Imperial Dreams

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Long ago mankind reached out for the stars and grasped them. A thousand years ago, the greater whole of the galaxy was colonized by humans and their offspring of AIs and bioroids, aliens that existed were swept away like the natives in the new world against the every expanding outreach of humanity. Jeweled cities floating in the skies of super-jovians, FTL and time travel experiments on singularities , immortal men and women living up the dream of ages as they watched the stars themselves flicker like candles.

And in a single year, it was all swept away. The conflict was brutal, harsh, unforgiving, Imperial Scholastics argue wether it was a extra-galactic threat or a just the rot of a decadent civilization of near gods. Regardless, it brought about the downfall of civilization as the very fabric of the high near like godlike technology, the propagation of non-causality breaking FTL waves which had been the foundation of so much was swept away by the interstellar sirens of the FTL Canceling devices in the now heavily guarded and subsequently lost to records Sol System. Cites and entire planets burn, AIs vast and powerful broke apart or were lost completely, bioroids were no longer produced, subsequently died out. Death and decay was the order, as entire clusters of stars fell into neo-barbarism, the very stars that humanity once controlled and overpowered were now silent monitors to their decay.

However, this is a fate that isn’t going to befall you. You and your peers are the remaining superior men and women of the Imperium, connected to each other by a still working of interstellar gateway system called the Web of Worlds. You are one of the planetary barons who have sworn fealty to House Stanford. Now the Imperial House is in shambles, the Emperor has been murdered at his fleet review, and the seat for the Imperial Throne is now open. This is the time to reach out and achieve your Imperial Dreams.