In Divinities Shadow

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Ten Millennia the Divine Race came to our birth world. Seeing our sapience and potential they carefully chose the best of us and took them to the stars. The uplifted where safeguarded from any cataclysm that might befall the birth world and from the savagery and primitivism of the environment they left behind.

For many thousands of years we prospered under the tutelage of the Divine Race, joining with our adopted parents to learn, discover, explore and serve.

All things however have their end. The Divine Race grew old, their technology meant they did not age and few children were born. Eventually they grew tired of this existence and decided to leave it, migrating to a newer, higher existence beyond.

Or so the stories say. All that is known is that with little warning the Divine Race vanished, leaving behind only a few cryptic artefacts known as assumption columns, and bequeathing their empire to us, their children and faithful servants.

Now after more than two hundred years of upheaval the worlds of the Divine Hierarchy rule themselves. The servants are now the masters, but the questions remains: are we ready for adulthood? Where did the Divine Race go? What befell our fellows on the birth world in the ten millennia we where away?


What you Play

This is a rules lite game, so most rules are informal.

Each PC is a nation entity on one of the former worlds of the divine hierarchy. Most remaining inhabitants of the Divine Hierarchy are human, though they have had extensive genetic modification to cope with the needs of their now absent masters. Other races do exist however, and if you have a good idea you can use it.

Technologically the setting is space opera, with anti-gravity, energy weapons, force shields and linked gateways that allow teleportation all being common technologies. Colours tend towards shiny silver, muted gold or especially purple, and edges are almost always rounded off to give machines a rounded, biological look. Faster than light travel is handled by large gateships that can open a gateway to another system without a receiver on the other end. These ships are specialist and other ships tend to link up with them rather than possessing their own drives.

AI and genetic engineering are also used fairly often, and all the humans present are heavily genetically engineered anyhow.

In your OOB you should describe

-Your Form of Government
-Any prominent people and institutions of your government.
-Your Navy, Airforce and Surface Forces
-At Least three advantages you have
-At least one disadvantage you have.
-Your philosophical view of the Divine Race and their sudden absence.
-Some ideas for NPCs you share your planet with