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<Shrike>go for a bucket of dice system. TN is 5; gun wasps roll a D6, nuclear wasps roll a D10 and get to keep rerolling every hit they make but only get one use, kinetic wasps roll D20 and may only attack ships <Shrike>an dthen you just yolo them into each other <Shrike>you can replace 'kinetic' with 'bomb pumped lasers' if you want

<Shrike>ships could have a handful of hit points, nukes woudl be proximity <AugustusZero11>those books didnt exist when i wrote this setting <Shrike>with every 'hit' meaning the detonation is closer <AugustusZero11>right <Shrike>and thus inflicting more damage <AugustusZero11> <AugustusZero11>ooh, somebody has done a more modern high poly model of the Lady Macbeth <AugustusZero11> <Shrike>ECM wasps could act like nuclear wasps in reverse, they negate a hit on a 5+ and keep rolling until they fail, and they're reusable

Militaries are bought with Point.

Every player starts with 60 Standard Points

Foot Soldiers


Guerrillas Batallion

Guerrillas are soldiers who have learned, whether by training or brutal evolutionary pressures, how to fight unconventionally, moving light and striking hard. With their skillset in living off the land, scavenging equipment, and stealthy operation, guerrillas are critical to winning unconventional wars.

"The guerrilla must move amongst the people as a fish swims in the sea." First Hand Airis Yesirn

Training Cost: 1 Point

Infantry Battalion

Standard infantrymen are better armed and equipped but conversely are less stealthy and require a larger logistics trail. Ranging from poorly trained conscripts to elite direct-action assault forces, infantrymen are a solid backbone upon which the entire army builds. Even though they might be equipped with powered armor and use smart weapons, even with their UAV and UGV support, their role and their tactics are still eminently recognizable.

"The infantry doesn't change. We're the only arm of the military where the weapon is the man himself." Legion Brigadier Juno Short

Training Cost: 1 Point

Ground Vehicles

You know what the Ground is, these are vehicles that spend most of their time upon that surface.


Transport units are assigned to infantry battalions on a 1:1 basis. Helicopters are also included, despite being air units.

Truck Battalion

Trucks are standard civilian vehicles with robust engines, able to haul infantry units across most terrain, though offering no personal protection against anything other than the elements
Cost: 1 Point

APC Battalion

An armoured personnel carrier (APC) is an armoured fighting vehicle designed to transport infantry to the battlefield. By default, they are wheeled or tracked
Cost: 1 Point

IFV Battalion

An infantry fighting vehicle (IFV, also known as (mechanized) infantry combat vehicle, (M)ICV) is a type of armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) used to carry infantry into battle and provide fire support for them.
Cost: 2 Point


Light Tank Battalion

Light tanks are small, highly mobile air transportable armoured vehicles used in difficult terrain, for fast deployment or as recon units.
Cost: 2 Points

Tank Battalion

A tank is a tracked, armoured fighting vehicle designed for front-line combat which combines operational mobility and tactical offensive and defensive capabilities.
Cost: 2 Points

Mobile Fortress Battalion

Consisting of several super heavy surface unit, Mobile Fortresses are almost unbeatable on open terrain, and mount a variety of ground and anti air weapons, and can also carry a battalion of infantry
Cost 4 Points

Land Battleship

A huge leviathan of a vehicle, a Land Battleship is a land fortress of immense size. Designed to operate deep in Crystal Coral zones.
Cost 1 Special Point


Artillery Battery Battalion

Self-propelled artillery can deliver precise strikes and heavy bombardments in support of units kilometers away. Note: Mark as either Surface to Surface, or Surface to Air.
Cost: 2 Points

Heavy Artillery Battalion

Heavy self propelled MRLS, or giant cannons remain popular with many armies to take fire deep into the enemy rear or attack enemy aircraft hundreds of kilometers away. Mark either Surface to Surface, or Surface to Air
Cost: 2 Points

Missile Battalion

Mobile cruise and ballistic missile units are a resent addition to the battlefield, and are capable of high mobility and launching heavy missiles over hundreds of kilometers against enemy targets. While inferior to normal artillery at affecting dispersed enemies, they are perfect for destroying air bases and enemy naval vessels
Cost 2 Points

Air Vehicles

Recon & Combat

UAV Squadron
UAV are unmanned aircraft, seeing use as recon units, with long loiter times, minimal manning due to their autonomous nature. Some see use as assassination drones, delivering precision munitions to remote areas.

Cost: 3 Points

Gunship Squadron
A Gunship is a military VTOL aircraft specifically designed and built to carry weapons for attacking targets on the ground, such as enemy infantry, armored vehicles and structures

Cost: 3 Points

Fighter Squadron
A fighter aircraft is a military aircraft designed primarily for air-to-air combat with other aircraft. Fighters are small, fast, and maneuverable and for the most part, advanced propellor designs still dominate.

Cost: 3 Points

Strike Fighter Squadron
A Strike Fighter, sometimes called a Close Air Support (CAS) aircraft or fighter-bomber (a moniker it often shares with multi-role fighters), is an aircraft optimized for delivering ordnance against ground or naval targets. It is most often used for close support of other forces (tank busting is a speciality of some) and while slower than most fighters tends to be fairly nimble and so can serve as a second line fighter in a pinch.

Cost: 3 Points

Superfighter Squadron
Faster, more agile and more powerful than any regular fighter, superfighters are the pinnacle of aircraft performance. High performance 'thrust' vectoring propfans allow for unparalleled manoeuvrability with advanced crystal based alloys featuring as standard.

Cost: 4 Points

Bomber Squadron
Far larger than any attack aircraft, bombers can deliver tens of tons of ordnance across long distances. While much too large to effectively engage other aircraft they mount powerful defenses to protect themselves from defensive fire.

Cost: 3 Points

Super Bomber Squadron
The Super Strategic Bomber is for if you find that 'normal' bombers don't cut it. They posses both powerful anti-naval and anti-ground capabilities as well as lethal anti-air weapons. For their size they can also be surprisingly agile, though mostly they rely on speed and power.

Cost: 4 Points


Helicopter Battalion

The helicopter is a tactically mobile unit. Usually only models lightly armed with defensive weapons, Military transport helicopters are used in places where the use of conventional aircraft is impossible.
Cost: 2 Points

Light Airlift Transport Squadron
These are small aircraft, capable carrying a couple platoons of men or a single vehicle. Large executive and businessjets fall into this category. Like all Airlift Types they are carry only defensive armaments, such as personnel operated Gatling guns.

Cost: 2 Points

Medium Airlift Transport Squadron
These are Medium aircraft, capable carrying a several vehicles of larger amounts of men. C-17's Fall into this class

Cost: 2 Points

Heavy Airlift Transport Squadron
The biggest airlift transport normally seen, these giant aircraft carry immense amounts of men and materiel across long distances. Aircraft like the C5 Galaxy and the An-140 are examples of this type.

Cost: 2 Points

Super Airlift Transport Squadron
An immense aircraft, capable of carrying an entire company of tanks, men or platoons of Mecha. Due to their massive size they can take an incredible amount of punishment and still fly. The Airlift craft from Final Fantasy 7 fall into this category.

Cost: 4 Points

Electronic and Spy Planes

Spy Plane Squadron

A large aircraft carrying a large amount of electronics over a long distance at very high altitude. They give better resolution than satellites but are far more vunerable to shoot down
Cost 3 Points

Recon Plane Squadron

A much faster version of the spy plane, a Recon Plane has less electronics but is far faster and more survivable
Cost 3 Points

Light Radar & Control Plane

A light, relatively short range AWAC. Modern radar allows it to observe both air and ground targets. Many designs are now being used as the center piece of a swarm of recon drones
Cost 3 Points

Heavy Radar & Control Plane

A heavy long range AWAC with very powerful radar, capable of detecting and directing aircraft for hundreds of miles around its self.
Cost 3 Points

Naval Vehicles

A destroyer is a fast and maneuverable yet long-endurance warship intended to escort larger vessels in a fleet, convoy or battle group. They are usually armed with missiles or rainguns and apt by both shore bombardment and escorting larger vessels against aircraft.

Cost: 2 Points

A Cruiser is a larger warship than a Destroyer, usually for escorting Carriers or engaging in strikes on major assets, such as airships, other major warships or land assets.

Cost: 2 Points

An aircraft carrier is a warship designed with a primary mission of deploying and recovering aircraft, acting as a seagoing airbase. Aircraft carriers thus allow a naval force to project air power worldwide without having to depend on local bases for staging aircraft operations

Cost: 4 Points

Attack Submarine
Attack Submarines are underwater vessels with high stealth characteristics that allow them to avoid detection, in order to attack shipping or shorelines. Armed with torpedoes and missiles, they are primarily focused on sinking other ocean going vessels.

Cost: 2 Points

Missile Submarine
Missile Submarines differ from Attack submarines in having enhanced shore and inland strike capability. They are primarily designed for long range attacks against major assets, whether they are sea, land or air based.

Cost: 2 Points

Sea Fortress Using nanotechnology and advanced metallurgy, these ships skew the line between 'vessel' and 'fortification'. They're effectively artillery-laden defenses that can move around and submerge. Not very fast, but good if you're trying to defend miles of coastline and don't know where to build that coastal fortress.

Cost: 5 Points/1 Special Point

Super Units

Blitz Gear Battalion

Blitz Gears are machines, up-sized versions of powered armour which combine the resiliance and firepower of tanks, with the versatility and manoeuvrability of infantry. Outmatched by tanks in a standup fight, they rely on their ability to navigate difficult terrain to get the drop on vehicles.
Cost: 30

Storm Gear Battalion

Core Armour are larger, faster and generally over charged Blitz Gears, they have greater firepower and armor, and are capable of taking on a tank battalion even in open ground. They are however extremely expensive, and can be overwhelmed if they spend too long in the open
Cost: 50