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Runs alternate Saturdays 22:00 BST


8:48 until Doomsday.

The year, 2010. The location, the city of Daikoku, Japan. Four/Five high school girls are chosen by the Summer Garden to defend love, friendship, and life itself against the depredations of the Snow Queen. Thrust into a cosmic war as the only ones who can save the Earth, they are the Summer Knights. But the war, and the Knights, are both more complex than their binary overlords would like to admit.

Heaven's Garden: Characters

Momiji Gaiden

Making a Human

To make a human you will need the following things:

  • Name: Anything that would actually be a name. You can be a foreigner if you want, but be prepared to shift on that since only one will be permitted in the party.
  • Description: Physical description, personality and any relevant non-secret background info.

Making a Magical Girl

To transform them into a magical girl you will need the following things:

  • Flower: All Summer Knights have one flower that is their totem. Rose is taken.
  • Name: Form is [adjective] [totem flower], for example Lucky Clover, or Morning Lilac.
  • Seed Jewel: A piece of jewellery or clothing with a flower motif. This is your transformation item.
  • Description: Physical description (if changed) and costume. Yes, you have to look wholesome, shiny and girly (though you don't have to like it).


You have six points to distribute, with a minimum of 1 in each stat.

  • Drive is used for hand-to-hand combat and most other physical tasks if they become relevant.
  • Heart powers overtly magical abilities. Its primary function is to determine your maximum Heart Pool.


Choose two powers to start.

  • Heart Beam: Costs 2 warmth, bonus +3, ranged.
    • Super Beam: Increases bonus to +5. Represents homing, vectorable, whiplike, rapid-fire or other advanced forms of beam.
    • Buster Beam: Can charge beam over multiple turns (paying the Heart cost each turn). Each turn of charging adds 100% dice.
    • Danmaku: Roll half dice against all enemies. Can also represent simple explosions or the like.
  • Heart Shield: Costs 2 warmth. Defend with Heart +3 roll.
    • Friendship Shield: May use Heart Shield to defend another during their Heart Defence phase.
    • Unforgiving Shield: Heart Shield returns net successes as damage.
  • Heart Jump: Costs 2 warmth. Teleport to a location you are aware of or familiar with as your action.
    • Heart Step: Costs 2 warmth. Teleport to a location you can see as your move. +1 success on attack rolls if combined with an attack in the same turn.
  • Heart Healing: Costs 2 warmth. Heal Heart hp of another character.
    • Friendship Healing: Costs 3 warmth. Roll Heart, heal that many hp of all characters.
  • Sword of the Spirit: +1 drive attack dice. Drive counterattack 1/turn. Additional merch income.
  • Shield of the Soul: +1 drive defence dice. May double defence dice at the cost of next action. Additional merch income.
  • Anima Arrows: Use Drive attacks at range. Additional merch income.
  • Raising Heart: Costs 2 warmth. Roll Heart and add that many dice to offensive rolls or defensive rolls for Heart rounds. Choose at purchase.
    • Blazing Heart: Costs 4 warmth. Roll Heart and add that many dice to offensive rolls and defensive rolls for Heart rounds.
  • Breath of Life: Costs 3 warmth. Minion is created with Heart/2 (round up) dice in attack and defence. Roll heart to determine how many hp it has. It will lose 1 hp at the end of each action.
  • Strength of Heart: Costs 1 warmth. For one roll, replace Drive with Heart for a Drive defenceroll.
  • Heart Burn: Costs 1 warmth. Restores 1 hp. Does not take an action.
  • Hummingbird Heart: 1/encounter interrupt and move to top of init order.

Fighting Evil

  • Dice pool system. D10s, 6+ = sux.
  • Characters have 5 hp, no wound penalties. 0hp is staggering, negative hp is incap down to -5. Further damage is detransformation.
  • Roll init (1d10, no modifiers right now).
  • Highest value goes first, then others in order.
  • On your turn you can move and take an action.
    • Characters will either be at close, medium, long or extreme range from one another.
    • Moving can move one range increment.
    • In general Drive attacks work at close range, Heart attacks at up to long range.
  • You can opt to hold action and preempt a later action. This can continue across round turnover.
  • You can opt to take no action and regenerate 1 additional Heart.
  • When you act:
    • Regenerate 1 warmth and 1 hp.
    • Roll Drive for Drive attacks or Heart for Heart powers, plus whatever bonuses apply. Pay warmth cost if using a Heart power.
    • Defender may choose to use a Heart power to defend, in which case they pay the cost and roll as appropriate.
    • If this fails, defender rolls Drive to defend.
    • Attack sux + 1 - Defence sux (min 0) = damage. Heart and Drive defence sux stack.
  • After all characters have acted reroll init.
  • Once per session you may declare that you are invoking Ganbare and automatically gain maximum successes on your next roll.


  • If and only if you do not have Max Heart sufficient to use a power, you may go into warmth debt to use it if and only if your warmth pool is full.

Character Development

  • 1 stat increase = 2xp.
  • Gaining an additional power costs 1xp for the first, 2xp for the second, and so on.