 CP. While the Expanse has several races at this power level it is assumed that these differences are relatively minor, and can be modelled with the points you get.

  • Physical: Running, jumping, shooting, etc.
  • Smarts: Thinking, general knowledge, etc.
  • Perception: Tracking the invisible, spotting clues, reading fine print, etc.
  • Integrity: Resistance to direct memetics, dominate person, etc.
  • Charisma: Persuasion, moe, bargaining with demons, etc. People won't take schoolgirls seriously, but you can always disguise.
  • 1: 0 CP - baseline
  • 2: 1 CP - peak baseline
  • 3: 3 CP - You are slightly above peak baseline, stronger, smarter or otherwise better
  • 4: 6 CP - You are impressively above a normal human, capable of feats that seem superhuman
  • 5: 10 CP - Wow, are you sure you're only an ordinary high school student?
  • Specialities cost the same as a stat of one level higher. They do not have to be linked to a particular stat.
  • Extra Sense: 2 CP. Radar, tremorsense, infrared, detect magic, etc.
  • Specialist Knowledge: 2 CP. You sperg out about some topic such as computers or piloting, giving you knowledge beyond your years.
  • Aristocrat: 5 CP. You have an important family and access to their resources and connections - within reason. But this can make secrecy harder.

Disadvantages maybe bought at a cost discussed with the GM.

Expanse Races

While races are not tracked by stats, they are included for fluff purposes.

Classic Humans

Classic model humans are, despite the name, not what they once were. The term classic human now refers to people with generally old style body plans and skin colour. Like all the Expanse’s inhabitants they are heavily augmented, most with both genetic and cybernetic upgrades to the original human body.

Most classic human families tend to be a little more conservative about upgrade than other clades, however, this conservatism allows classic model humans to gain a wide variety of upgrades rather than a specialist selection.

Classic model humans are still the most common type of person in the Expanse, making up about 55% of the total population.


It was perhaps inevitable, given humanities long love affair with the concept of Elves that once the technology of transhumanism became widespread, someone would decide to remake themselves and their children that way. Sidhe are an old combination, having been through countless upgrades over the years, and one that has reached a high state of maturity.

This age has also means many Sidhe families are forty second century equivalent of old money. Current generation Sidhe enhancements do not make them smarter than the norm for the Expanse but do give them better upkeep of education than most classic model human clades. Sidhe tend to have high levels of integrity and charisma, and their brains learn more quickly than normal.


The gap between humans and machines has narrowed over since its high point around a millennia ago. Now, biological citizens of the Expanse can compete with their mechanical sisters on a near equal level. Gynoids are mostly created to resemble one of the other clades of the Expanse, but some have distinctive features of their own, such as antenna or metallic skin.

Metal is still stronger than most flesh, and machine brains are easier to make smart and quick on the up take.


The first splices were the ever popular catgirls, but since then humans with moth antenna, dog ears or a whole host of other animal features have appeared from the genetic laboratories of the Expanse. As well as the cosmetic reasons, these modifications tend to give their user considerably enhanced perception. A side effect of the splicing process seems to be a much higher degree of personality integrity than the norm, which has found many splices a place in combat units.

Splices have high integrity, perception and charisma


The distant descendents of uplifted animals and humans who used far more animal genes than did splices, Anthromorphs are one of the least human looking of the Expanse’s clades. While humanoid in form many have digitigrade legs, and somewhat animal like faces. All have fur.

While they once had an advantage in survival, advances in biotech has eroded that, however, Anthromorph brain structure tends to take well to perceptual, intelligence and learning enhancements.


Tall, buxom combat models, Valkyries look a bit like classic model humans except somewhat taller, standing two meters tall. Valkyries were originally, and continue to be, a specialist warrior clade, many of them going on to join a military force, white flame mercenaries or the like.

While their mental augmentations are by modern standards limited, Valkyries are by far the physically strongest clade in the Expanse, and are also some of the best loved, making extremely good combat leaders if less brilliant staff officers.

Valkyries always have high physical and charisma and tend to have good initiation as well.


You have 30 magic points to generate your character's magical abilities and may divide them into 6 Categories:

Destruction: destroying things. Breaking machines, disintegrating objects etc. Much harder to do against living beings.
Creation: Creating energy or objects from nothing. Fireballs, swords pulled out of the air or certain kinds of illusions. Much harder to create living beings.
Alteration: Altering existing things to fit your will, including strengthening or weakening objects or people
Movement: Teleportation and Telekinesis, Movement can also be used for summoning
Mentalism: spells that effect living or electronic minds, Mentalism creates illusions, mind control and can be used for summoning

Magic is judged on a 1 to 10 point scale, with each point making harder tasks easier and effects bigger. At the start of the game you cannot start with any magic level higher than 8; all powers are capped at 8 until GM allows.

  • 1: 1 MP Cause a simple effect on a small objects like coins at close ranges
  • 2: 3 MP Cause a simple effect on a objects the size of a person at close ranges
  • 3: 6 MP Cause a simple effect on a an area the size of a dinner table at close ranges
  • 4: 10 MP Cause a simple effect on a an area the size of a room at close ranges
  • 5: 15 MP Cause a simple effect on a an area the size of several rooms at close ranges
  • 6: 21 MP Cause a simple effect on a an area the size of a house at close ranges
  • 7: 28 MP Cause a simple effect on a several score meter area at close ranges
  • 8: 36 MP Cause a simple effect on a several hundred meter area at close range
  • 9: 45 MP Cause a simple effect on a several kilometer area at close range
  • 10: 55 MP Cause a simple effect on a several dozen kilometer area at close range.

A simple effect is a minor, non-fatal one, such as creating a not to valuable or complex object, destroying the same, making small changes to something's shape, or moving an object at less than walking pace. Stronger and more complex effects or performing an effect at longer ranges requires higher levels.

Magical specialization work a bit different from normal specialities: each speciality lays down a set of circumstances in which your magic of that kind applies. The more specific the condition, the most bonus ranks you gain. A general specialization (like Necromancy) gives +1 ranks, a specific specialization (like Swords) gives +2 ranks, and a super specific specialization that cannot be used in every situation (Blond women) gives +3 ranks.

Magical Object

Each character has also received a magical object. This object has its own power separate from the character's magic. What this power is is up to the player, but should be ok'd with the GM before use.


The Expanse Orignal game setting and more infomation

Main Characters

Names are using Japanese organization (Family Name first, Given name second).

Yamato Rin

Player: Peel
Concept: Straight-S student, IRL character optimiser. Rin has planned out her life to obtain wealth and influence, from a scholarship to a prestigious high-school through a marketable set of clubs on to a top-class university and directorship of a colonisation company.
Description: Tall, dark and bishoujo.
Electives: Astrography, Biology, Economics, Gymnastics, History, Mathematics, Planetology, War
Clubs: Astronomy, Kendo, Simulation, Student Council, Volleyball, Young Expansionists
Power: Authority over swords
Artefact: The Nine Sparrows
  • Nine Sparrows: The sword cuts. A katana elegant in its simplicity save for the nine birds engraved in the blade. It holds only contempt for those who will not arm in their own defence. It is transcendently sharp, unless opposed by the edge of a weapon.
  • Memento Mori: The sword kills. A plain and unadorned longsword. It kills, but is dangerous to wield.
  • Calamity: The sword is a weapon. A giant sword that produces tremendous force and impact.
  • Ozymandias: The sword is Authority. A rapier with a crown-shaped hilt.
  • [4.669201...]: The sword is created and utilised through reason. A sleek magitechnological hilt and a blade of shimmering force. It reveals the truth of matters for all to see.
XP: 4
Stats: 20/20 +48 xp
  • Physical 5 (10)
  • Smarts 5 (10)
  • Perception 5 (10)
  • Integrity 5 (10)
  • Charisma 5 (10)
  • Swording 2 (3)
  • Concentration 2 (3)
  • Multitasking 2 (3)
  • Tall, Dark and Bishoujo 2 (3)
  • Specialist Knowledge: Planetology & Colonisation (2)
  • Specialist Knowledge: Blacksmithing (2)
  • Specialist Knowledge: Mangaka (2)
Magic: 30/30 +1 xp
  • Sword Creation 5 (6)
  • Sword Destruction 3 (1)
  • Sword Alteration 5 (6)
  • Sword Movement 7 (15)
  • Mentalism 2 (3)

Kato Sei/Sayoko Kagura

Sei and Kagura in fine wear
Sei and Kagura's Spirit Keeper armour
Player: BM
Concept: Quirky, bookish girl with a weird personality and unflappable aura of innocence. She studies often, learning a wide variety of topics. Especially likes anatomy and medicine. Is very friendly and curious, though sometimes a bit less tactful than she should be; she's a bit of a social butterfly, having not made many lasting friendships as of yet. She is curiously prone to nightmares, however, and her meditations are erratic. Currently, Chaos Magic abuse has left her with two copies, both 'real'; the copy, discerned by her blonde hair and blue eyes, has taken the name 'Kagura'.
Description: Short for her age (17), with long, black hair and black eyes with little black ears poking out. Perpetual wide eyes and upbeat manner. (Hair was short due to Rin-attack, but is currently tied in twin tails), and has little horns that let her 'hear' iron due to Chaos Magic. Kagura has long, blond hair, blue eyes, and a long blond tail.
Race: Splice
Stats: (20/20)
  • Physical: 2 (0+1XP)
  • Smarts: 4 (6)
  • Perception: 3 (3)
  • Integrity: 5 (3+7XP)
  • Charisma: 5 (6+4XP)
Specialty: Swords 1 (1XP)
Specialty: Mind Control 1 (1XP)
Specialty: Cute 3 (6XP)
Specialty: Jazz 1 (1XP)
Specialist Knowledge: Medicine (2)
Specialist Knowledge: Earth Lore (2XP)
Specialist Knowledge: Miko (2XP)
Powers: Necromancy. Life and death are woven by Sei’s delicate hands, healing the ill, snuffing their lives, or raising them to a new shadow of being.
  • Undead Creation 6 (0+2+4XPbuy) (10 XP)
  • Necromantic Destruction 3 (2+1) (3 CP)
  • Necromantic Alteration 8 (6+1+1XPbuy) (21 CP + 7 XP)
  • Necromantic Mentalism 6 (3+1+2XPbuy) (6 CP + 9 XP)
  • Spectral Movement 3 (0+2+1XPbuy) (1 XP)
  • Chaos Magic 3 (3Item)
  • The Phylactery: A small music box, barely able to fit in the palm of one's hand, ornate and masterfully crafted of what looks like silver and bronze. On a molecular level, it is peculiarly resistant, virtually unbreakable. The music it plays is always unique, echoing with half-heard sounds and perhaps flitting images - a manifestation of its true power to contain souls. Kagura possesses a phylactery as well, which contains copies of all the souls it held at the time.
  • The Phylactery can contain souls and spiritual beings - ghosts, spirits, demons, any entity or object that can be considered 'spectral'. Sei can use her magic or mundane coercion to get spirits to enter the box; souls trapped within can only be released at Sei's wish, and no known force has been able to breach or corrupt it. The box has a seemingly limitless capacity for souls, and Sei can use her magic on the souls within. The box's music also reflects the souls within, and Sei can alter which souls are represented thusly through a minor gesture of will. (d5 pool to suck souls into it; stores souls)
  • Spirit Keeper Armour: A magical suit of jade-and-bone armour underneath Megumi's shrine, created by an ancient priestess who practiced necromancy. Is attuned to Sei and can be summoned. Was bequeathed to her in exchange for Sei making more bone creatures than flesh and trying to be less creepy. Glows at certain times and does...something. Duplicated by Kagura's creation. (Known powers: -2 sux to damage against her, manifests when astrally projected or otherwise spiritual.)
  • De Therous: A powerful demon, De Therous was a formidable warrior without peer. However, while he was a master of physical combat, he feared for attacks on his soul. He asked one of Sei's incarnations to defend his soul against attempts to ensorcel it, protecting him against domination and temptation. She responded by binding his soul with magical wards. De Therous is long dead, leaving only his bones. However, his soul remains bound by the contract Sei placed upon him, held within his remains. Sei fashioned his bones into an armour of sorts – when summoned, the bone segment interlock with Sei's limbs, skeletal plates meant to attach over other gear. The skull fits over he head nicely, and a pair of skeletal wings attach themselves. When the bones interlock however does the true magic appear – the spirit of the demon, a draconic creature with terrible black wings, appears as a ghostly shape overlayed on the wearer. (+4 defense dice for one battle, once per adventure)
Magical Items
  • Rinsei Hunger: A sword created by Rin, containing the modified soul of the Count of Hell. Devours demonic souls in an attempt to restore itself, killing them permanently and gaining power from them. Currently eaten: Demon Sorcerer, Gluttony's servant-boss. Duplicated by Kagura's creation. (+2 dice vs. Demons)
  • Succubus Choker: An ornate choker containing an incorporeal succubus. Grants Sei irresistible charm, attacking a person's mind to beguile them. Duplicated by Kagura's creation. (Uses Charisma/Cute for magical Presence effects, side effects)
  • The First's Symbol: a glyph floating above the First's female form's head, given to Sei in response to request for all of the First's knowledge in a form that wouldn't drive her insane. Has taught Sei Chaos Magic 3, which lets her mess with space and time and people's minds. Duplicated by Kagura's creation. (Teaches Chaos Magic 3)
  • Lust Arrow: Given by the new Lust. Each Sei has one, gonna use it for evil.
  • The Lord of Light's Training: Teaches Sei how to safely use Chaos magic. Can willingly reduce Chaos Magic pool by one die to get +3 dice on the Integrity roll, and makes side effects less damaging. Also, can make undead creations that appear alive to most scrutiny (necroalteration on living things to a greater degree).
  • Lord of Light's Collar: a leather collar, Sei/Kagura wear as wristbands when they do at all. (+1 to one roll per session)
Other Noteworthy stuff
  • Vial of Vampire Blood: Taken from the vampire leader. Sei is keeping it to see if she can study vampirism and possibly mitigate Kazou's condition.
  • Bone Dragon: Three-headed skeletal dragon taken from the alternate universe Sei. Kept in Hell or some other place. One head missing, will be replaced by necromantic cannon.
XP: 52
  • Expenditures:
Necromantic Mentalism from 4 to 5 (4)
Charisma to 5 (4)
Physical to 2 (1)
Necromantic Alteration from 7 to 8 (7)
Undead Creation to 4 (1+2)
Undead Creation to 5 (3)
Specialty: Cute to 1 (1)
Specialty: Swords to 1 (1)
Integrity to 4 (3)
Shifted Spirit Mentalism to Necromantic Mentalism (-1 spec, GM approval; Originally Spirit Mentalism from 5 to 6 above)
Undead Creation to 6 (4)
Specialty: Cute to 2 (2)
Integrity to 5 (4)
Specialty: Mind Control (1)
Spectral Movement to 3 (1)
Specialty: Cute to 3 (3)
Necromantic Mentalism from 5 to 6 (5)
Specialist Knowledge: Earth Lore (2)
Specialty: Jazz (1)
Specialist Knowledge: Miko (2)
Reserve: 0

Kazuo Sakura

  • Physical: 1
  • Smarts: 4
Magic Physics 1
Plans within Plans 1
  • Perception: 3
  • Integrity: 4
  • Charisma: 4
The Ojuo 1

Traits: Aristocrat: Yakuza Princess

  • Mentalism: Demon Summoning: (5)
  • Mentalism: Mind Control (Geass Eyes): (6)
  • Destruction: (5)
  • Movement: (2)
  • Creation self: (3)
  • Creation artifacts: (4)
  • Fate (3)

Artifact: Chains of the Demon-King: When materialized it appears as black and red chains with glowing enochinan runes on it, wrapped around her body, and which can attack by flying out in a manner somewhat of tentacles (except with chains!)
(Leftover Infernal Empowerment from Lust: +1 to magic rolls)
Banishment Spell Ultima: d5 worth of banishing for anything

Bio: Born the youngest daughter to the Oyabun (Kazou Mayu) of the third largest Sakuran Yakuza groups (controls illegal smuggling, gambling, racketeering) was the baby of the family, and destined to live in the shadows of her sisters (who the oldest already had a century of life on her) and expected to simply be married away to another crime lord as party the ever complicated system of relations that bind the criminal clans, till the day she found herself covered in chains.

XP Log: 41/42
1xp for Smarts 2
3xp Smarts 3
6xp Smarts 4
15xp Destruction 5
1xp Creation: Artifact 3
3xp Creation Artifact 4
1xp Plans within Plans
1xp The Ojuo
1xp Magic Physics
1 XP Fate Magic
3XP Fate Mage 2
6XP Fate Magic 3

Motou Kaminari

Player: Aeon
Concept: Headstrong, boisterous young woman with a distinctly tomboyish demeanor. A natural athlete, she has little patience for purely academic pursuits, though she is far from stupid. Has little to no "seven-second-filter", preferring to speak her mind, rather than hiding behind pretense. This - coupled with her brash, often aggressive personality - frequently brings her into conflict with those around her, hampering her ability to make friends. Despite this, she is fiercely loyal once befriended, defending those close to her with unrelenting ferocity.
Description: Extremely tall (well over 6 ft), athletic young woman with piercing blue eyes and long, red-furred rabbit ears rising from a bob of coppery red hair. Loud and energetic, with a seemingly unshakable aura of confidence about her.
Race: Splice (Rabbit)
  • Physical: 5 (6 + 4XP)
Specialization: Kickboxing 3 (6XP)
  • Smarts: 3 (1 + 3XP)
  • Perception: 3 (3)
  • Integrity: 5 (6 + 4XP)
  • Charisma: 4 (3 + 3XP)
Specialization: Intimidation 2 (3XP)
Artifact: Wayfarer's Invitation - An ornate silver skeleton key, elaborately engraved with twisting, fluidly organic patterns that glow with soft azure light when the key charged with magical energy.
  • Artifact Power: The Wayfarer's Invitation allows the wielder to bypass any lock, be it mechanical, electronic or magical in nature. Simply by touching the key to a lock and channeling magical energy through it, the wielder can cause the lock to open, as though the proper key, pass code, or magical process had been used.
Power: Portals. The very fabric of space-time bends to Kaminari's indomitable will, allowing her to manifest mobile gateways between locations or planes. These portals can be used to transport allies, swallow enemy attacks (or whole enemies), blast opponents with otherworldly energies, or summon strange entities from beyond the veil.
  • Movement (Portals +2): 9 (21 + 7XP)
  • Mentalism (Binding Summoned Entities +3): 7 (6 + 4XP)
  • Destruction (Portal Sealing +3): 6 (3 + 3XP)
  • Alteration (Strength-Buff): 1 (a gift from the LoL)
Total XP: 42
Spent: 37
Reserve: 5

Fuminori Akira

Fuminori, shortly after receiving False Life Sight.

Player: Exhack
Race: Sidhe
Concept: A laid-back elven archery club captain and parkour girl who is generally in the nebulous top 25% of her classes despite being able to do much better. Wants to become a gardener or a florist after graduation. Has a watermelon patch in a hidden place somewhere on the grounds that she takes care of; has an extreme soft spot for cats.
Appearance: Rather tall for a girl, with Lodoss ears, purple hair and navy blue eyes. Appears older than she is and sounds quite mature for her age.
Clubs: Archery (Captain), Garden(Treasurer)
Power: Causal Linkage/Life Manipulation

  • Endless Translation, a bracelet that is able to function as a bow by turning into a pair of silvery wings. A reality-editing manipulation program that allows the user to hit any target a second time by violating causality, so long as they've been struck at least once. Only the mad and brilliant can grasp the true form.
  • Linear Path, a platinum thumb ring made to facilitate the plucking of bowstrings. It folds any object or concept without its own will into a projectile (usually an arrow), and may unfold them at will. Sentients are immune to alteration in this manner unless they willingly submit to being made into arrows.
  • Euclidean Garden, a quicksilver arrow (currently folded into a bracelet) that acts as a key to a pocket dimension that functions as a remote storage chamber and greenhouse.
  • Universal Constant, a glowing glyph gifted from the Lord of Light in exchange for a favor and a secret. It is a symbol of tremendous power.
  • Lust Arrows, new Lust gave these to everyone in the party. Fuminori isn't really the type to stood so low, mind you...
  • Life Alchemy Gauntlets, artifacts stolen from the Lord of Light and absorbed by Fuminori. Allow her plant magic to broadly apply to all forms of life, and gives +2 to Alteration rolls.


  • False Life Sight, a limited copy of Sei's Necrosight that Fuminori requested, which was implanted into her left eye. It cannot perceive spirits, but is able to more accurately see the essence of life in creatures and objects.
  • The Lord of Light's Training, memories received from one of the Lord of Light's previous lovers allow Fuminori to create illusions using Plant Creation/Alteration while in dense vegetation, create animate (and semi-intelligent) plant life and more broadly manipulate plant species.
  • Kelp Salamanders, a species of semi-intelligent familiar that Fuminori created with the assistance of the Lord of Light, which resembles a large axolotl salamander with a smooth body and adorable features facial features. Its body is made of a translucent and rubbery material in various colors (which sometimes glow), that are universally filled with bundles of red fibers. They are affectionate, attentive and reproduce only when asked to by their masters.
  • Fuminori's Hidden Watermelon Patch, is still hidden.
  • Vial of Divine Blood, for helping Sakura.

Stats (20/20) (19 XP)

Physical 5 (6 CP +4 XP)
Smarts 4 (3 CP +3 XP)
Perception 3 (1 CP +2 XP)
Integrity 4 (1 CP +5 XP)
Charisma 4 (1 CP +5 XP)

Specializations (7 XP)

Archery 3 (3 CP +3 XP)
Green Thumb 2 (1 CP +2 XP)
Negotiation 2 (1 CP +2 XP)

Knowledges (4 XP)

Specialist Knowledge (Botany) (2 XP)
Specialist Knowledge (Terraforming) (2 XP)

Magic (30/30) (24 XP)

Self Movement 7 (10 MP)
Arrow Creation 6 (10 MP)
Arrow Alteration 3 (1 MP)
Plant Creation 5 (6 XP)
Plant Alteration 8 (6 MP +15 XP)
Emotional Mentalism 5 (3 MP +3 XP)

Isabel Silva

Player: Bearstorm/Hollewanderer
Race: Classic Human
Concept: Hopelessly clumsy girl, though most of her failures tend to be closer to "adorable" than "catastrophic". Usually seems rather lethargic and devoid of energy, preferring mental over physical activities; she is a very good student and her knowledge of biology extends quite a bit beyond what could be expected from someone her age, and it is that knowledge that earned her a place at White Lilium Academy. She also greatly enjoys story books of all variety, though some of them are not quite befitting her age. A rather easy-going person, she takes her failures in her stride. She is friendly and helpful towards others, a smile always on her face, though her attempts to help sometimes don't turn out quite as well as intended.
Description: Rather tall, though quite unenergetic and clumsy girl. Has long, black hair, which tends to be a bit on the messy side, and is unhealthily pale. She is warm towards others, in her own, slightly lethargic manner.

Stats: 20/20 + 19XP

  • Physical: 3 - [1+1+1; 0+1XP+2XP]
  • Smarts: 4 - [6]
  • Perception: 5 - [4+1; 6+4XP]
  • Integrity: 5 - [3+2; 3+7XP]
Taking It Easy (1) - [1]
  • Charisma: 2 - [1]
Clumsily Adorable (3) - [1+2; 1+5XP]
  • Specialist Knowledge: Biology - [2]

Magic: 30/30 MP + 17 XP

  • Self Alteration: 9 [6+2+1; 21MP+9XP]
  • Self Creation: 8 [5+2+1; 3+2+2+1; 6 MP+9XP+8XP]
  • Destruction: 2 [3 MP]
  • Self Mentalism: 6 [1+3+1+1; 1XP+2XP+3XP]


  • The Clockmaker’s Delirium – a seemingly indestructible, particularly ornate and ancient gold pocket watch.
Artefact Power: it has the ability to alter the very flow of time – slowing it down or accelerating it around Isabel as she desires.
  • The Empress' Heart - a beautiful golden brooch with a large ruby set in the center of it.
Artefact Power: it allows the owner to spread and enforce her consciousness and control over her whole body - even the parts that are no longer attached to it. The will of the Empress is absolute, and mere physical boundaries are no obstacle to it.

XP-52, 51 used

Side Characters

Ragna Luchs

A very unusual occurance
Player: Shrike
Concept: Blind girl with radar sense and the secret ability to borrow people's sensoria. Generally a failure by the exacting standards of the Lilium Academy for Young Ladies, she is nonetheless granted a scholarship for diversity and affirmative action reasons.
Description: A thin, unathletic young lady two years older than anyone else in the class with silver hair and a permanent closed-eyes -.- expression on her face. Somewhat emo, with generalized feelings of inadequacy. Probably the daughter of a (future space-) German bioengineer. Possibly an artificial Otome.
Clubs: Summer School :<
Power: Destruction. Destruction to end all.
Artefact: Necklace w/ mirror locket
XP: 27
XP used: 8
  • Physical 1 (0)
  • Smarts 1 (0)
  • Perception 1 (0)
  • Integrity 2 (1)
  • Charisma 1 (0)
  • Sensoria Hacking 5 (15)
  • Extra Sense: Radar (2), Exotic Energy (2)
Magic: (30/30)
  • Movement: 1 (1)
  • Mentalism: 2 (3)
  • Creation: 2 (3)
  • Destruction (limit break): 6 + 3 (21)
  • Creation (limit break): 4 + 3 (10)
  • Movement (limit break): 1 + 3 (1)

Hayabusa Chikiko

Xs3-momo-mizrahi1 blue.jpg
Player: Screwball
Concept: Fantasy and history geek, more interested in fabulous fictional worlds and the past than boring and mundane reality...
Description: Short, red haired, 'underdeveloped' (and sensitive about it...)
Race: Classic Human
Artifact: The Book of Moon and Stars. A grimoire bound in black leather that provides a font of magical power. Chikiko hasn't managed to actually open it yet, however, so what it contains is something of a mystery.
Stats: (20/20)
  • Physical 3 (3)
  • Smarts 4 (6)
  • Perception 3 (3)
  • Integrity 3 (3)
  • Charisma 3 (3)
  • Extra Sense: Magic sensitivity (2)
Magic: (30/30)
  • Creation (Classical Elements) 5 (10)
  • Movement 4 (10)
  • Alteration (Magical Items) 5 (10)

Minamotoya Mai

Player: Mal
Concept: Quiet Unmotivated Valkyrie
Description: Mai is a tall, dark and bishoujo Valkyrie with long gradient hair (peroxide blonde fading to navy blue at the tips). She has amazing talent at physical activities so she is always unmotivated and just waits for life to pass by without a care. Her social awkwardness and lack of challenge from others has caused her to become withdrawn, engaging with other people only superficially because they sometimes don't even seem real.
Clubs: Member of the Taekwando club, Basketball team, and Meditation Football club to meet athletic scholarship and curriculum requirements; only there the minimal time necessary, especially for the latter. Known to beat up bullies around campus - her boredom is sometimes mistaken for heroism. One time the Kendo club challenged the Taekwando club (or vice versa, it was a scuffle) they called in Mai who beat them up on their own rules - after she was refreshed quickly on what they were. Turned up at every physical club at least once during first year to try them out.
Power: Mostly the ability to control herself.
Artefact: Perpetual Solipse

Perpetual Solipse is a roll of supernaturally tough bandages that counters magic by denying the possibility of other existences, embodying the concept of being the sole real object. Generally wrapped all over under her normal clothes as a power limiter. Unwrapped during combat, resulting in full power and possibly fanservice. Could be wrapped around fists for a countermagic punch! Fun times!

Stats: (provisional)

Physical 5 (10)
Fighting Instincts 1 (1)
Unbeatable in the Air 1 (1)
Ace of Sports 1 (1)
Lightning Reflexes (1)
Smarts 2 (1)
Perception 2 (1)
Integrity 2 (1)
Solipsist 1 (1)
Charisma 2 (1)
Awkward but Hot Valkyrie 1 (1)


Self Creation 5 (3)
Self Alteration 8 (21)
Self Movement 5 (3)
Self Mentalism 5 (3)

Inoue Tomoko

Player: Oseng


Race: Classic Human
Concept: Tomoko is a smart but shy girl who is best known for her high grades and work in the school library. Few realize that she is the direct heir to a famed school of martial arts that can trace it's heritage back to pre-FTL Earth, and that she is much more dangerous then she appears to be.
Clubs: Library Club
Power: Chi Manipulation
Artifact: Staff of Purity - Tomoko wields a simple wooden staff that is similar in appearance to the bo or jo used in traditional Japanese martial arts. However Tomko can invoke a nimbus of white light around the staff. This light seems to be associated with 'goodness' and purity and demons cannot stand it, in fact it is physically painful and damaging to them.


Physical 4 (6 CP)
Smarts 4 (6 CP)
Perception 2 (1 CP)
Integrity 3 (3 CP)
Charisma 2 (1 CP)
Specialist - Martial Arts (1 CP)
Sense Chi/Ki (2 CP)


Creation (Chi Forcefields and Energy Blasts) Level 5
Alteration (Chi Healing) Level 5

XP: 6