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Heaven's Wake is a hard science fiction SD (with one exception) set in a post-apocalyptic environment. You are one of many polities to have survived the collapse of the post-human civilization that underpinned and nurtured humanity. Taking place in a region of space known as the Reconnect, the SD focuses on exploration and expansion as civilization recovers enough to look outward. Nearly everyone was hit incredibly hard by the fall of posthumanity and there is a wealth of technology and knowledge to plunder amongst lost colonies and posthuman enclaves.

Every Player character is a nation that has been reconnected by the 4th Jupiter Republic's Reconnection Flotilla.

As the Reconnect expands, the technology of posthumanity is coming under scrutiny, as ways are developed to exploit it and lift it from it's dormant state. The enduring mystery surrounding the collapse has also weaved it's way into the consciousness of known space and influences it's politics in a myriad of ways, some more sinister than others. Some states concern themselves with the fate of the solar system, whilst others barely register the origin system.

Others still gaze upon the mystery of the dark roads, a parallel system of transport gates that lead to the mysterious megastructure. There is much technology and wealth here, but danger in equal parts.

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