Katerina Genevieve Sabirov-Aragon

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It is the verdict of history that governments of a size similar to the Empire must be oligarchies. Witness the sham republic that is our neighbor if you need further confirmation, or the lack of government they call a League. However, the problem with an Aristocracy such as ours is that it rewards the best schemer and their family members, not the best leader. Few houses even consider that a commoner could match them, and do not heed the example of the first Emperor: as the Church teaches us, he chose the wisest and bravest as his vassals.

I was an officer on a destroyer during the Reaver Incursion. The Captain of my ship was unwise, but brave, and not so foolish as disregard our advice. We held off a corsair until the flotilla could regroup, and then successful captured it. My captain died in the boarding action, and he was justly recognized as a hero. The flotilla commander saw not only the heroism of a noble captain, but my skill as an officer, and recommended me to his family for adoption. I shall always remember the Commodore, who met his end in the Jardin invasion, and I hope to avenge him.

House Sabirov-Aragon

Rules the larger continent of a colder Earth-like world in a busy trading system. They have considerable prestige for their distinguished service in various branches of the military and intelligence service. Deborah, the current head of the family, is a former Black Beret, and the heir Nathaniel is the head of the system's Marshals. They have been on the rise since Republic Senator Amelie Morello-Aragon and her family sought asylum in the Empire. Sir Maxim Sabirov, a commoner who received a title for his valor in combat, fell for the crafty politician, and over the ensuring centuries they climbed the ranks.

Katerina is a long way away from the throne, but she has been raised to nobility. The Sabirov-Aragon house tends to adopt many commoners who share their values.


  • Virtue - Courage, Honor, Compassion
  • Vice - Not tolerant of fools, Phoenix uber alles


  • When we fight, good men die. Make certain it is worth their sacrifice
  • If the Empire lived up to the teachings of the Church, we would control this galaxy.
  • The nobility need to expand and clear out the idiots among them
  • Corporations need to learn their place


  • Naval Officer - Expert
  • Inspiring Leader - Professional
  • Ship Technology - Professional
  • Boarding Actions - Layman
  • Intelligence Work - Layman
  • Court Politics - Terrible
  • Dealing with Sociopaths - Terrible

Stat block

IQ 6
Wits 6
Charm 4
Cunning 3
Durability 3
Physical Action 2

Court Skills

Black Mail
Horse Trading
Chummy 2
Bureaucracy 2
Legal 1
Speech Giving 2
Plotting 2

Military Skills

Ship Command
Helmsmen 5
Gunnery 5
Leadership 5
Squadron Command
Maneuver 3
Formation 2
Command 3
Fleet Command