Gnostic Ascent

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The universe, the prime continuum, is built upon a a million graves. Previous universes, compacted and slowly collapsing lie uncounted deep below its space. Whole civilizations exist down in the depths, the remains of fallen universes, or those of the prime continuum driven into hiding by fearful events or banished by ancient enemies. Almost all seek a way up from the tiers, up into the brightness of a universe in the midst of its bountiful spring, where heat and energy are plentiful, and life is easy.

You are some who seek just this. Currently residing in the oppressive ancient monument city of Paradise you long to escape. And maybe you have just found the way.

The City

Built as a monument to a fallen universe, the city of Paradise is a place of high towers and strange beauty, but also darkness, greed and misery. The ancient race who built the city are almost all long vanished, but their work remains, enduring even in the crushing depths of the very bottom of what can be considered explored hyperspace.

Paradise is ruled by a council of monopolies, each with control over one of the city's functions. Masked agents of the Council walk the streets, enforcing the laws and slaying those who disobey. Those who go against the council face only death or terrible modification in the punishment factories. The lower districts of the city are ruled by criminal gangs and petty empires, while the higher areas serve as play grounds for the hedonistic fancies of the Monopolists.

1st tier: The Monopoly of Air
2nd tier: The Water Monopoly, the Monopoly of Heating and Power
3rd Tier: The Food Monopoly, the Monopoly of Housing, the Monopoly of Lights
4th Tier: The Monopoly of Goods, the Monopoly of Entertainment, the Monopoly of Medicine, the Monopoly of Finance

Character Creation

You are a group of humans and aliens seeking to escape this vile existence and ascend to the prime continuum. Rumors are rife in the city that the new flow of items sold by the Monopoly of Water comes from that prime continuum, so they must know a way up. You are a group who has decided to investigate.

Character creation is as standard mage the ascension, (XP based) except you gain arete 4 and 100 XP free. You are not performing magic, as such, but rather advanced science of some kind. Decide what your focis are exactly, and keep your effects and foci space opera and in keeping with the game. Also, spirit won't let you shift to the prime continuum just because.