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Current Mood (Week IX)

Lonely·····[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][1][ ][ ][ ][ ]···Pressured
Cheerful···[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][·][ ][2][ ][ ][ ]···Depressed
Willful·····[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][·][ ][2][ ][ ][ ]···Yielding
Angry······[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][0][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]···Afraid


Mourning Dress (+1 Depressed)
Tsundere Ribbons (Mood: Angry, Yielding)

Skills (Week IX)


Composure (0)

Bonus: Depressed, Willful
Penalty: Afraid, Angry, Cheerful, Pressured

Retaining calm and clarity of mind when confronted with surprise, danger or adversity.

Diplomacy (32)

The ability to placate multiple sides in an argument and reconcile different points of view on common ground.

Bonus: Cheerful, Lonely, Yielding
Penalty: Angry, Pressured
  • 10: The foundation of being diplomatic is to make everyone comfortable with you and think you are honest. This principle will start you off on the right foot no matter what is being discussed.
  • 20: When possible, it is best to draw the argument around the common ground between each side and use that as a base to achieve more or at least keep participants from closing off.
  • 30: Flattery is a vital component of diplomacy. You learn the whats and whens of tactful compliments as well as the compliments that work for each type of person.

Etiquette (0)

Bonus: Yielding
Penalty: Angry, Depressed, Lonely

Knowledge and practice in the rules, spoken and unspoken, of polite and honourable conduct in noble society.

Presence (18)

The ability to impress and awe others with one's strength of personality.

Bonus: Lonely, Willful
Penalty: Afraid, Depressed, Yielding
  • 10: The eyes are the windows to the souls, so they say. You practice the art of eye contact and learn how it affects others' perception of you.

Refinement (0)

Bonus: Cheerful, Yielding
Penalty: Angry, Depressed, Willful

Coming across as cultured and educated during social occasions, including fashion sense, language fluency and being conversant in likely topics of cultured discussion.

Rhetoric (0)

Bonus: Willful
Penalty: Afraid, Yielding

Skill at persuasion through writing or oratory to any audience.

The Arts

Art (0)

Bonus: Depressed
Penalty: Pressured

Skill in the visual arts.

Music (0)

Bonus: Depressed, Lonely
Penalty: Pressured

Skill in playing or even composing music.

Stories (0)

Bonus: Afraid, Lonely
Penalty: Angry, Depressed

One's ability to tell a good story.


Athletics (18)

Your foundation of physical conditioning and overall health, strength and stamina. Corset stamina!

Bonus: Cheerful, Willful
Penalty: Depressed, Yielding
10: You get into the habit of daily walks and build up your stamina. You find with more exercise, your health and appetite improve.

Dexterity (0)

Deftness, precision and flexibility. Corset piloting!

Bonus: Afraid, Willful
Penalty: Depressed

Parkour (18) (Summer Palace only)

Ability to move about whether you are or are not supposed to be there.

Bonus: Cheerful, Willful
Penalty: Afraid, Depressed, Yielding
10: You start off with the basics and start feeling out the various different grade staircases in and around the summer palace. When a polished rail is available, it is faster to slide down and removing your expensive heels makes going either direction easier.

Reflexes (0)

Bonus: Afraid
Penalty: Pressured

Reacting quickly and effectively to immediate danger and surprise.


Fencing (0)

Bonus: Willful
Penalty: Afraid, Angry, Depressed

Skill with the sword.

Firearms (0)

Bonus: Angry, Willful
Penalty: Afraid, Depressed, Yielding

Accuracy with a gun.

Military Science (0)

Bonus: Pressured
Penalty: Cheerful, Lonely

Studies in the acquisition and sustainment of military force.

Tactics: Army (18)

The conduct of armies in a ground campaign and the placement of units on the battlefield.

Bonus: Angry, Pressured
Penalty: Cheerful, Lonely, Yielding
  • 10: You learn about the three fundamental arms of fighting in modern age - Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery and their different weights, divisions and general usage.

Tactics: Naval (0)

Bonus: Angry, Pressured
Penalty: Cheerful, Lonely, Yielding

The conduct of navies in a naval campaign and winning battles at sea.


Foreign Affairs (28)

Knowledge of the public discourse and political scene of other countries.

Bonus: Pressured
Penalty: Cheerful, Willful
  • 10: You study the fundamental foreign relations between the Nafrisians and their nearest neighbours. Ispana has been a reasonably steady ally in the past two centuries. The Edelfelt empire has been your most implacable rival. They most recently assisted the Duchy of Euterpe in securing de facto independence from Nafréce about fifty years ago. The United Kingdom of Alba is neutral.
  • 20: Dreading a repeat of the Sixty Years War and the Rouran Invasions, the keystone of peace between states for the past hundred and fifty years has arguably been an unspoken agreement to maintain "balance of power", a situation where no one country can overpower all the others, meaning wars, when they inevitably occur, will at least be short and limited. Since the advent of that system in the west, Ispana has declined in power despite its many colonial holdings while Alba became a united kingdom, created an empire of its own and took their place at the table. Located at the crossroads of the continent, Edelfelt maintains a larger army than either but has generally been losing territories over time. In the east, the balance of power is generally a matter of the Rouran Empire matched up against everybody else.

Foreign Intelligence (46)

Knowledge of ongoing secrets and activities that rival countries try to keep from you.

Bonus: Angry, Pressured
Penalty: Afraid, Cheerful, Yielding
  • 10: Of all of the kingdom's rivals, the Edelfelt monarchy is the most important. They have a reputation for intrigue and opportunism, which they see as a more elegant and less barbaric way of resolving disputes and advancing interests than on the battlefield. Currently their military is still focused on the Republic of Sonico as they hold out hope of reincorporating them into their territory.
  • 20: You learn that foreign intelligence is not always about directly working against rivals. For instance, while Nafréce naturally spies on Edelfelt and vice versa, their work against each other would not be complete without also paying attention to Euterpe and Sonico. Incidents could be instigated within smaller countries as a distraction.
  • 30: Just because you are friends does not mean you withdraw your spies and stop paying attention. Weakness or excessive strength in allies can destabilize the balance of power and cause ramifications far beyond the consequences for that country. Ispana for example, are steady friends but your agents keep track of their reclusive king's failing health. If he dies, the Duchess of Greenmark and through her, your friend and cousin Pyrene would be in line for the throne.
  • 40: Piracy has been on the decline in the western ocean. Due to the success of Alba's powerful navy in extirpating them from their northern islands, they must now operate from very far waters near the colonies of the New World. In the south, however, piracy is on the rise as Aliabard secretly supports their presence on the Kaiselly islands. The pirates force trade to go through the port capitol of Aliaba and the emir profits by taking a portion of their booty as tribute.

Internal Affairs (42)

Knowledge of the goings on beneath the surface of your own dominion.

Bonus: Angry, Pressured
Penalty: Afraid, Cheerful, Yielding
  • 10: You learn about the basic forces at work in court. Aside from the royal family, there are those clerics, nobility and even commoners elevated in rank through civil service termed the New Nobility. The Old Nobility, whose power is based on feudal land ownership, are mostly divided into thirteen ducal families, including the breakaway Duchy of Euterpe. The Great Church in Nafréce over which the Great Pope has influence, also holds land and wealth. Finally, there are the commoners. None of these three "Estates" can be discounted in politics.
  • 20: Unlike the strong feudal heirarchy centuries ago, rank and social class are no longer infallible indicators of wealth and power. A monarch must always be aware of the realities behind titles and positions. For example, the Duke of Voile's family had (like most of the duchies) their powers absorbed by the crown centuries ago and now only owns modest estates in the mountains - less land, in fact, than some wealthy commoners. Yet, they are still accorded the full pride and dignities of their noble title and their position on the line of succession is quite high. In the south, great dukes retain most of their legal powers. Among the three, Duke Henri of Dolet is the only duke who still has legal and hereditary military responsibilities. Despite not having ever intermarried with the crown, he could be said to be the most powerful duke. Yet even he is not considered as powerful as the Count of Kerzein whose position as your Prime Minister grants him great influence.
  • 30: In the south, a significant minority of the population are of Saracen stock. The proportion in Saneilles is over half. Until your father's reign, they could not inherit titles and could hold only minor government positions; today, they still must renounce their religion to do so. For several years in the last decade, Nafrisians in Dolet rose up and killed many Saracens or drove them from their lands. The king censured the duke for allowing it to happen.
  • 40: The reign of King Menily, your father, lasted fifteen years and seven months. He had the overall support of the nobility but his interference and early attempts to centralize the state further annoyed some in the south. He had a contentious though civil relationship with the Great Church, though he was a personal friend of the Archbishop of Lyseille. His reputation among commoners is questionable as although he tried to liberalize the country, legal abuses by the upper class continued and taxes were raised. His last years were characterized by heavy spending through patronage of the arts and architecture, including the expansion and restoration of the Old Summer Palace; and foreign adventures with some, such as the expeditionary force in support of Shiguld, still ongoing.

Spycraft (0)

Bonus: Angry
Penalty: Afraid, Cheerful, Pressured, Yielding

Your skills in the practical areas of spymastery and the maintenance of an intelligence network.

National History (0)

Bonus: Yielding
Penalty: Lonely, Willful

Familiarity of past events in your country and how they have lead to the present day situation.

World History (0)

Bonus: Yielding
Penalty: Lonely, Willful

Familiarity with the globe and the general histories of other countries - especially those nearby.


Economics (0)

Bonus: Pressured
Penalty: Depressed, Lonely

Education in practical mathematics and the matters of trade, finance and industry.

Law (14)

Education in the current legal codes of Nafréce, its ancestors and even the law of other realms.

Bonus: Pressured
Penalty: Depressed, Lonely
  • 10: The general principles of Nafrisian law are mostly founded on a sometimes conflicting amalgation of Orgein imperial law and theologies from fifteen centuries ago (mostly in the east) and customary laws and traditions (mostly in the north and west). The last attempt to update and unify the code was eighty years ago by Louise IV. Despite this, legal procedures, codes and application of law differs greatly between different duchies and counties as most of it is held over from the middle ages when feudal rulers wrote and implemented them.

Natural Science (0)

Bonus: Yielding
Penalty: Lonely, Willful

Education in the forces, matter and living things that compose the world.

Mechanics (0)

Bonus: Cheerful, Lonely
Penalty: Pressured

Education in the structures, engines and gadgets now being invented to make people more prosperous.

Medicine (0)

Bonus: Willful
Penalty: Lonely, Pressured

Education in modern medical science.

Theology (32)

A study of the Great Church's teachings, scriptures and historic texts as well as their interpretations and denominations.

Bonus: Afraid, Depressed, Yielding
Penalty: Angry, Pressured, Willful
  • 10: You learn a summarized history of the Great Church and its leader, the Great Pope and how their role in the world has changed since the early middle ages.
  • 20: You learn about the core articles of belief enshrined by the Great Church, which have been dropped over the centuries and where there have been schisms with other religions or denominations of the faith.
  • 30: In the very early days, it was the Great Church which could confer kingship backed by the authority of God. Even now, monarchs still rule 'by the Grace of God'. Although a lot more power now rests with the state, religion can still add or take away a lot of legitimacy.

Unlockable Skills

Cats (0) (LOCKED)

Cats' affinity with you.

Bonus: Lonely, Yielding
Penalty: Afraid, Angry, Pressured, Willful

Dogs (Big) (14)

Training and working with dogs.

Bonus: Afraid, Lonely, Willful
Penalty: Angry, Pressured, Yielding
  • 10: You learn about your dog's breed, the Aliabard Mastiff. Although foreign in origin, it became popular as a good guard as it does not need to be trained to protect though it's always helpful to help it know the space. You spend time with your dog, reinforcing your bond. While you can't communicate the fact that all of Nafréce is your kingdom, it now grasps your territorial bounds within both your palaces.


Empathy (0)

Bonus: Afraid, Depressed, Yielding
Penalty: Angry, Cheerful, Pressured, Willful

Feelings from the heart!

Enigmas (0) (Summer Palace only)

Bonus: Depressed, Lonely, Yielding
Penalty: Angry, Cheerful, Pressured, Willful

Problems with indirect answers!


Awareness (0) (Summer Palace only)

Bonus: Afraid, Depressed
Penalty: Angry, Cheerful, Pressured

The ability to sense when the supernatural is afoot.


Madness (8) (Summer Palace only)

Bonus: none
Penalty: all except Depressed and Lonely

Sink into the depths of madness.