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The Renaissance Saga is set in the Fluchwelt, or Cursed World, a world beset on all sides by the relentless armies of the Elohim, demons who were once human and sought to unmake the world by plunging the land into Hell. Defeated in the cataclysmic battle known as the Rising Moon, Hell itself was ripped out of the afterlife and now floats alongside the original white moon in the starry sky.

With the source of the Elohim's power destroyed and their Archon masters permanently slain, humanity was able to experience an unrestricted Renaissance, with the old technologies of the past eras uncovered and rebuilt. A wave of reason and science swept over the land, rapidly changing the face of Mitellander culture.

Irrigation, aquaducts, fertilizer and the watermill have been rediscovered, all but banishing the poverty and disease, but the era is not nearly as peaceful as one might imagine. Mercenary armies prowl the land and darkness looms over the horizon.

The sorcerer kings of Edom and philosopher-emperors of Boaz, once constricted by the Elohim's machinations, have had free reign to conquer and wage war with one another. Armed with the cannon, the rifle and the powerful Arm Fugues, they swept over the land and swallowed whole nations in the intervening centuries since the Rising Moon.

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