Kaldar Dossier

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Intelligence derived from Ladon-class vessels (all class names are S.R.W. reporting names)

The Kaldar Empire is a large entity, but it is largely disorganized and semi-feudal. Each fleet is tasked with conquering and gathering power in the name of the Emperor, but they are rivals as much as allies. Another Kaldar fleet arriving would be as likely to cause a civil war as provide additional foes. Each fleet is led by a Primus, the most respected fleet master, and this position can change.

The main vessels of the fleet are the Phorcys-class Flagships Estimates are Gen IV equivalent with onboard manufacturing and extreme durability. They possess a Fold drive that gives them the ability to travel faster than light, along with a bubble of space around them. Short distances (around a light-day) are of tactical use, but still require lots of energy. Traveling light-years is a strategic operation - they are based within the greater solar system.

There is also reference to a vessel of even greater size (designated Eurybia), which also seems to have a Fold drive. This vessel seems to be a support vessel of some kind and is believed to have constructed one of the Ladon-class vessels captured. (The other was build by a distant factory colony.) This vessel may be a mobile base or fortress combined with a shipyard, or simply a giant factory ship. Intel is limited

The Ladon-class vessel is functionally a battlecruiser equivalent to Gen III in design. The ship trades armor for significant speed advantages to rival the most advanced human warships. It does not possess a Fold drive, but does have shielding. Analysis shows the ship is weak against single heavy strikes or precision attacks at close range, but it has firepower to rival a battleship.

The Euryale-class vessel is functionally anti-mobile suit light cruiser equivalent to Gen III. All weaponry is designed to screen the fleet, and mobile suits attacking one need superb tactics and some advantages to come out ahead. Even an orbital frame is in danger if it is not in the hands of an ace. On the other hand, the ship is not capable of harming cruisers or larger, and super robots are a similar challenge.

There are also references to a number of cruiser-sized vessels (designated Enyo-class) which appear to possess a Fold drive or significant sublight speed, as well as some form of stealth. This vessel has not been encountered in combat and it is believed to not focus on combat. References are made to the vessels traveling to Human controlled space and to various sites in the outer system or asteroid belt.

There are a number of utility ships of varying configuration. These appear to be the ships used in the Black Thursday attack, but they were disguised heavily.

The mecha of the Kaldar are actually closer to Gen III, with exception of the Medusa, which is an orbital frame that is between Gen III and IV in capability. (it may also be being updated to Gen IV) They appear to largely make use of long range and heavy jamming fields. The damage of the Second Battle of Rhea cost the Kaldar around 1/3 of of their forces, although some are being repaired. There is a new project under development, designated to as Project Stheno, to achieve a decisive edge on the Solar forces.