Legend of the Galactic Admirals

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Each Admiral has 1 personal trait, 2 command traits, 1 fleet trait and 1 flaw.

Additional flaws maybe used to buy additional traits up to a maximum of 2 additional flaws.

Personal Traits

Badass: You are personally extremely skilled at fighting.

Charismatic: You are excellent at making friends. NPCs tend to react well to you.

Charmed Life: Somehow, no matter how many risks you take, you never seem to personally die, even if you lose.

Court Favourite: You are extremely well connected and have much access to resources and promotion.

Machiavellian: You are a master of personal schemes and intrigues.

Energetic: You are personally incredibly energetic, seeming to be everywhere on the battlefield at once.

Lady of Chaos: You have a reputation as terrifying to your enemies. Only the strongest fleet moral survives your assault.

Load Bearing Friend: You have a special subordinate (PC or NPC) who always keeps you on the straight and narrow and who is completely loyal. In game terms this gives you a loyal ally and partly negates one of your flaws.

Patron: You have someone of higher rank looking out for you.

Reinhard Effect: At vital points, enemy NPCs and some PCs are inclined to do what you want them to do, even if they realize what you're doing.

Willful: No matter how insubordinate you are, due to connections, guile or some other means you somehow manage to escape serious consequences for your actions.

Yang the Magician: You have a reputation for doing impossible things. Rather than falling over themselves to go along with your plans as happens in the Reinhard effect, your enemies are at such pains not to go along with your plans that they lock up and fail to do anything.

Command Traits

Battleship Admiral: You are particularly good in employing battleships Also available in Destroyer Leader and Carrier Commander

Best Fleet: You have one additional fleet trait

Diligent: You are diligent in your duties, always conducting proper reconnaissance and having reserves and the like squirreled away in textbook fashion.

Electronic Attack: You're an expert in the use of jamming and cybernetic attack.

Fleet Micro: You can organize whatever fleet formation you want, no matter how unlikely.

Great Man: You have an additional personal trait

Ironshield: You are outstanding on the defence.

Lelouch: You are adept at killing foes with terrain, luring them into asteroid swarms, solar flares, moons you've rigged with explosives or pockets of sea floor gas.

Maskirovka: With you nothing is what it seems.

Magic Intercept: You have spies or really good code breakers and can determine the enemies moves with them.

Organized: You're very good at organizing your fleet and replacing losses.

Over the Alps: You are able to do things others think impossible, cross the Alps, appear where you shouldn't, or charge down the Phezzan corridor.

Pursuit Battle: Your favourite kind of battle is one where you get to smash through the enemy and bully all the weak ones.

Salvage *all* the ion cannons! You're an expert at seizing or salvaging enemy vessels, and can supplement your forces with captured enemy ships. As a result, you rely a lot less on your logistics train as long as there's an enemy you can fight.

Set Piece: If you can create the conditions of a battle you'll be all but undefeated

Space Trenchline: You are well adapted at the use of fortresses, minefields and other fixed defences.

Storm Warrior: You are outstanding on the attack, smashing straight through enemy ranks like a gale.

Strategist: While others may seek to win the battle on the day, you won it last week.

Swift: You're very good at moving around fast, both in and out of combat.

Wolf Pack: You are excellent hiding and sticking daggers in people's backs. Like a ninja space pirate.

Fleet Traits

Awesome Flagship: Your Flagship is really awesome and has its own model, even more so than most flagships.

Awesome Subordinates: Pick an additional Personal trait, representing the amazing command staff you've collected.

Big: Your fleet is bigger than normal

Battleships! Your fleet has a lot of Battleships! (Also available in Carriers and Destroyers)

False Flag: Your fleet is on the go-to list for false flag operations. Whether your ships are all of enemy make and model, or you've cracked the enemy transponder frequency, your ships are often mistaken as allied vessels by your enemy.

Gubins: You have all the specialist non-combat ships you need.

High Technology: Your fleets has access to the latest technology, designed to fit it's fighting style.

Important Station: You're stationed somewhere strategically vital.

Immortals: Your fleet just won't lie down and die, rapidly replacing any losses.

Initiative: Your troops are good at showing personal initiative and tend to act well even when out of communication.

It's Not Flight, It's Failing to Fall: Your ships are unusually adept at atmospheric maneuvering, despite not actually being designed for atmospheric flight.

Not One Step Back: Your fleet has vastly high morale.

Only a genius would think to use ______: You use some outdated or often derided technology or weapon and its associated tactics to great effect, particularly against foes who have dismissed it as a relic of a bygone age.

Plucky: Your fleet is made up of the dregs of other fleets, washouts and orphans. Obviously this destines you for great things.

Space Axes: Your fleet's ground component is really good

Space Patrol: Your fleet is unusually well equipped with reconnaissance assets

Wunder Waffen: Your fleet has access to some kind of super weapons.

Well trained: Your fleet's normal troops and pilots are the best of the best.

Personal Flaws

Adventurous: You are ambitious, even when you've outrun your logistics. You especially love to attack.

All Flash: You absolutely cannot enter the field of battle until your ships are repainted, your glowy lines are all lit, and the mirror sheen on your exhaust tubes is bright enough to bounce lasers off of. You also take vandalism very, very poorly.

Berserk Button: There's something that sets you off. While you might be normal at other times, when faced with this issue you explode with no thought for yourself or your mission.

Bad Friend: You have a friend, subordinate or patron who you owe who is an awful person and thoroughly bad for you and you are very loyal too for some reason.

Bad Judge of Character: You have a bad habit of putting the wrong person in the wrong position.

Cruel: You're a merciless, cruel, war criminal. You bastard.

Demonized in the Press: Mass media hates you for some reason, and wastes no chance to humiliate you on the news reels and sheets. Don't count on public support for your actions- and expect to be brought to task for any screwups, however minor.

Easily Tricked: You always fall for it.

Hoarder: You insist on keeping your best resources in reserve 'because we might need them later'

Honourable: You are overly concerned about civilians, especially civilians near you.

Lack of Moral Courage: You are for some reason completely unable to disobey the orders of your superiors, no matter how stupid. If you come up against someone with the Reinhard effect you're affected like an NPC. Counts as two flaws.

Lazy: You are at least 0.8 Fans on the Hyulick can't be assed scale.

Massive Psychological issues: You have a massive psychological flaw, like being obsessed with warfare and conquest, which trips you up all the time.

Monty: You're a shameless self publicist and don't get along with other Admirals

Napoleon: While you're a genius at politics and war, you're terrible at diplomacy.

Nelson: You have a terrible habit of putting yourself in front of gunfire.

Politically Unreliable: You are hated in the halls of government. Don't expect many resources.

Unreliable Politics: For some reason, be it love, conscience or friendship, you're linked to the other side of the war.

Romantic: You glory in the grand battle and can be easily drawn into it.

Secretly Crazy: You are secretly, or not so secretly, completely batshit. Unlike massive psychological issues, where you're basically sane but flawed, secretly crazy people are actually loopy, and prone to occasional fits of outright insanity and self destruction.

Temper: You have a nasty Temper and subordinates fear to deliver you bad news.

They're all my men: You care for the men and women under your command, not under your command, and even the ones fighting to kill you. You have to rescue every escape pod, care for every refugee, and absolutely refuse to kill when an enemy can be taken alive.

Worse than My [Keyword]: You're particularly bad at one particular type of warfare.

Zhukov: When it comes down to it you're extremely willing to spend your troops lives in order to gain success, even on relatively minor battles.

Fleet Flaws

Bad Morale: Your subordinates do not trust you at all.

Light: Your fleet has few proper capital ships. In extreme cases your flagship may be the only one!

Reservist: Your fleet is made up mostly of generationally older, less capable ships.

Small: Your fleet is about half the usual size.

Unbalanced: Your fleet has a shocking lack of screening and scouting elements.

Insubordinate: Your Fleet had a habit of dashing off and doing stuff you wish it wouldn't.

Only an idiot would think to use _____: Old technology is bad technology- and you've cut costs by getting rid of the- often bulky- countermeasures to such a weapon. As a result you have a glaring weakness that a savvy enemy could exploit.

Poor Logistics: your fleet always has difficulty restocking on resources for repair or resupply between (and sometimes during!) battles. Hope you like running out of ammunition

Telephone game: Orders from the the top (either from you or to you) rarely make it to the bottom in the same form they're issued.

Strong _____ Tradition: Your fleet has some sort of tradition that each and every member strives to uphold- and one that comes into conflict with your command style frequently. Whether refusing to ambush an unaware enemy, or broadcasting their intentions before every battle, your fleet is a fine upstanding naval force- except when it conflicts with their tradition.