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Politics and Religion
Capital: Krinia
Religion: The Eight (Old Gods)
Government: Monarchy / Service Nobility
Ruler: Prince-Marshal Fyodor III Petrov
Primary Magic: Will-Working
Population and Economy
Population: Dokkar 90% Other 10%
Languages: Imperial Alfar
Tax Revenue: 1950
Resources: Mana 2641
Food surplus 5
Adamantium 750
Levistone 10
Books 50
Common Draft 8
Noble Draft 3
Horses 0
Beasts 0


The Alfar Empire has had many advantages over the barbarians abroad. It has had a strong martial tradition, a considerable edge in arms and armor, superior utilization of magic, and the assimilation of any useful advantages into the Empire. Many of these advantages can be found with the deep halls of Kurilara, the ancient abode of the Imperial Warforges and a stronghold of the Legion. For the last generation, it was the home of many of the Empire's vices as well. With a new king and a new opportunity, it remains to be seen which path the Empire shall take.


During the early days of the Alfar Empire, contact was made with the lords of the Underdark - the Dokkar. The Dokkar were divided, but they were wise in the ways of craft, and they controlled nearly unassailable strongholds. Of the leaders that the Alfar encountered, only one sought an alliance. King Vonril had negotiated with a colony of dwarves when he was still young, and had secured their alliance. Unlike his peers, he knew that just as the strength of steel came from alloying iron together with coal and metals, the strength of nations was in their joining together in alliance. He brought the Empire his army and his stronghold of Kurilara, in exchange for power within the Empire. His decision led several other Dokkar lords to pledge to the Empire, and their combined army brought many others under his rule. A figure of legend now, Prince Vonril the Great is said to have invented Adamant Weave and Golems, among other things. All Prince-Marshals rule somewhat within in his shadow.

Kurilara has long mirrored the Empire's fortunes, and its warriors and machines have served most of the legendary campaigns of its height. Kurilara was once the ruler of several vassal states during the height of the Empire, with an impressive aerial navy and tremendous legions. It was not to last. Dimitry V, also known as Dimitry the Golden, spent the treasury on his lavish palaces and gilded temples, serving as a patron of the finer arts. He lived in sumptuous luxury, but neglected to manage the infrastructure While his reign produced much of lasting beauty, he had left the reserves depleted. This became a problem when his son took the throne. Dimitry VI lacked all of his father's graces, and had most of his vices. He was easily manipulated by a cabal of noblemen, neglected the military, and generally lived in luxury without any sane limits. He angered the nation's chief archmagus, Patriarch Filaret, so much that left with many of his apprentices, gutting the College of Magic. He even sold off several priceless airships to fund his appetites, engaging intruly scandalous affairs combined with fickle displays of oppression. His heir grew so disgusted with him that he conspired against him with his uncle, Count Feodor Petrov. They walked into the Prince's chamber, and demanded that abdicate the throne. When he refused, his son slew him with a single blow. After rallying the Royal Guard, they executed the noble manipulators, and Feodor III Petrov became the Prince-Marshal, a title he restored. He took the former heir as his own son, and renamed him Count Pavel of the Heartlands. Thus began the long restoration of what was so quickly lost.


To be noble is an action, or so Vonril the Great wrote. The nobles of Kurilara must earn their privileged status in the military, service to the state, or by working as a common laborer for a period. This produces a somewhat elitist attitude toward nobles of other lands, who simple receive the title without work. Nobles have a considerable amount of power, and make up a surprisingly large portion of society. Most common farmers are tenants of larger landowners, and usually have some restriction on their freedom, though this varies greatly from free tenants to actual serfdom. Slavery is illegal within Kurilara, though criminals and those captured in battle may be sentenced to punitive service for a term of years.


Kurilara follows the Old Gods as an official religion, recognizing the Eight as supreme. The Four Lords and Four Ladies are known only by title. Other forms of religion are tolerated if they recognize the Eight and do not conspire against the throne. The most notable example of this is the Soreistic cult of the Good Lady known as the Shadow of Death. Magic is linked to the worship of the various gods, so an disciple of the Verdant Lady could control plants or heal, while an adept of the Brilliant Lady could blind enemies or determine the truth. Adepts have understood multiple paths, while Masters know them all. Archmagi are rumored to work with the Gods directly.

  • The Lord of Storms - patron of warriors and great changes
  • His spouse the Good Lady - Death, (always referred to deferentially),
  • The Lord Maker, patron of craft and craftsmen, (said to forge every Dokkar soul from Ether)
  • His spouse the Verdant Lady - patroness of natural life, mothers, and farmers.
  • The Lord Huntsman - patron of predators, shadows, the Moon, and Alfar.
  • His spouse The Brilliant Lady - patron of the Sun, the Empire, and justice.
  • The Lord of Chronicles - patron of memory, history, stars, and scholars.
  • His spouse The Blissful Lady - patron of happiness, lovers, and wine. (In many tales, she and the Lord Huntsman are in love, and continually plotting tricks to cover up their escapades)

Persons of note

Prince-Marshal Fyodor III Petrov - Current monarch. Iron-willed, though often catching ill, some say only his fierce glare keeps the Good Lady at bay. He seeks to bring Kurilara back to its days of glory.

Count Pavel Petrov - Rules the Heartlands. An up-and-coming general, his act of patricide is only known in rumors and his own heart. He's managed to select loyal advisors, who have shown him much of statecraft.

Count Konstantin Voroshilov - The Watcher of the Gates of Vonril. Leads all military forces of the Principality of Kurilara under the Prince-Marshal, and is a close friend of his.

Baroness Katerina Aslanov - Foreign Minister. Young, but raised in court politics. A shrewd woman with prodigious magical gifts.

Baron Felix Kovpak - Highest ranking human, and leader of the Shining Hinterlands

Patriarch Kirill - Archmage and leader of the college of magic. Looks both youn and old in an unnerving way.

Chancellor Jerrod Khovansky - Head of the Kurilara bureaucracy and master of finances. He runs a tight ship, letting him take on other tasks of importance.

Countess Natasha Marakov - Master duelist and sorcerer, and head of the Alba delegation. She is respectful to those who deserve it, but sees no point in tolerating fools.


Narogdov Mountains
Mana Seep
Caer Narsdae (Air Node)
Levistone Quarry
The Gates of Vonril (Keep)

The very air crackles with magic in these mountains, which hold the ancient summit of Caer Narsdae, an Air Node, and numerous temples to the Lord of Storms. His presence is felt strongly here, as the mountains are regularly wracked by massive storms. The main entrance to the Kurilaran Underdark is guarded by the vast fortress built by Prince Vonril the Great.

The Gatelands
Underdark Lightfield
Adamantium Mine
Adamantium Mine
Ryazadan (Town)

An underground place of trade and industry. While not as bright as the Heartlands, The Gatelands are much busier, with giant adamantium smelters and fabricator halls. The town of Ryazadan serves as the main trading hub of Kurilara, and is extremely cosmopolitan.

Vorozderan Mountains
Mana Seep
Gold Mine

The quieter siblings of the Narogdov mountains, these mountains are relatively placid save for a few mining operations and small outposts. They still have a strong surge of Ethereal Mana in the air, however.

The Heartlands
Gold Mine
Adamantium Mine
Karalgrad (Underhold)

The center of Kurilara, a vast underground land lit by crystalline formations in the ceiling. The sorcery that crafted its beautiful halls has few equals, and even trees can grow here. Karalgrad is the capital of Kurilara, built of beautiful crystal, polished marble, and granite and home to factories, academies, palaces, and temples.

Miryansk Forests

A largely undeveloped and untamed region descending from the mountains, and sacred grounds to the Lord Huntsman

The Twilight Forests
Underdark Lightfield
Gold Mine

The Forests below mirror the forests above, save that they are more tame and shrouded in the perpetual twilight of the Underdark.

The Shining Hinterlands

Home to most of the surface-dwellers of Kurilara, the pastoral hills and meadows here shine with the spark of life and the reflection of the sun.

The Shrouded Peaks
Skyrange Mountains

A harsh wall of nearly impassable mountains, this region has no permanent inhabitants, but a few refuges have been established in the jagged, frozen rocks to allow the Order of the Edelweiss to pass through the area despite the horrible conditions. Even they shy from this region.

Mountain's Heart
Gold Mine
Ruined Underhold

Belegorod once was a gem in the darkness, until the plague came. The dwarves that once ruled Belegorod have reaffirmed their loyalty to the successor of Vonril. Belegorod now stands as a ruined stronghold, desolate and haunted. The Dwarves patrol its dark paths, and many work in the rebuilt gold mine. The passages are tiny, and no Striders can be used here save for in the Tramway to the Heartlands.

The Echoing Shadows
Gold Mine
Wizards Tower

The Echoing Shadows is a vast hall that stretches for miles, cold and empty, with a tower placed in a nexus of magical power to serve some ancient mage-lord in the time before Vonril. While dwarves work the mines, and a few adepts have begun refurbishing the tower, the place still remains spooky.


All men and all women who shall inherit property are required to serve in the military. The nobility generally act as officers and magi, though a number choose to join military orders dedicated to one of the Eight.

Military Orders

2 Order of the Stormlord
Dark Elf Warlocks
Alfar Blade / Longsword
Adamant Weave / Plated Chain
Charged Adamant Full Shield

The Lord of Storms is a fierce god, who brings war, revolution, and disasters to test the people, and reveal the worthy. Those who would serve him must master their fear and weakness, or be consumed by his wrath. The Order's warriors wield weapons of storms and thunder, moving like a fire whirlwind and striking with devastating magic. (335G, 210M, 35A, 30Bk)

2 Adamant Order
Adamant Full Plate
Adamant Sorcerous Arbalest
Adamant Swords
Common Magic

The Lord Maker teaches that one must build something from the ground up to truly unlock its power. The Adamant Order practices its devotion to the Maker through comprehensive understanding of his most favored metal. Every warrior crafts his own suit of plate armor and weaponry, and forges his soul with dedication and wisdom. (330G, 40M, 130A, 5Bk)

2 Order of the Edelweiss
Alfar Adamant Longbow
Adamant Longsword
Barrier Skirmish Armor
Knight Magic

The Dokkar are not a people of the wild forest like their Alfar cousins. They are a people of the gleaming mystic caverns of the Underdark. The Lord Huntsman still calls to some of them, however, and they find their true calling in the high mountains and wild vales of the surface world. Much like the warriors of the Alfar, they use the longbow and stealth over heavy armor, and they utilize the very plants and beast of the forest to come to their aid. They patrol the border, seeing all while remaining unseen. (290G, 50M, 80A, 20Bk)

2 The Shadow of Death
Men at Arms
Barrier Skirmish Armor
Two-Handed Lightswords
Common Magic

All life must face the Good Lady eventually. Her priests see her as part of the balance of things, and a mercy to those in torment. Those who wield death casually, without regard to the natural order of life, must be brought to face it. The Shadows are the enforcers of the cult of the Good Lady and the Prince-Marshal, lacking fear of death and carrying swords of tremendous size and fearsome enchantment that bear death even through armor. (135G, 150M, 30A, 5Bk)

The Infantry

2 Royal Guard
Men at Arms
Adamant Weave / Plated Chain
Adamant Halberds
Common Magic

The Prince-Marshal's personal guard. They are are lavishly equipped, and wear elaborately decorated armor. Naturally, their training is matchless, incorporating basic sorcery and multiple forms of combat. (110G, 50M, 60A, 5Bk)

8 Legionnaires
Men at Arms
Adamant Weave / Lamellar
Adamant Pike
Adamant Sidesword
Charged Tower Shield

The troops that have made Kurilara legendary. From their noble officers to their adamant-tipped pikes, they are a lethal force capable of fighting as a pike phalanx, in a dispersed formation with sword and shield, in siege warfare, among other formations. While they do not carry a ranged weapon, they are commonly deployed alongside Fusiliers as a screen. (112G, 60M, 27A, 0Bk)

6 Fusiliers
Men at Arms
Adamant Weave / Lamellar
Adamant Leadcaster

The marksmen of Kurilara are professional soldiers who use the magitech fusil, a well-crafted leadcaster with some accuracy and the power of an arquebus. They are trained in the use of their sword in close combat, and wear some of the toughest armor available for the weight. (130G, 60M, 15A, 0Bk)

4 Sword Militia
Charged Full Shield

The first and normally least numerous of the militia soldiers utilize the sword and shield. Their role is to screen the flanks of the pikemen, and serve as guards for encampments (40G, 10M)

4 Pike Militia
Charged Tower Shield

The common pikemen have but two tasks - hold together as a block of pikes against enemy charges and counter with a spiked charge of their own. (50G, 10M)

6 Arquebus Militia
Skirmish Armor
Arquebus / Spear

The arquebusiers use simple, mass-produced weapons with volley fire. While armed with a bayonet, they are not well trained in melee. (40G, 0M)

8 Light Artillery
Light Carriage

A basic field gun (100G, 0M)

4 Medium Artillery
Medium Carriage

The infantry's defense against monstrous beasts and warstriders. (230G, 0M)

1 Stormcaller

The mystical defenses of the Gates of Vonril

Striders & Navy

1 Knight Striders
Concussion Bow
Adamant Battle Plate
Giant Adamant Sword

The ultimate in combat support machinery, they are the most lethal units of the common army, all piloted by the most skilled of soldiers. They are held in reserve, to attack enemy elite units and gigantic creatures. (230G, 350M, 330A)

5 Awakened Armor
Giant Sword
Barrel Bombs
Battle plate

A giant suit of armor on an enchanted adamantium frame, the Awakened Armor is emotionless, soulless efficiency. They commonly carry simple weapons such as barrel bombs and giant melee weapons, and smash into enemy formations (130G, 350M, 100A)

11 Transport
Air Galley
Wood Cladding

A basic air galley. (70G, 75M, 0A, 2L)

1 Thunderhead-class
Adamantium Cladding
Lightning Launcher

Build for close combat and delivering force right to enemy.(405G, 300M, 400A, 4L)

1 1'Firebird-class
Reinforced Wood Cladding

A flying siege platform. (355G, 350M, 0A, 4L)


  • 10 Adepts
  • 5 Masters
  • 1 Archmage

Dark Elves (20)