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A Mage game in development.


Set in Montreal, as a conflict brews between the Sabbat and Technocracy.

Setting Information


Chargen Rules

  • M20 Standard
  • Arete 3 is free.
  • Flaws are uncapped, however no further BP is returned after 14 points.
  • Party makeup expectation is Traditions + Crafts and Disparates, and others who can play nice.
  • All characters have one free dot of either Vampire Lore or Techno Lore, representing the necessary knowledge to survive in the city.
  • All characters have one free dot of Linguistics, granting fluency in English and French.
  • Appearance is half-cost: 1 assigned point is worth 2 dots, 2 BP to upgrade during chargen, and the XP cost is halved.
  • Legendary Attribute is 3 BP instead of 6, can be bought for 9 XP after chargen and can be purchased up to (Arete) times.
  • (1pt Flaw) Francophone/Anglophone: Your character only speaks one language (forgoing the free Linguistics dot) and carries a noticeable accent in any others. It cannot be bought off without GM permission.
  • (2pt Flaw) Allophone: Your character is unable to read or understand English or French, the city's two languages of business and culture, speaking some other language as their mother tongue. It cannot be bought off without GM permission.
  • (0pt Flaw) Lingering Apprentice: Your character remains under the tutelage of a more experienced magi, but has been immersed in magickal society for far longer. Begin at Arete 2, with a 3-dot Mentor or 3-dot Library and one of the following: a 4-dot Familiar, a 4-dot Fetish or 4 ranks of a Sorcerer's Path. The character may purchase additional Sorcerer's Paths at chargen. Upon reaching Arete 3, the benefits of the Mentor or Library are lost, exchanged for 1 Sphere level of choice.
  • (0pt Flaw) Newly Awakened: Your character awakened late in life, or spent the last few years as an unremarkable sleepwalker, unaware of their own abilities. Begin with Arete 1 but gain 3 additional Attribute dots and 1 free Legendary Attribute, with a new limit of (Arete +1). When the character increases Arete to 2 and 3, they gain an additional free Sphere level of choice.

Links and Forks: The King's Game Stories

Link 1

An unlikely band of misfit magi are brought together by fate and circumstance in the search for an archmage's killer, uncovering an ancient conspiracy that seeks to prevent the awakening of Tiamat. The magi emerge victorious with new tools, allies and claim his city sanctum as their own after defeating his servant, the monstrous swordsman Stephen Bernlake. Who or what Tiamat is remains unanswered, as are the killer's nature or motives.

All they are left with is a name... Tubalcain.

Fork 1

The Technocracy have declared war on the vampires of the Sabbat in Canada, launching a furious counterattack in Montreal. As their soldiers clash in the dark alleys of that city, other forces are moving to take advantage of the eventual power vacuum.

The misfit magi have seemingly coalesced into a chantry, attempting to consolidate their claim to the node in the old Farine Five Roses building.

1A: The Model Organism

Reclusive, ailing Hermetic archmage Rubric Deracine has emerged from self-imposed isolation, seeking out the chantry by reputation alone for an unusual task: to infiltrate the Montreal Fashion Show and prevent the assassination of one of his distant sleeper descendants.

OpFor: Technocracy, possible Vampires
Possible Rewards: Fame, Influence (Traditions), Resources
Interested Players: (list below)

1B: Market of Darkness

Local Dreamspeaker Shannon Travers, servant of the stray cat-goddess Queen Molly, is in need of magi to assist her on a road trip to an Umbra night market to buy back an unspeakable item: the soul of a Garou warrior who's body now stalks the land as an accursed killer.

OpFor: Spirits, possible Werewolves
Possible Rewards: Allies, Quintessence/Tass, Fetishes
Interested Players: (list below)

1C: A Ghoulish Concern

The disappearance of several elder kindred from the city has resulted in a major vitae shortage. The local Camarilla Prince-Regent has taken the unprecedented step of sending envoys to a few known Montreal magi in order to find a peaceful resolution.

OpFor: Vampires
Possible Rewards: Backup, Allies, Resources
Interested Players: (list below)