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It is a time of vengeance! The victorious Rebel Alliance has destroyed the second Death Star and slain the evil emperor Palpatine. The Galactic Empire is in chaos as the Emperor’s minions execute his diabolical last will and testament – Operation Cinder! An order to scourge the galaxy upon the death of its Sith master, killing Imperial and Rebel alike.

At the edge of the Empire, under influence of the cunning Princess Sensara, the Syrinx Sector Fleet has mutinied rather than burn its beautiful homeworld to ash. Escaping battle over Syrinx, the old Star Destroyer EXCORIATOR has been sabotaged by Imperial Navy officers opposed to the Emperor’s orders and now lies crippled in the outer rim as her crew turn their weapons on each other.

Under the leadership of Lieutenant Kari M’Corbo, a daring team of Rebel agents have found the drifting Star Destroyer among the Sanjan asteroids and seek to capture her for the Alliance, helping to restore peace and freedom to the Rim. . .


Katidas Tarkin Shrike

Sola_Saxon Rex

Aiteim Corbantis MW

Erdan_Ramis Lokar

KR-74 Arc

Lysa Anten