Ice Station 94

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This is a mini-campaign which will run weekly for 10 sessions. It will run when PRAYER's earth arc is finished and Exalted gets to an appropriate point.

Additional Survival Horror short games may run on Saturdays


On the distant colony world of Jötunheimr lies Ice Station 96, a Glacial research facility built into the ice. Recently, scientists at the installation reported finding something incredible in the ice, then all communication ceased. You are the all members of a response unit deployed to the base in order to try to figure out what could have gone wrong.

Genre: Survival Horror, Dungeon Crawl, tactical

Setting Options

People may Vote

Option 1: Expanse

Option 2: Early to the Stars

Following the discovery of a crashed alien ship in Vietnam, Humanity was able to transport early to the stars. Early is a relative term however, as new technology runs through everything. New Economics, Artificial people, cybernetics and AIs run through everything. In this variety most warrior PCs will likely be artificials, bioroids designed specifically for combat.


A colony on the border of explored space, Jotunhemir is earth like but in the late stages of an ice age, with glaciation running half way to the equator. It currently hosts around a million colonists, mostly in the equatorial zone. There is some evidence of an earlier, alien civilization there, but the ice seems to have destroyed most of the works they left behind.