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Primary Aim

  • Produce glorious new reimagining (/unfuck) of Btech starting from 3025

(assumption is that most everything in the setting is on the chopping block until specifically pardoned)



  • The core concept of Battletech is a neo-feudal future in which Mechwarriors are the knights and Battlemechs their steeds. Continuing in this vein, the rest of a given house army are men-at-arms serving their feudal lord.
  • The Star League was feudal, but enlightened and industrialized; the 'modern' Inner Sphere of 3025 is still feudal but a much rougher sort.
    • The Clans could be considered the equivalent of Mongols. --Ezekiel- 02:27, 2 June 2010 (UTC)


  • Analyze setting for things worth keeping.
  • Get rid of fucking clanhax (Valla, sign your shit!)

2010 Update

If the original verse is like 1985, what would 2010 look like?
General likely theme here: China is eating everyone's lunch
Davion + Steiner(EU): Power states that have been torn apart recently but stay close, especially against Liao
Kurita(Japan): On the decline, stagnant society leading to lack of economic progress
Marik(Greece/America): Tea parties! Under WoB control
Liao(China): Eating everyone's lunch, 4th SW territories back and more from Davions, large chunks of Marik grabbed in the scramble


  • Shrike
  • Zeke
  • MJ12
  • Ent?


  • No fanboyism allowed. Fanboys will be purged.
  • Sign your work! --Ezekiel- 02:27, 2 June 2010 (UTC)