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Military Fantasy
Empire Building
Maximum Romaboo
I mean it, Maximum Romaboo

In a world of Sorcerers where the nobility rules the masses through their mastery of magic, there is but one nation that stands apart, the Aulus Republic. An Empire in all but name...

The Stage


Aulus Republic

The Aulus Republic is one of the oldest nations in the known world and one of the great powers of the West. Uniquely it is a Republic, governed by the Citizen Assemblies, the Senate and Magistrates, a system that has weathered a civil wars and foreign invasion. Though in many respects a plutocratic nation with most of the political power held by the wealthiest families of Aulus, every citizen of the Republic has the right of 'Ius suffragii', the right to vote, a privilege scorned and ridiculed beyond it's borders.

For further information, consult Giovannius's Codex of the Oikumeme (known world)

Aulus Republic